Saturday 20 July 2013

Illegal State (no safe water for clinical fluoridation victims)

It comes as no surprise to discover that epidemiology concerning the effects of clinical dental fluoride treatment (a gum shield is used to force exposure of the child's gums to very high levels of fluoride contained within a gel preparation, both the process and the substance are very unpleasant -as I know from personal experience-), is not "immediately apparent" online. I now have no doubt when considering the causes of my physical injuries (the result of accidents caused -in some measure at least-, by my own reckless behaviour as a teenager), that they stem from mental, emotional and physical weaknesses which were mainly the result of (at least as far as physical causes are concerned), my exposure to fluoride at a young age (approx.8). My teeth show the classical pitting and staining of fluorosis (during an examination at a dental practice a few years ago I asked the staff to give me their opinion as to the cause of my dental disfigurement, when they looked in my mouth they all went somewhat pale and turned away -then quietly admitted that my teeth showed all the sings of flourosis-). Now Hampshire County Council and the Southampton Unitary Authority want me to drink fluoridated water! Fluoride bio-accumulates in the body (mainly and especially in the skeletal structure), to a level of 70% and replaces the bodies calcium, rots the kidneys and damages liver and brain function. I (and other victims of the same practise), have had our share and it is a clear breach of our human rights to expose us (by force), to any more.

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