Sunday 24 July 2016

#Fluoride "After 40 or More YEARS my Suspicions are Confirmed; "Y Chromosome Damage"

Quote; "Highlights

F (fluoride) changed histological structure of testes, reduced sperm quality.
F reduced the testosterone contents of serum and testis.
F decreased the expressions of Sly, HSF2 and Ssty2.
Depressed HSF2 level resulted in the down-regulation of Ssty2 and Sly expression.
F affects spermatogenesis and decreases levels of Y chromosome microdeletion genes.


It is known that during spermatogenesis, pluripotent germ cells differentiate to become efficient delivery vehicles to the oocyte of paternal DNA, and the process is easily damaged by external poison. In this study, the effects of fluoride on the body weight, fluoride content in femur, testosterone levels in serum and testis, sperm quality, and the expressions of Y chromosome microdeletion genes and protein levels were examined in testes of Kunming male mice treated with different concentrations of 0, 25, 50, 100 mg/L of NaF in drinking water for 11 weeks, respectively. The results showed that compared with the control group, fluoride contents in three treatment groups were significantly increased and the structure of testes was seriously injured. The testosterone contents and the sperm count were decreased. Sperm malformation ratio was distinctly elevated. The expressions of Sly and HSF2 mRNA were markedly reduced in 100 mg/L NaF group and Ssty2 mRNA expression was dramatically decreased in 50 and 100 mg/L NaF groups. Meanwhile, the protein levels of Ssty2 and Sly were significantly reduced in 50 and 100 mg/L NaF groups and HSF2 protein levels were significantly decreased in 100 mg/L NaF group. These studies indicated that fluoride had toxic effects on male reproductive system by reducing the testosterone and sperm count, and increasing the sperm malformation ratio, supported by the damage of testicular structure, as a consequence of depressed HSF2 level, which resulted in the down-regulation of Ssty2 and Sly mRNA and protein." Go to:

Arafel: Suffering from the affects of fluoride in high doses is very distressing, my reactions to clinical dental fluoride treatment as a prepubescent have; affected my ability to recover from serious disease and accident, substantially increased the likelihood of one or both being self-inflicted (I self-harm when over stressed, low or under-resourced), and resulted in some heavyweight neurosis, this should surely be properly treated therapeutically  but how can you receive treatment when the condition and it's causes remain unacknowledged? It's dangerous stuff, I've been utilising; zeolites, aloe vera, calcium supplementation, "MJ", yoga. I had  two years of psychotherapy with a therapist who themselves had had a Near Death Experience and wanted me to finish my three year course (which anyone who knows anything about psychotherapy will tell you is usually the minimum for serious cases), but funding cuts etc. intervened and my "outreach" psychotherapy was stopped.

Quote; "Fluoride Damages Your Brain!

If you still believe the myth that fluoride is good for your children’s (and your) teeth, think again. There are a vast number of scientific research studies confirming the opposite – that fluoride is a toxin that is extremely detrimental to your body, your brain, and even to your teeth.
One of the most active research areas today is fluoride’s ability to damage your brain. Recent human studies from China have confirmed the results of previous animal studies; that elevated fluoride exposure leads to reduced I.Q. in children.
Cognitive ability is further reduced if your child is deficient in iodine.
Prior to this, more than 30 animal studies produced since 1992 have reported impairment in learning and memory processes among animals treated with fluoride.
Even at levels as low as 1ppm (part per million), studies have demonstrated direct toxic effects on brain tissue, including:

*Italics mine.

**Quote; "...fluoride is a "whole system" disruptor and can be responsible for ailments as diverse as; fracturing, kidney failure/dysfunction, behavioural problems/brain damage, depression and suicide.
 What I have not seen however (or been able to find so far on-line), are the statistics, the epidemiological evidence which will prove (I now have no doubt), that many of the "victims" of clinical fluoride treatment are no longer with us. For one thing the behavioural changes induced by fluoride treatment are of such an uncontrollable and self-destructive nature that the patient may perish due to some apparently "self-induced" accident superficially unrelated to any dental treatment they may have received (even decades), before. Therefore it is necessary to examine the medical records of all of those patients who received clinical fluoride treatment as children and compare the statistics for the incidences of accidental "premature" deaths (esp. "self-induced" -not necessarily suicide at all but the suicide statistics MUST be examined as-well-), and serious injuries within the treated group with those for the same demographic within the wider population. I call here on The International Society of Doctors for the Environment and The World Health Organisation to "pull their fingers out" and examine the evidence and make their findings known as quickly as humanly possible (not to do so is tantamount to colluding in mass murder)!" Go to: Arafel: "Children have died after swallowing fluoride topically applied on their teeth" & "The Epidemiology of Deaths"

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