Thursday, 9 November 2017

"The Saint" #RogerMooreRIP

"What's one of these?" .."It's one of those that died in a nasty accident!"

Thursday, 2 November 2017

"The Black Hole that Ate Hedge End"

"Will it?
What is there?
Can you find it, reaching behind the pasta in your good shoes, a disastrous conclusion?
The void doesn't answer it just expands,
Tarmacked fields witness under floodlights the play of ancients,
Shadows bleeding into darkness as consumed,
Flesh retreats the shrinking violets of bone and sinew,
Do we grasp the past whilst dancing like celebrants at some mad Sabbat, often colliding all un-heeding?
"We must be off our trolleys".
It's Christmas all year but Christmas is never here!
Is it sentient perhaps or just conceit that consciousness should waste its gaze on us?
Still there is warmth sun-dogging around the "halo",
A smile of ; "That's not mine it's yours"
As we struggle, near bereft of hope, not to be the whores we feel."

("Wolf's Head": The Poetry of #Arafel: )

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