Tuesday 30 May 2017

Yet More Footage of the Strike on #Yemen (and more than a suggestion that it has been happening elsewhere) #Ukraine #TacticalNukes

.. although I did post this second video on, "The Lifeboat News" it wouldn't load to Blogger (embed), for some reason, please see; "Tactical Nukes used in Syria, Ukraine & Yemen 2016" (?),
Go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=neKIaVGj-9Y
Nb. The Syrian explosion was at night..and certainly some "special" ordnance is seen being used in the Ukraine.

Arafel: As discussed previously this may be evidence of  "mix and match" where-by the use of a "necessary" but "unfortunate" tactical nuke may be hidden with that of conventional ordnance on the battlefield (provided of-course that that battlefield is "sufficiently" remote).
Also see; ""Unofficial" Nuclear Proliferation: The Little Emperors, EU/NATO Collusion, Israel ibn Saud, Mini-nukes, Syria & The Yemen." Go to: http://www.arafel.co.uk/2016/08/unofficial-nuclear-proliferation-little.html

Very "homogenised" singular explosion for a chemical plant blast and surely the same one seen on the video (not shown), above. Israel possesses nuclear weapons unofficially (in an official kind of way), but only NATO forces should have access to tactical nukes although not in the Ukraine, the Russians possess them certainly but would Putin risk antagonising the West in such a manner?

Quote; "While reports tend to depict the tactical B61 bombs as a relic of the Cold war, the mini nukes are the preferred weapons system for pre-emptive nuclear war. Were an attack directed against Iran to be launched involving the deployment of B61 bunker buster nuclear bombs, these five countries, with Turkey and Italy in the forefront, would play a major strategic role. https://www.rt.com/op-edge/nuclear-war-iran-nato-629/
For full article.

Quote; "News reports about the United States withdrawing its nuclear weapons from Turkey raise a number of questions. First of all, one has to admit that this is a very serious matter, if it is true, of course, as it changes the balance of forces not only in the region - the Middle East, the Black Sea, the Caucasus - but also in the region where these weapons will be relocated.

Nuclear migrants 

Let us assume that the Americans have indeed decided to redeploy nuclear weapons from Turkey. The first question is where to? It was reported that the recipient was Romania, but the authorities of the country refuted the information.
If not Romania, who is ready to accept US nuclear weapons both technically and politically?
In principle, any NATO country is. I do not think that there are considerable technical problems at this point. After all, it goes about tactical, rather than strategic weapons: aviation bombs, warheads for short-range missiles, artillery shells. Of course, all this requires special storage conditions, security and so on, but one does not have to build state-of-the-art constructions for the purpose. 
In general, US weapons may find themselves anywhere in Europe - from Portugal to Bulgaria, Poland and the Baltic states.
Another question is: who in Europe would agree to this? After all, the Europeans  understand that the deployment of such weapons in Europe, especially in the vicinity of Russian borders, will lead to a reciprocal reaction from Moscow. Most likely, Russia will put the above-mentioned weapons on the list of targets for Russian missiles.
Some European politicians, especially from Eastern Europe, follow the principle "the worse - the better," when it comes to their relations with Russia. Yet, even most reckless European officials would not like to make their countries become targets for Russian missiles."" Go to: http://www.pravdareport.com/world/asia/turkey/19-08-2016/135385-usa_nuclear_weapons-0/
For full article.

Quote; "In intensive warfare conditions, up-to-date tactical nuclear weapons can create an illusion of their absence on the battlefield when used together with conventional weapons. For instance, according to Russian military experts nuclear munitions of a new generation were used in Lebanon in 2006 during the operation against the Hezbollah.  The soil samples taken from craters had traces of enriched uranium. At the same time there was no gamma radiation and isotope of cesium 137 resulting from radioactive decay. The radiation level was high inside the craters but went down approximately by half at the distance of just a few meters away.
According to U.S. military sources, the first detonation of a nuclear weapon against another country since 1945 took place approximately 11 miles east of Basra, Iraq sometime between February 2 and February 5, 1991.*" Go to: http://truepublica.org.uk/global/nuclear-war-didnt-know/
For full article.

Tuesday 23 May 2017

"We're poor little sheep who have lost our way! Baah! Baah! Baah!" #Mercer #Trump #Putin #CambridgeAnalytica #Bannon #Breitbart

..or; "Who's Been Eating Whose Porridge?"

It's a murky scene, somewhere in the haze you can just make out the bared rump of the Tory Party and is that a "comb-over" I see disappearing in the miasma?

So why all the subterfuge? Well if you had a system of predicting and even "minority reporting" on the behaviour of electorates that informed all the polls, surveys and media prior to the expression of that same electorates democratic rights you'd try and keep it as quiet as possible because it would give you tremendous power (if you also controlled the pollsters and the -mainstream-, media), to influence that electorate. This would, if one were sufficiently unscrupulous, allow one to "bend" such polls to give deliberately skewed results when hoping to achieve a certain outcome, based on your prior predictions which themselves are based on the previous voting behaviour of that electorate and all the "intermediate" (or "Big"), data that is used to generate the algorithmic profiles which determine the demographics* (see; "Squaring the Circle" mid-page), on which such epidemiology is itself based (one can however argue about the validity of decisions based on this data..and see the result as our Trumps have literally been playing Russian Roulette! Desperate people do desperate things one doesn't need to trawl The Big Data to know that).

*Some may say; "but weren't these demographics in existence already?" Well yes some were but all of the samples now include profiles for new groups and subsets which have been defined by those with a deep ulterior motive, the profit motive* and those pre-existing have also been tarred-with-the-same-brush which has led to the infection of their "intersectionalities" (a deliberate act), now the notion that egalitarianism has left the science of epidemiology may not be a subject of deep concern to all but that I believe is the point, for this "arafel" obscures the truth and will never reveal it.

*I refer of-course to that little touch of kitsch known as "The Mosaic"..

..and it's funny how it's the deadpan that upsets..but the spectacle of a Former Senior Vice President at Lockheed Martin's inability to ford the wide Missouri for the sake of the American People is disturbing..

 ..or was it just his unfortunate name that got him fired?

Quote; "The author of the site has been digging pretty deep to figure out possible links and connections between not just Trump and Putin, but a large, tangled web of U.S. and Russian officials and companies.  This particular post lists at least 61 connections (and counting). Some of them previously reported and some that are not yet fully understood.
Here is the list:

1. His son in Law is Jared Kushner, the former owner of the Observer. The Observer received the DNC hacks from Guccifer 2.0 who is rumored to be a Russian agent.
2. Jared Kushner’s parents were friends with Netanyahu who has forged an alliance with Putin.
3. His Chief Strategist is Steve Bannon. Bannon is the CEO of Breitbart, with the Mercer family having majority ownership.  The Mercers, along with Bannon are heavily involved in Cambridge Analytica a data gathering firm. Cambridge Analytica’s parent company is SCL Group, which lists Dmitry Firtash as a board member. Breitbart and Bannon have extensive ties to the far right movement in Europe which is also funded by Putin*." Go to: http://www.bluedotdaily.com/trumprussia-ties-found-to-go-far-deeper-than-anyone-imagined/ For full list and article.

*This makes sense in terms of Russian foreign policy because clearly it is The Wider European Adventure to which Mr.Putin (understandably), objects, but unfortunately for the rest of us he has also proven himself utterly unscrupulous in the pursuance of his aims (be they perhaps more modest and somewhat better considered than that of The State Dept. but maybe that's just absolute power corrupting absolutely).

..and how does funding for such find its way into our system? Even The Guardian agrees; ..

QUOTE; "We already know that a vast payment was made by Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist party (DUP) for a newspaper advertisement urging people to vote for Brexit. Remarkably, this ad was not circulated in Northern Ireland, but only in England and Scotland.

This might suggest that someone was making use of Northern Ireland’s secrecy regime. Political donations there remain hidden from view. Funders wishing to disguise their identities can use Northern Ireland as a back channel into UK politics. After sustained pressure, the DUP revealed that the money came from a donation of £425,622, passed through an organisation called the Constitutional Research Council.

But the original source remains a mystery. Though electoral law in Great Britain states that “a donation of more than £500 cannot be accepted … if the donation is from a source that cannot be identified”, the DUP claims that it doesn’t need to know who provided this money. All we know about the Constitutional Research Council is that it’s run by a man called Richard Cook, who lives in a small house outside Glasgow. He seems unlikely to have been the original source. What else do we know about him? OpenDemocracy discovered that in 2013 he helped found a company called Five Star Investments, 75% of which was owned by Prince Nawwaf al-Saud, former head of Saudi Arabian intelligence. Nawwaf’s son is currently the Saudi ambassador to the UK.

There is currently no known connection between these facts, and Cook has denied any foreign funding for the CRC. But he has not yet answered calls from openDemocracy or the Guardian. Though the Electoral Commission was asked 11 months ago to investigate, it has done nothing."
Go to: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/may/17/dark-money-democracy-billionaires-funding

For full article.

Quote; "..indeed always was a "shadow play" out there and not unexpected news... 

Nevertheless the Americans have a point about liberty for they rightly distrust the social engineering "benign dictatorships" are capable of and have always been terrified of Vanguardist Socialism usurping the crown in the U.K (although in "our" country the notion of voting for a republican who isn't also a democrat is considered the worst form of idiocy). One might accuse the Yanks of naivete even of being gauche but not on this occasion for our institutions are decrepit and weep with their over-ripened corruption.
 That the oft professed zeal for individual liberty should now only appear as window-dressing with the other loss-leaders in New York's shop fronts is however a deeply disturbing reality, hypocrites are one thing, heavily-armed hypocrites quite another! To discover that this process is aided and abetted (some might say instigated), by shady elitist cabals like that of Bohemian Grove in the U.S and The Rhodes Scholars in the U.K should come as no surprise because elites (all elites including the Socialist Vanguard and the Brahmo Samaj), are essentially Socially Darwinistic, the notion is however intrinsic both to monetarist capital (that relies on the notion that the weak must fail -and do-), and hereditary entitlement (and explicitly so), therefore the "happy accident" of Catholic Democrat funding for Irish nationalist organisations played straight into the hands of the American Illuminatus who wish to control the European market place*. "O Hanlon (who un-like McTavish does not share his death bed with his sibling)'s" Razor must be applied to any further analysis for such crass conceptions do indeed lead to banal conclusions and Cameron's terrible blunder over Europe exemplifies same. It seems clear that (some of), the vested interests in Britain and America thought it was worth gambling on the predilections of the European electorate (but that others weren't prepared to hedge their bets, quote:
"It is difficult to see-the-wood-for-the-trees especially through the tangled web of U.S and European politics -both foreign and domestic-, now-a-days which is why I must amend my comments concerning David Cameron's own particular contribution to the debacle from the same post -quote; "Cameron's terrible blunder over Europe exemplifies same. It seems clear that the vested interests in Britain and America thought it was worth gambling on the predilections of the European electorate but as with America's interventions elsewhere our global-flatfoot made a rookie's mistake, "never bet on money over land" or "the dollar over blood"!"-, for it seems that the balance might have been TTIP-ed by the increasing intransigence -at least as far as the U.S is concerned-, shown by most of -esp. mainland-, Europe by its policy of the non-acceptance of less regulated produce such as genetically modified foods and chemically and/or pharmaceutically "enhanced" produce from America finding their way on to the shelves, such opposition to the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership may well have been the issue that weighted the scales in favour of electoral intervention by the Trump/Farage/Mercer/Johnson/Putin alliance and the machinations of the "home-grown" talents of Cambridge Analytica. Go to: https://www.arafel.co.uk/2018/09/thepopularvotegiving-people-real-choice.html )." Go to:
and (still playing); The Mull of Kintyre Incident; Accident or Assassination? What is extant #MullofKintyre, go to:

Quote; ""in recent years, Caddell has offered political advice to Trump. He has not worked directly for the President, but at least as far back as 2013 he has been a contractor for one of Trump’s biggest financial backers: Robert Mercer, a reclusive Long Island hedge-fund manager, who has become a major force behind the Trump Presidency.

During the past decade, Mercer, who is seventy, has funded an array of political projects that helped pave the way for Trump’s rise. Among these efforts was public-opinion research, conducted by Caddell, showing that political conditions in America were increasingly ripe for an outsider candidate to take the White House. Caddell told me that Mercer “is a libertarian—he despises the Republican establishment,” and added, “He thinks that the leaders are corrupt crooks, and that they’ve ruined the country*.” http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2017/03/27/the-reclusive-hedge-fund-tycoon-behind-the-trump-presidency

*So it's o.k to use "bent" methods to oust them? No wonder they want his head..Ah the cause of liberty ne'er did run smooth...

Also see; "Squaring the Circle: #Intersectionalities #SERCO #Mercer #CambridgeAnalytica" Go to: http://www.arafel.co.uk/2017/03/squaring-circles-intersectionalities.html

Revealing Guardian article now subject to legal challenge; "on behalf of Cambridge Analytica LLC and SCL Elections Limited."

Quote; "It was $10m of Mercer’s money that enabled Bannon to fund Breitbart – a rightwing news site, set up with the express intention of being a Huffington Post for the right. It has launched the careers of Milo Yiannopoulos and his like, regularly hosts antisemitic and Islamophobic views, and is currently being boycotted by more than 1,000 brands after an activist campaign. It has been phenomenally successful: the 29th most popular site in America with 2bn page views a year. It’s bigger than its inspiration, the Huffington Post, bigger, even, than PornHub. It’s the biggest political site on Facebook. The biggest on Twitter.
Prominent rightwing journalist Andrew Breitbart, who founded the site but died in 2012, told Bannon that they had “to take back the culture”. And, arguably, they have, though American culture is only the start of it. In 2014, Bannon launched Breitbart London, telling the New York Times it was specifically timed ahead of the UK’s forthcoming election. It was, he said, the latest front “in our current cultural and political war”. France and Germany are next."..
  "But there was another reason why I recognised Robert Mercer’s name: because of his connection to Cambridge Analytica, a small data analytics company. He is reported to have a $10m stake in the company, which was spun out of a bigger British company called SCL Group. It specialises in “election management strategies” and “messaging and information operations”, refined over 25 years in places like Afghanistan and Pakistan. In military circles this is known as “psyops” – psychological operations. (Mass propaganda that works by acting on people’s emotions.)*." Go to: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2017/feb/26/robert-mercer-breitbart-war-on-media-steve-bannon-donald-trump-nigel-farage For full article.

*Underlined italics mine.

Mercer family front groups attack universal healthcare bill in New York State

Quote; "Two right-wing think tanks attacking a universal healthcare bill in New York State are funded – and in one case governed – by hedge fund billionaire Robert Mercer and his family. Mercer, who helped propel Donald Trump into the White House, is co-CEO of a hedge fund that manages billions of dollars in investments in the pharmaceutical and insurance industries.
On May 19, a group called Reclaim New York published a post on its website slamming the New York Health Act, a bill to create a universal, single-payer healthcare system which has gained support amid fears of Congressional Republican plans to slash Medicaid spending and expand insurance companies’ ability to deny claims. Three days later, Bill Hammond, the health policy director of the Empire Center for Public Policy, published an op-ed in the New York Post calling the bill a “lunatic push for single-payer healthcare.”"..
"Besides running contrary to Robert and Rebekah Mercer’s extreme right-wing ideology, a universal healthcare plan in New York State has the potential to impact the family’s bottom line. Robert Mercer is the co-CEO of Renaissance Technologies, a hedge fund with significant investments in health insurance and pharmaceutical companies, two sectors to which universal healthcare presents a major threat.
The number 5 and number 11 companies in Renaissance Technologies’ portfolio are the health insurance companies Humana and Aetna. The firm’s 2.7 million shares of Humana were worth $555 million and its 3.1 million shares of Aetna were worth $397 million at the end of the first quarter of 2017. Universal healthcare would eliminate the need for most New Yorkers to buy insurance from private companies, though private insurers could offer coverage for medical care not covered by the universal plan." Go to: https://news.littlesis.org/2017/05/24/mercer-family-front-groups-attack-universal-healthcare-bill-in-new-york-state/
For full article.

The Breitbart Embassy

Quote; "From the outside, the red brick row house doesn’t look like much – an ordinary Washington, D.C. residence, just a short walk from the Supreme Court. But as the nerve center for Breitbart News, the embassy has in just a few short years become an influential address in the nation’s capital.
Bannon himself rarely talks publicly about the worldview at the center of his politics. It’s one reason why for all his influence inside the West Wing, he remains one of the most enigmatic figures in American politics.
Since the time Bannon took over Breitbart in 2012, however, the site has served as a laboratory for his brand of “America first” populist nationalism. Breitbart readers — including Donald Trump himself — have embraced stories on everything from “black-on-black violence,” Islamist terrorism, violence by immigrants, a corrupt globalist elite and culture under assault. Under Bannon, Breitbart not only became a dominant media force in GOP politics, but also a springboard for him into the Trump orbit." Go to: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/article/who-is-steve-bannon-the-view-from-four-breitbart-staffers/?utm_source=TWITTER&utm_medium=social&utm_term=20170525&utm_content=910931105&linkId=37980644 For full article and video (incl. "Bannon's War")

Quote; "Saudi Arabia and the Emirates have now bitten off more than they can chew.
Their first miscalculation was to buy the Trump narrative. When you purchase a Trump product, you buy a lot more with it. There are side effects, not least the sheer amount of resentment, hostility and resistance Trump himself has created at home.
This is not inconsiderable when you review who resents Trump - the CIA, Pentagon, State Department, senators of all colours, and the judges. This is not just America’s deep state, but if it were only them, they are enough to be going on with." Go to: http://www.middleeasteye.net/columns/why-campaign-against-qatar-doomed-1663040860 For full article.

Sunday 21 May 2017

"Citizen Gamma Sponge": Sailor Victims of The #USSRonaldReagan and #Fukushima

Quote; "“(Soldiers are) dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy.”
– Henry Kissinger (as quoted in Woodward and Bernstein’s “The Final Days”, ch. 14)

 Attorney Charles Bonner, representing US service members exposed to Fukushima fallout, Jul 21, 2015 (at 10:45 in): We now have a 250+ young sailors with all kinds of illnesses, we’ve had three die. We had one of the sailors who came home and impregnated his wife. They gave birth to a little baby born with brain cancer and cancer down the spine, lived for two years, and just died in March of this year.
Q&A with Charles Bonner, Jul 21, 2015 (at 4:45 in): I was just interviewed by some reporter about this case, he said, “Now, I want to interview you about this case and the current status of your lawsuit — but, you all have won, so do I have anything to worry about? Do I have to look over my shoulder if I do this story, if I publish this story?” I said, “Yeah you do.” Because trillions of dollars do not go away easily. It’s amazing that people are afraid to even do a story on this because they’re afraid of these corporations.
Kyle Cleveland, sociologist at Temple University’s Japan Campus, published Apr 29, 2015 (at 2:00 in): Like everyone else we were seeing what was on the media. The media was very alarmist, and I think ironically, some of what were taken as an overreaction or a panic in the first couple of weeks of the crisis subsequently have been vindicated to be in some ways quite reasonable claims and worries as more information have been revealed, as gov’t reports have been written… Those reports have demonstrated that the situation was really quite more serious at the time than certainly what the government was saying, and certainly what TEPCO was saying at the time. My starting point for my research was looking into the government’s FOIA documents. I was very surprised to see that there is a big difference within the United States government as they were trying to determine just how bad this was. And what I realized in those documents is that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission… was recommending a 50-mile (80 km)exclusionary zone. This was an stark contrast to the Japanese government’s recommendation of 30 km. And also I was very interested to see that the the US Navy Pacific Command and particularly naval reactors, was recommending a 200-mile exclusionary zone. So that’s a rather profound gap between 30 kilometers on the one hand with the Japanese government 80 km from the NRC [and] something like over 300 km for the US Navy… But ironically aside from the staff at the Daiichi plant maybe some at the very first people who were hit by the radioactive plume were sailors who run the United States Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike Group… They detected the plume at about 132 miles distance from the Daiichi plant. The FOIA  documents… demonstrate that these government officials… were very concerned about the levels that they were reading. They were indicating that they were about 30 times above background levels, and that they would exceed a ‘protective action guideline’ criteria within about a 10 hour period… The reason the US Navy had recommended a 200-mile exclusionary zone was that the Yokosuka naval base is about a 163 miles from the Daiichi plant… at the same time that the Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier was detecting the nuclear plume, the George Washington aircraft carrier which was ported down near Yokosuka was also detecting a plume and the result that they were getting were really quite alarming to them." Go to: http://www.infiniteunknown.net/tag/uss-ronald-reagan/ For full article and exstensive data bas.

Recommended: "Cesium levels 5-10 higher than when atomic bombs were being tested in the Pacific" "The days of eating Pacific fish are over"

What the U.S military are prepared to say (a long time to clean up "residual/low level" radiation contamination -see full article-), .."Stripes";

Quote; "The Navy has acknowledged that the Reagan passed through a plume of radiation. Navy images showed sailors with their faces covered, scrubbing the deck of the Reagan with soap and water as a precautionary measure afterward. The Reagan and sailors stayed off the coast of Japan for several weeks to aid their Japanese allies.
The multibillion-dollar ship, projected to last at least 50 years after its launch in 2001, then was taken offline for more than a year for “deep maintenance and modernization” at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility in Bremerton, Wash., according to Navy officials." Go to: https://www.stripes.com/news/16-us-ships-that-aided-in-operation-tomodachi-still-contaminated-with-radiation-1.399094#.WSFSNdy1u1s

Quote; "USS Ronald Reagan And 16 Other Ships Contaminated With Fukushima Radiation, Interview With Attorneys And Over 400 Veteran Sailors Suffering From Radiation Poisoning, Military Still Covering Up Radiation Poisoning 

USS Ronald Reagan Radioactive, Interview With Attorneys And Veterans Suffering From Radiation Poisoning
IMPORTANT REPOST: Radiation Alert for San Diego, CA - USS Ronald Reagan is highly radioactive presently in dock in San Diego, after other lands refused to port this vessel, may now exist as a threat to those in it's proximity. (originally posted April 9, 2014 - ongoing) The $4.3 billion boat is now docked in San Diego. USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76) is a Nimitz-class nuclear-powered supercarrier. Critics question whether it belongs there at all. 
Attempts to decontaminate U.S. ships irradiated during the Pacific nuclear bombs tests from 1946-1963 proved fruitless. Hundreds of sailors+ were exposed to heavy doses of radiation, but some ships had to be sunk anyway. 

There were over 5,500 sailors on board the USS Ronald Reagan at the time of Fukushima's lengthy 3 week radioactive exposure. 
2014 - Radiation contaminated the ships water supplies equipment. Published: April 9th, 2014 By ENENews: Navy Sailors: Frozen Fukushima steam blanketed ship; Crew suffered massive radiation doses, dozens have cancer — Calls for it to be sunk… still too radioactive; 
AP, Apr 7, 2014: Nearly 80 U.S. sailors are alleging [Tepco] lied about the high level of radiation in the area [and] repeatedly said there was no danger to the crew when they were actually being blanketed with radiation that has since led to dozens of cancer cases and a child being born with birth defects [Tepco] said that there was no way the commanders of the aircraft carrier would have relied on the utility. “It’s wholly implausible… military commanders in charge of thousands of personnel and armed with some of the world’s most sophisticated equipment, relied instead only on the press releases and public statements of a foreign electric utility co.” 
Orange County Register, Apr. 6, 2014: Sailors on the flight deck said they felt a warm gust of air, followed by a sudden snow storm: radioactive steam. Freezing in the cold Pacific air. Blanketing their ship. And there they remained for two days, until aircrews returning [from] near Sendai identified levels of radioactivity [and] the Navy ordered the carrier to reposition much farther away the lawsuit contends, the crew had already suffered massive doses of radiation. 
Dozens have developed cancers, at least one has borne a child with birth defects [Their lawsuit is] raising very strange and disturbing questions: Could the Reagan – one of the most advanced nuclear aircraft carriers in the U.S. fleet – really not know that it was being showered with massive doses of radiation? Some critics on the ecological front say the Reagan, now stationed in San Diego, is still so radioactive that it needs to be sunk. 
It floated around the Pacific for many weeks after the Fukushima humanitarian mission ended, as no Pacific Rim country would give it permission to dock. [It's] slated to move to a new home port this year. In Japan. Navy spokesman Lt. Greg D. Raelson: “Low levels of radioactive contamination did enter ventilation systems, which have numerous inaccessible areas difficult to perform radiological surveys and decontamination. 
There is no indication that any remaining minimal levels of radiation pose any adverse health concern. Radiological controls are in place to survey, control and remove remaining contamination” U.S. sailors’ lawsuit:". Those exposed to radioactive releases from Fukushima Daiichi] must now endure a lifetime of radiation poisoning and suffering which could have and should have been avoided” 
[TEPCO] lied through its teeth, knowing all along the plant was in full-scale meltdown “rendered the plaintiffs infirm and poisoned their bodies.” See also: Navy Officers on TV: "My body is falling apart" after Japan rescue mission, his right side "just didn’t work" -- Another "can no longer use his legs" and unable to urinate -- If 300 times normal radiation is OK, I don't know what to tell you 
The Reagan had joined several other U.S. ships in Operation Tomodachi ("Friendship") to aid victims of the March 11, 2011 quake and tsunami. Photographic evidence and first-person testimony confirms that on March 12, 2011 the ship was within two miles of Fukushima Dai'ichi as the reactors there began to melt and explode. In the midst of a snow storm, deck hands were enveloped in a warm cloud that came with a metallic taste. 
Sailors testify that the Reagan's 5,500-member crew was told over the ship's intercom to avoid drinking or bathing in desalinized water drawn from a radioactive sea. The huge carrier quickly ceased its humanitarian efforts and sailed 100 miles out to sea, where newly published internal Navy communications confirm it was still taking serious doses of radioactive fallout. 
A wide range of ailments have been reported: Scores of sailors from the Reagan and other ships stationed nearby now report a wide range of ailments reminiscent of those documented downwind from atomic bomb tests in the Pacific and Nevada, and at Three Mile Island and Chernobyl. A similar metallic taste was described by pilots who dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, and by central Pennsylvanians downwind of Three Mile Island. 
Some parts of the atolls downwind from the South Pacific bomb tests remain uninhabitable six decades later. Among the 81 plaintiffs in the federal class action are a sailor who was pregnant during the mission, and her 'Baby A.G.' born that October with multiple genetic mutations. The US Navy knew: Officially, Tepco and the Navy say the dose levels were safe. But a stunning new report by an American scholar based in Tokyo confirms that Naval officers communicated about what they knew to be the serious irradiation of the Reagan. 
Written by Kyle Cunningham and published in Japan Focus, "Mobilizing Nuclear Bias" describes the interplay between the U.S. and Japanese governments as Fukushima devolved into disaster: Cunningham writes that transcribed conversations obtained through the Freedom of Information Act feature naval officials who acknowledge that even while 100 miles away from Fukushima, the Reagan's readings are highly elevated.


JULY 25, 2016 Earlier this year, defense media reported Navy officials as saying that 16 ships remained contaminated with low levels of radiation five years after taking in part in relief efforts following Japan's Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant disaster.

The obvious and very stark fact of the matter is that a ship would not need to be decontaminated if there is no dangerous level of ionizing radiation on it, correct? This being said, do all of the soldiers sailors and other crew know about this? Was anyone warned or notified about this radiation?

This whole FLEET of radiation contaminated ships has been sailing all over the world, with crews that were being exposed to this Fukushima radiation and NOTHING was done about it, and NO ONE was warned, from March 2011, to present day. If that does not tell you something about the military mind set, and the attitude of the nuclear industry, nothing will." Go to: http://www.agreenroadjournal.com/2015/04/uss-ronald-reagan-radioactive-interview.html For extensive coverage of Fukushima and rigorous examination of the science, "A Green Road Journal" is highly recommended.

"Why Should #Fukushima Become a Japanese "Bearded-Lady"?"
Quote; "..certain reeds and grasses bio-accumulate both chemical and radiological toxins and I am certain that we will find that the same is true of some of the seaweeds, this will be the way we clean the oceans. Can we imagine a stable organic "gelly" we could pack into flasks and blast at the Sun? Something that would "capture" the radio-nuclides and help avoid dispersal should there be an accident? See..
"Toxic Clean-ups, Radiation and "Project Abaris"" Go to: http://gkhales.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/toxic-clean-ups-radiation-and-project.html 

"Possible Precautions Against and Treatments for Radiation Exposure"
Quote; "Buy Kelp (iodine source and endocrine supporter).
Use crystal sea-salt in your cooking http://curezone.com/foods/salt/book_seasalts_hidden_powers.htm

Researchers found higher incidence in recovery from radiation exposure in the population of Nagasaki after the bomb, this was attributed to the relatively high level of salt intake and seaweeds in the coastal diet.

Also include foods containing trace elements and minerals (fresh or dried mushrooms are a good source, some like Ganoderma probably have a place in the "radiologists" pharmacy -a "radiologist" in this case being a physician who generally doesn't, rather than one who generally does-), and ensure your vitamin intake is at least at the level of the R.D.A, "active" cultures and mineral supplements should also be considered.

"Mushroom Immune Defence" and other similar products may be beneficial, also jiaogulan, quote"...
Quote: "Leticia's Amazing Story
About nine years ago, at the age of 58, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She underwent radiation therapy and received localized cobalt treatment inserted into her cervix. This made her extremely weak and sick. After two weeks of the treatments, Leticia decided she would rather die than undergo that horrible torture. Doctors gave her six months to live.

Resolving to do her best to fight the cancer, Leticia made whatever lifestyle improvements she could, becoming a vegetarian as well as endeavoring to purify her existence through meditation. After a year, the cancer had not advanced; however, she continued to feel sick and was always weak. Then a friend recommended a Chinese doctor, who told her about a Chinese herb, jiaogulan, which was known for helping cancer patients. He sent her a jiaogulan plant with his wife, who was visiting Thailand. Leticia grew the herb and made a tea from the dried leaves. The tea gave her energy and allowed her to sleep well. Gradually and steadily she regained her health. She is now sixty-five years old, healthy, happy, beautiful, and enjoying her grandchildren. She feels that without jiaogulan she would certainly be dead.

As a result of her experience with jiaogulan tea, she has expanded her pesticide-free, herb-growing capabilities to create a company that serves customers around the world with a pleasant tasting medicinal herb tea."" From Forum thread by Williamtheb

Teas and foods containing high levels of anti-oxidants are useful and bowel health is also essential, high-fibre foods should be considered.

Aloe Vera is a great detoxifier but there are others. Aloe Vera however rehydrates driving out toxins and replacing them with trace-elements, minerals and vitamins (including B12)."

Further to: "Herbs of Grace" Blog..............("most excellent")
Posted by sandtrout2010 on March 17, 2011, 4:05 pm, in reply to "Possible Precautions Against and Treatments for Radiation Exposure"

"With the recent earthquake in Japan, resulting in the instability of several nuclear reactors, many people have been asking what they can do to protect themselves from radiation exposure or poisoning, or what they can do to naturally detoxify their system if they are exposed. The following is a compilation of the research I have been able to find on ways to naturally and safely prevent and/or detoxify your body from radiation exposure/poisoning. I will start out by listing the various protocols that have been shown to be effective, then I will expand on the details.
1. Diet consisting mainly of brown rice, miso and seaweed
2. Other additions to the diet

· Spirulina, chlorella and the algaes (kelp, etc.)

· Brassica vegetables and high beta carotene vegetables

· Beans and lentils and other foods high in nucleotide content

· Potassium, magnesium, calcium and mineral rich foods

· cod liver oil and olive oil

· Avoid sugars and sweets and wheat
3. Clay, Sea salt and Baking Soda Baths
4. Homeopathic remedies
5. Schuessler’s Bioplasma
Diet of brown rice, seaweed and miso
At the time of the atomic bombing, Tatsuichiro Akizuki, M.D. was Director of the Department of Internal Medicine at St. Francis’s Hospital in Nagasaki and he fed his staff and patients a strict diet of brown rice, miso and tamari soy soup, wakame, kombu and other seaweed, Hokkaido pumpkin, and sea salt. He also prohibited the consumption of sugar and sweets since they suppress the immune system. ?By imposing this diet on his staff and patients, no one succumbed to radiation poisoning whereas the occupants of hospitals located much further away from the blast incident suffered severe radiation fatalities. Much of this positive result has to do with the fact that the sea vegetables contain substances that bind radioactive particles and escort them out of the body.(Tatsuichiro Akuziki, M.D. Nagasaki 1945, London Quarter books, 1981).
Seaweeds are very high in mineral content. Consuming natural iodine, such as in the seaweeds, helps prevent the uptake of iodine-131, while iron inhibits the absorption of plutonium-238 and plutonium-239. Vitamin B-12 inhibits cobalt-60 uptake. Zinc inhibits zinc-65 uptake and sulfur is preventative for sulfur-35 (a product of nuclear reactors) incorporation by the body.
Sea vegetables can prevent assimilation of different radionuclitides, heavy metals such as cadmium, and other environmental toxins.
“ An experiment conducted by J.F. Stara at the Environmental Protection Agency showed that sodium alginate significantly reduced the amount of radio active strontium in the bones of cats. Stara observed that radio active strontium in the bones is resecreted into the intestines where it is bound by alginate, neutralized then excreted in the stools.”
“There is no family of foods more protective against radiation and environmental pollutants than sea vegetables … sea vegetables can prevent assimilation of different radionuclitides, heavy metals such as cadmium, and other environmental toxins.”....

.."I will move on to point number two – Other additions to the diet – in my next post." From Radiation Detoxification Steven Schecter, N.D (Go to
http://www.herbsofgrace.com/Blog/2011/03/16/radiation-detoxification/ ) " Go to: http://www.arafel.co.uk/2012/06/fukushima-intial-posts-and-medical.html

"Cesium Eliminator" and Zeolites

Quote; "Cesium Eliminator is highly effective at capturing cesium isotopes while also leaving behind virtually no traces of aluminum or lead. Nearly all these toxic elements are eliminated by the body through natural elimination action (bowel movements).


Cesium Eliminator is not "digested" by the body

To understand the action of Cesium Eliminator, it's important to understand that ZEOLITES CANNOT BE DIGESTED in the human body. They pass through the body much like sand. (If you eat sand, you will poop sand. You do not digest sand.)
Human gastric acid is not strong enough to dissociate zeolite materials. Instead, zeolites move through the body as a kind of "mechanical sponge" that binds with certain elements, including isotopes of cesium. When those zeolites are eliminated by your body through bowel movements, they take with them whatever toxic elements they captured during digestion.
Remember this very important medical fact: Whatever you poop out, you do not absorb into your blood! And if it's not in your blood, it can't get to all your internal organs. Bowel movements are part of your body's natural elimination process to rid the body of toxic elements or unneeded substances.".. 
"There is no such thing as any dietary supplement or drug that blocks radiation*. Radiation is a physical phenomenon and the laws of physics cannot be altered by a supplement. As a result, no dietary supplement should ever been seen as some sort of "radiation shield" that makes you immune to ionizing radiation. Only a thick lead suit can accomplish that.
There are some dishonest supplements marketed on the 'net which ridiculously claim to "block radiation" to the body's cells. Such claims are scientifically false and invalid.
There are legitimate arguments for DNA-protective supplements such as antioxidants which may help prevent ionizing DNA damage and / or support the rapid repair of such damage, but your overall best strategy is to avoid exposure to radiation in the first place.
Avoiding exposure means:
  • Avoiding inhaling radioactive particles of dust (airborne)
  • Avoiding eating radioactive food
  • Avoiding drinking water contaminated with radioisotopes
  • Avoiding physical proximity to sources of ionizing radiation such as Fukushima fuel rods
Learn more about Acute Radiation Syndrome (ARS) from the U.S. CDC public fact sheet: http://www.bt.cdc.gov/radiation/ars.asp

Go to:  http://cesiumeliminator.com/
"Regal Supplements (zeolites); go to:  http://www.regalsupplements.com/zeolite.html
Forever Living Products (bee & aloe vera); go to:foreverliving.com 
Supporters of "Children of Chernobyl"" Go to: http://www.arafel.co.uk/2014/10/mycology-and-bio-remediation.html

*Italics mine.
Also see; "Japan Under the Sword (continued)...." Go to: http://www.arafel.co.uk/2014/06/japan-under-sword-continued.html
and; "International Atomic Energy Authority "Protects Against Truth and Irradiates People"" Go to: http://www.arafel.co.uk/2015/11/international-atomic-energy-authority.html Also for full #Fukushima archive.

Friday 12 May 2017

Biko; "..and the Eyes of the World are Watching Now!"

Quote; "The Death of Stephen Biko

On 12 September 1977, Stephen Bantu Biko died in a prison cell in Pretoria. The announcement of Biko's death by the South African government the next day sparked international and national protest. Steve Biko was not the only person to die in detention at the hands of the South African security police; yet, because of Biko's prominence as a charismatic leader of the Black Consciousness Movement, his case captured the attention of many South Africans and people throughout the world.

Biko's death in detention illustrates the brutality of the security police during apartheid and the state's hand in covering up torture and abuse of political detainees. Biko's case also demonstrates the collaboration of non-governmental institutions with apartheid and, furthermore, that not all South Africans accepted or were satisfied with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission process.

Biko was a founding member of the South African Student Organization (SASO), an exclusively black student organization that stressed the need for black South Africans to liberate themselves psychologically and to become self-reliant in order to fundamentally change South Africa. The formation of SASO in 1969 marked the beginning of the Black Consciousness Movement (BCM). This movement re-energized resistance to apartheid in the 1970s and spawned a number of other political and community development organizations. In 1973, the government banned Biko to his home area, King William's Town in the Eastern Cape. Despite this restriction, he continued his political work as a key figure in the BCM and helped implement several community projects.

In August 1977, Biko and his associate, Peter Jones, drove to Cape Town (violating Biko's banning order)".... Go to: http://overcomingapartheid.msu.edu/sidebar.php?id=65-258-4
For full and extensive article from "Overcoming Apartheid"...

"..and for all those jailed in their own homes!"

Thursday 11 May 2017

"What on Earth is Wrong with this Country?"

Quote; "Disabled person’s suicide shows up the Tories’ cruelty over benefit cuts"

"A 67 year old disabled man set himself on fire outside a job centre after his benefits were cut, an inquest heard last week.
Peter Sherwood told a mental health team about his intention to kill himself just hours before doing it.
After Disability Living Allowance was cut, Peter was told to apply for Personal Independence Payment (Pip) in 2015 (see below).
Unfortunately, Peter’s case is far from unique.
According to the government’s own figures, thousands of disabled people died within six weeks of being found fit to work under the Work Capability Assessment (WCA).
Jayne, a disabled Pip claimant, told Socialist Worker, “When my condition worsened I was assessed by a paramedic at my Pip reassessment.
“I was depressed and suicidal. The paramedic thought it was a good idea to compare what I was feeling to finding dead bodies—it was very graphic.
“It wasn’t about asking ‘why do you feel like this’, but was aimed at ‘let’s see if we can scare her away’.”
These WCA interviews are carried out by private subcontractors such as Atos, Capita and Maximus. There are reports of interviewers asking benefit claimants with mental health issues, “Why haven’t you killed yourself yet?”*" Go to: https://socialistworker.co.uk/art/44563/Disabled+persons+suicide+shows+up+the+Tories+cruelty+over+benefit+cuts For full article.

*Italics mine. Many who read this may well think; "Don't be ridiculous that's not true!"

"What is on Earth is wrong with this country?"

"No more Vietnams!"? How things have changed, when I was growing up this would have been unthinkable but if it had happened those responsible would have been fired and jailed (if they managed to avoid the angry mob during the process)!

Quote; "The parallels between Albert Camus's 'The Plague' and London’s growing problem with knife crime"

"The Plague, but “as I listened to the celebrations,” says Dr Rieux. “I thought, ‘Joy is always under threat’. I thought about what the crowds were choosing to ignore – and it’s something anyone can look up, if they want to – which is that the plague bacillus never actually dies. It never disappears – not entirely. It can lie dormant for generations in somebody's furnishings or bed sheets; can bide its time in living rooms, in basements, in suitcases... In bank statements.. Until one day – for the misfortune of mankind, or for its instruction perhaps, it once more rouses its rats and sends them forth to die in some unsuspecting city*.

Which is when I heard the racket outside. The weird thing is that I hardly took any notice of the real violence. I didn’t take it seriously. I was walking along Ashwin Street towards Dalston Junction when I heard raised voices, shouting, an indeterminate ruckus somewhere behind me. I was in a small group of four and we exchanged looks but thought it was just the normal post-theatre hubbub. The usual singing and dancing. Nothing out of the ordinary. So we carried on towards the Overground, rather like the people in the play who choose to turn a blind eye to the plague. It turned out that, in fact, a young man, aged 17, was right then being stabbed by a number of assailants in, according to reports, “a gang-related incident”. An eye-witness shopkeeper in Dalston Lane said, “About ten of them ran up the street. I heard a glass bottle smashing and then there was shouting, screaming. They were just kids, it’s madness.”
There was blood on the streets of London. Emergency vehicles swooped and the area was cordoned off and detectives combed Dalston looking for evidence. In the play Dr Rieux is the main narrator and saviour figure (of sorts). In reality, the victim was taken to a London hospital where he was initially described as “critical” but after treatment had become “stable”." Go to: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/long_reads/albert-camus-the-plague-london-violent-knife-crime-police-a7717851.html For full article.

*Italics mine.

"The Plague affects the whole society. Any of us may become victims. All of us are susceptible. The writer of the article sounds like a typical liberal. He enjoys the frisson of violence but retreats from the reality. Rather than confront the nihilism of his society as a whole he would rather find scapegoats and protect his virtue by allowing others to use violence on his behalf whilst averting his eyes. He misses the point."

""would rather find scapegoats and protect his virtue by allowing others to use violence on his behalf whilst averting his eyes." They're all nasty passive aggressives to their friends, colleagues and families..." Gerard - comments "The Lifeboat News" Go to: http://members5.boardhost.com/xxxxx/index.html 

What on Earth is wrong with this country?

Quote; "The sorry facts which show the BBC has moved beyond bias, into pure propaganda"

"The BBC Trust is responsible for granting licenses to all BBC outlets and stations, managing value for money on licence fee payments and ‘the direction of BBC editorial and creative output’. The Trust consists of 12 Trustees and is headed by Rona Fairhead – who also happens to have been a longtime board member of HSBC bank.
As The Canary’s James Wright reported earlier this year:
Fairhead has entrenched ties to the Tory government. In fact, she and Osborne are old friends. Fairhead worked for the Conservative government as a cabinet office member, until being appointed by the previous Conservative culture secretary – Sajid Javid – as the new head of the BBC Trust. She is still business ambassador for David Cameron.
Fairhead has also sat on the board of HSBC directors for a long time. And what is even more shocking than her other Conservative links are claims that she was actually appointed chairwoman of the BBC Trust to keep a lid on Cameron’s involvement in covering up a £1bn fraudulent HSBC scam on British shoppers. Whistle-blower Nicholas Wilson made various freedom of information requests that confirmed that Fairhead’s appointment did not follow proper procedure. She was rushed to the position after the application date closed, with no mention of her on any contemporary media shortlist.
Her appointment does not coincide with the normal process, and many questioned why a business tycoon was right for the job. What it did coincide with was a string of interconnected visits from the BBC, HSBC, the Houses of Parliament and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to Wilson’s website where he details the scam and the FCA and Cameron’s involvement in covering it up.

But the conflicts of interest do not stop at Fairhead.
The Director of News and Current Affairs at the BBC, James Harding, is a former employee of the Murdoch Press. While Editor of The Times newspaper, he was responsible for exposing the identity of police blogger NightJack by hacking the blogger’s email accounts – which his legal team then covered up during a court case against the action. Harding has also gone on the record as ‘pro Israel’.
This is the calibre of the figures responsible for hiring the news teams, presenters and journalists who will report on matters of hacking, privacy, and the Middle East." Go to: https://www.thecanary.co/2016/05/06/the-abysmal-local-elections-coverage-shows-the-bbc-has-moved-beyond-bias-to-pure-propaganda/
For full article.

Quote; ""Is there collusion between BBC & BAE to not report on UK support to bombing in & not make it election issue?"

" Tweet from https://twitter.com/markcurtis30 , also see: http://markcurtis.info/2007/02/13/the-covert-war-in-yemen-1962-70/
& http://markcurtis.info/category/yemen/

What on Earth is wrong with this country?

Quote; "Sharp rise in number of acid attacks in London, Met reveals"

"Acid is believed to be a popular weapon for gangs as it is easy to obtain and it can be difficult to identify the attacker.
The data, seen by the BBC, revealed that almost a third of these attacks were carried out in Newham and that victims are twice as likely to be male than female.
"Corrosive fluids" have been used in murders, robberies and rapes but more than 70 per cent of cases never reach trial due to difficulty identifying suspects or victims being unwilling to pursue charges." Go to: http://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/sharp-rise-in-number-of-acid-attacks-in-london-met-reveals-a3494816.html
For full article.

What on Earth is wrong with this country?

Quote; "Campaigners have hit out at Defra’s approval of a four-year GM potato trial, over concerns it could threaten food safety."

"The trial was approved with little fanfare by farming minister George Eustice on 27 April, and will see the potatoes planted in an open field at The Sainsbury Laboratory in Norwich.

Campaign group GM Freeze this week bemoaned the controversial decision, calling it a “regulatory blank cheque”. The group has raised concerns that despite field trials usually following a programme of greenhouse experiments, most of the potatoes in the trial have not yet been created or tested in a controlled environment, which could present risks to food safety and GM contamination.

Prior to consent for the trial, a multi-agency objection was signed in March by 33 organisations, including farmers, scientists, retailers, caterers and environmentalists. It argued that the application for a field trial was premature, and would be of no benefit to society.

In Defra’s letter of consent, Eustice said the trial would have to stick to various restrictions, including the site not exceeding 1,000 square metres, with no more than 1,500 GMOs to be planted at the site during the period from May 2017 to November 2021.

“We are deeply concerned that Defra has signed a regulatory blank cheque in consenting to the planting of experimental potatoes which have not ever been analysed in a test tube, much less properly studied under controlled greenhouse conditions,” said Liz O’Neill, director of GM Freeze" Go to: https://m.thegrocer.co.uk/home/topics/environment/anti-gm-campaigners-hit-out-at-norwich-potato-trial/552602.article 
For full article.

What on Earth is wrong with this country?!

Arafel:  https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/jan/19/crime-figures-show-and-knife-offences-rising-ons-england-wales, http://metro.co.uk/2017/05/08/roll-call-of-death-map-shows-how-widespread-knife-crime-is-across-london-6623074/, http://www.disabilitynewsservice.com/tag/benefit-related-deaths/, https://welfaretales.wordpress.com/category/death-after-fit-to-work-decision/, https://www.spectator.co.uk/2017/03/what-shocks-me-about-the-bbc-occasionally-it-isnt-biased/#, https://www.rt.com/uk/376061-gm-crops-trial-approved/, https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2017/04/27/acid-attacks-rise-united-kingdom/100739780/, https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2015/sep/30/acid-attack-hospital-admissions-have-almost-doubled-in-last-10-years 
Also see; ""The Roll of the Dead: Deaths at the Hands of the British State" #Austerity #VoxPolitical #SamuelMiller" Go to: http://www.arafel.co.uk/2016/08/the-roll-of-dead-deaths-at-hands-of.html