Friday 13 September 2013

"Saddam, The Bomb and the Alamogordo Thefts (an alternative view of "Desert Storm")"

Do we ever really see the faces of those in control anymore? Take (for instance), the case of the Bush dynasty, George Bush senior was “transparently” a “great” man, former head of the CIA no-one (it would seem),  had better credentials to hold the office of “the most powerful man in the world” but was he really? In order to answer this question it is necessary to examine the chronology of the events which lead to the first Gulf conflict. Saddam Hussein (a former ally of The West), had undoubtedly been attempting to develop a viable nuclear weapon prior to “Desert Storm”, his reactors (with the French technicians still in them!), were bombed by the trigger happy Israelis precisely in order to prevent him from doing so.  America (“as usual” terrified of their Frankensteinian creation and anxious to secure the oil supply they were being denied by his regime),  were at that time being thwarted in their ambitions by an international community which was far less subservient than the “United Nations” which are now living far more deeply in the shadow of the post Yugoslavian conflicts effect on the notion of non-intervention in the domestic affairs of nation states that has so coloured international relations in recent decades (esp. with regard to The Middle East).  Even George Bush senior  had been unable to break the deadlock, however if one can “suspend disbelief” one can imagine that both The Pentagon and the CIA had been devising strategies with which to remove such obstacles to action (of which Mr. Bush was of-course fully aware), one of which was to provoke or “encourage” an attack on one of his oil rich neighbours (something that Saddam would “jump at” at the time in order to refill his treasury following Iraq’s bloody and costly war with Iran). In order to facilitate this it would be necessary to somehow deceive Saddam as to America’s true interests in the region as not even he would risk direct conflict with the most powerful military machine on the planet. Such a deception would however risk showing America’s hand to the international community in a way that even Bush senior felt unable to justify and therefore these plans remained shelved until such time as the political climate became more favourable. Around this time however certain documents were stolen from the United States which were to provide precisely the right impetus with which to change the weather. It seems that although America had secured the necessary technical documents which would enable one to produce a viable fusion weapon (something Saddam did not have the industrial or financial ware-withal to do in any-case), the original Alamogordo trinity test specifications for a fission bomb were not held under such tight security and were stolen  (“rumour has it” by an Asian “freelancer”), and then sold to the Iraqi regime. Bush senior then “green-lighted” the operation that would lead to “Desert Storm” (go to:  “How Bush Tricked Saddam into Invading Kuwait “The April Glaspie Interview”). As you can see this information is extant (thank you Adel Darwish and Gregory Alexander –“Unholy Babylon” Gollancz 1991-).