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"The Cerridwen" an Update on the Mesolithic, Neolithic and Bronze Age Landscape

In my post "What's is that Coming Over the Hill?" I make reference to the colonisation of these Islands following the retreat of the ice sheets however it has become clear to me having seen Neil Oliver's "A History of Ancient Britain" on The BBC that my comments require some revision.

Quote:"Modern archaeologists (especially the social and agricultural historians amongst them), may have some understanding of what was lost at Twyford Down (and to be honest it still is a truly painful subject for me to talk about).
However... those who understand that the colonisation of the major landmass areas of these islands only ever took place once in humanity's history* , should also understand that this "Rosy Cross" is a unique tabula rasa for agricultural scientists (because of its "quartered" nature), and as a result it's history represents one of the most complete and easily assimilable works of applied "astrologomal"** science imaginable (or at least it did -never try and teach maths without also teaching spacial awareness-).
Why it now may not be is because of the rape of Twyford. You see, back when the ice sheets first began to retreat and people started to colonise these Islands on a large scale the south of Britain was ipso facto colonised first (also re: "Flood"and planetary orientation***). This meant that places such as The New Forest, Hengistbury Head, Twyford Down and others were the very first to be used as social, religious and agricultural centres. As such this of-course makes them our oldest archaeological "seed libraries", without which; climate data, ecological relationships, social interactions, religion, biology and "astrologomy" cannot be studied .

*(Edit 12/07/10 at least in a modern "agricultural" sense -and I may be accused of something of the same myself given the slightly "ham-fisted" nature of this edit- as I am advised by the recent discovery of one million year old (approx.) flint tools belonging to Homo Antecessor in Britain. Go to )" Go to:

From the above the reader will have been given the impression that the agricultural transformation to which I refer occurred immediately following the initial colonisation of these islands however this is (from watching Mr.Oliver's programme), clearly not the case as the agricultural revolution of the Mesolithic hunter gatherers did not begin until (approx.) 5000-4500 BCE. However this does not mean that there was no evidence of the Mesolithic inhabitants of Southern Britain at Twyford Down or that evidence of the Neolithic agricultural revolution could not have been obtained had not the Down been needlessly (and thoughtlessly), destroyed. As Mr.Oliver himself has discovered the low lying areas which previously formed the link between The Isle of Wight and the mainland were inhabited in the early Neolithic period and (as I mention above), The New Forest contains numerous examples of early Neolithic religious worship/burial sites.

Quote: " "I've just seen "Time Team's" excellent "The Secrets of Stonehenge". I believe that there is much that notions of "Erotic" and "Thanotic" energy can reveal about the true nature of all "A.S.A.R.U""..."The Mesolithic/Neolithic eras of any of the regions on the planet which were habitable during these periods are a fascinating study but Britain (by which I also mean Brittany in N.W France), was a veritable "Cerridwen" ("cauldron" Brythonic/Modern Welsh), of activity at this time.
If we wish to understand the mindset of our ancestors in relation to the colonisation of Britain I believe that we must understand the geological events which preceded the final retreat of Britain's ice-sheets. To this end I again refer the reader to Peter Warlow's genuinely mind-bending book "The Reversing Earth" ( let's put it this way static conceptions get us nowhere ), and to the work of Adrian Gilbert co-author of "The Orion Mystery" and author of "The Holy Kingdom"; when you then include Michael Poynder's "PI in The Sky" and James Vogh's "The Thirteenth Sign" you should come to one realisation (amongst the myriad), which is that; when "ancient" (careful), man wrote anything down he did so for a reason, materials were too precious and skills too rare to waste on trivialities.

Par exemple oblique..

"Ancient man clearly attempted to build accurate circles, he made many brave attempts (of which Stonehenge is perhaps the best example), but he never quite managed it!"
(in other words "brave try grunty could do better 4/10!")
"Come over here. and get hold of this."
(hands him pointed stick tied to length of rope or heavy twine)
"Right! Ron, you grab this."
(hands "Ron" the other end of the "rope" which is also tied to a pointed stick)
"Right, Ron you stick your end in the ground."
"O.K." Says Ron and does so.
"Harry, you walk away until the rope is taught and then walk around Ron's stick keeping the rope taught whilst scraping the pointed end of your stick in the ground as you do so!"
(after a few attempts they managed to draw a fairly accurate circle)*

*I mean Ron's stick was dislodged a few times before they got the knack and Harry's sobriety was always in question, but they persevered. "....and....
"You know I also have a sneaking suspicion that the "Cursus" at Stonehenge may well have truly been "dead-ground*". From "What's that Coming Over The Hill?"

*Also see esp.  "Beth-Luis-Fearn" The "Brythonic" Tree Calendar at Imbolc" go to: 
with regard to the significance of a cursus that describes the "Death of the Sun King".....

Furthermore Oliver suggests that Carnac was "the-final-throw-of-the-dice" of the hunter-gatherer community in N.W Europe, what does The Sacred Brythonic Architecture that followed on The British Isles therefore represent?
He does this at the same time as identifying the existence of, quote: "The largest tsunami the world has ever known" in the N.Sea basin (the consequence of a land-slide), yet he makes no connection between the sacred architecture and the "environmental experience" of the culture." Go to:"More Archaeological Obfuscation?"

The "environmental experience" to which I refer above is not simply that of one generation it includes the entire "racial memory" of the people and will (of-course), have included "The Flood" and many other cataclysmic events (dating back to the dawn of man itself). "Harry and Ron" had not only been exposed to these experiences (and the "mythical" tales which kept them alive throughout the generations), but also to the movements of the heavens on a nightly basis. It is the conceit of modern man who spends much of his time in-front of (what one of my history teachers used to refer to as), "the smelly telly" that he is only now able to divine the movements and purpose (that is if he thinks they have one), of the heavens. It is obvious (and explains much of the "amazing" archaeological evidence of the astronomical/astrological -"astrologomal"-, accuracy and precision of ancient cultures throughout The World), that clear skies, repeated observation and careful record keeping led "ancient" man to make many startling discoveries (both in mathmatics, medicine and environmental science -incl.agricultural science and "plant lore"-).

Also see: "The Antikythera Mechanism Research project" Go to:

I would also point out that the implications of the work of Michael Poynder R.I.P (and many others), and the spiritual and religious traditions of  "The Old Religion" which remain extant in our culture (despite the centuries of persecution at the hands of those who have called themselves "Christian"), suggest that there are "good and solid" geological reasons for the placement of many (if not all), of the Neolithic sites in these islands which relate to the movement of water below the surface and the subtle conductivity of the rocks and minerals themselves. Go to :

Quote: "The delicate relationship between the coastal areas of Britain and the sea was known by our forebears.
The Holy Isle of Arianrhod "Lady of the Lake" (now known as Glastonbury Tor), was surrounded by.. a lake before the monks drained the marshes
(and as we know "Puff the Magic Dragon lived by the sea" too...).
I am convinced that "The Great Dragon of Uffington"

represents a serious attempt by our ancestors to reconcile these forces."

Unlike the "White Horse" chalk figures the site at Uffington dates back to the Bronze Age when "The British" first learnt how to smelt tin and copper and turn them into a useable material (and also produce jewelry/religious artifacts-torcs etc-. and eventually coinage -?-). It is to my mind no coincidence whatsoever that our "dreams of dragons" ("Dreams of Dragons" is a book by by Lyall Watson -R.I.P, he was also author of "Supernature and "Supernature 2"-, go to:, should include the notion that it is the dragon that hoards and guards the treasure. Throughout the world dragons are also said to regulate the occurance of tsunamic activity quote: "Dragons and Fables

"Recently, an earthquake occurred along the English Channel
coast, with its epicentre at Folkestone in Kent, at
8.28 a.m. (local time) on 28 April 2007. The local earthquake
magnitude was estimated by the British Geological Survey
as 4.2ML (Walker and Musson, 2007) and no discernable
affect was reported on the sea. However, worryingly, a local
news outlet reported that coastal residents on feeling the
tremor “started rushing out from their houses and on to the
beach for safety” (Kent News, 2007)! This highlights the
need to assess the threat from tsunami and associated hazards
in Britain and, if appropriate, raise public awareness of
the potential hazards."


According to "The Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences Organisation" (go to.... ), siesmic events either in or on either side of The Channel are historically far from rare!

"I tell you naught for your comfort, Yea naught for your desire, Save that the sky grows darker yet, And the sea rises higher." - GK Chesterton

"..a 2005 BBC2 Timewatch documentary which was postponed and re-edited after the Asian tsunami due to its sudden topicality. It documented how, out of a clear blue sky on 30th January 1607, nearly 600 km of the Devon, Somerset and Welsh coast was inundated by a wave of up to 7.5m (25ft). The ‘largest and most destructive flood in British history’ , it may have been caused by a tsunami deriving from an undersea quake, the wave reaching up to 14 miles inland (to the foot of Glastonbury Tor), leaving a temporary inland sea of over 200 square miles for ten days, and drowning around 2,000. For the benefit of sceptics, the academic study the documentary was based on pointed out a 1755 seaquake off Portugal had sent out a 15m (49ft) high tsunami that killed nearly 50,000. There has also been a claim a tsunami hit Dorset in 1868 – luckily the relatively deserted stretch of shore west of Portland."

from... " Also from "More Archaeological Obfuscation".

If "The Dragon" of Uffington does represent "a serious attempt to reconcile these forces" one would expect there to be evidence of previous tsunamis generated by the fault concerned. Well perhaps there is in the legend of the "lost" land of Lyonesse, quote: "The legend of a sunken kingdom appears in both Cornish and Breton mythology. In Christian times it came to be viewed as a sort of Cornish Sodom and Gomorrah, an example of divine wrath provoked by unvirtuous living, although the parallels were limited in that Lyonesse remained in Cornish thought very much a mystical and mythical land, comparable to the role of Tir na nÓg in Irish mythology.[citation needed]
There is a Breton parallel in the tale of the Cité d'Ys, similarly drowned as a result of its debauchery with a single virtuous survivor escaping on a horse, in this case King Gradlon. The Welsh equivalent to Lyonesse and Ker Ys is Cantre'r Gwaelod, a legendary drowned kingdom in Cardigan Bay.
It is often suggested that the tale of Lyonesse represents an extraordinary survival of folk memory of the flooding of the Isles of Scilly and Mount's Bay near Penzance.[2] For example, the Cornish name of St Michael's Mount is Karrek Loos y'n Koos - literally, "the grey rock in the wood". Cornish people around Penzance still get occasional glimpses at extreme low water of a sunken forest in Mount's Bay, where petrified tree stumps become visible. The importance of the maintenance of this memory can be seen in that it came to be associated with the legendary British hero Arthur, although the date of its inundation is actually c.2500 BC." Go to:

..and as we know the loss of considerable areas of land from these islands following the retreat of the ice-sheets at the end of the last ice-age and subsequent geological movements and sea-level rises is becoming increasingly better understood and documented.

I invite comment from both The BBCs' Mr.Oliver and Channel4s' "Time team".

Nb.So far neither have responded.

Monday 13 January 2014

The Dangers of Mobile Phones, Wi-Fi and Crazy People ("the bloodsuckers" -see lower page for quotes from previous posts on this blog-)!

Quote: "Mobiles 'cooking the brain'; brain tumors become children’s number one killer illness; and leaked industry memo admits 'wargaming' the science.
Seek truth from facts with former senior White House adviser Devra Davis, Storyleak editor Anthony Gucciardi, 'cell phone survivor' Bret Bocook, Microwave News editor Louis Slesin, top radiation biologist Dariusz Leszczynski, and Ellie Marks, whose husband Alan's suing the industry for his brain tumor.
Watch live on RT:
Sunday January 12 at 04:45, 08:45, 12:45, 16:45, 20:45 GMT.
Monday January 13 at 00:45 GMT.
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RT: My name's Daniel Bushell. Class action lawsuits filed against cell phone manufacturers. Coming up…
‪Insurers refuse public liability for cell phones.
The warning buried deep inside your mobile.
And the next'casualty catastrophe'after tobacco and asbestos.
Keith Philips, brain tumor survivor: I would hold my cell phone here and the tumor was right there.
Stuart Cobb, brain tumor survivor: I always held it on my right side, right here. The industry should have put these warnings on these phones a long time ago.
RT: Professor Dariusz Leszczynski is one of the world's leading radiation biologists, and brave. He knew phone manufacturers would try to end his career for printing groundbreaking research, proving cell phones do cause biological damage.
Professor Leszczynski joins us, great to see you. How did the industry react?
Prof. Dariusz Leszczynski, Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, Finland: So far I think I didn’t experience any smear campaign. But in my case it was just that the industry used their influence to prevent funding of my research projects.
RT: But studies like Professor Leszczynski’s now allow top neurosurgeons to issue a stark cell phone warning.
Dr. Keith Black, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center neurosurgeon: It's essentially cooking the brain.
RT: Ellie Marks' husband Alan suffered serious memory loss after years of using a mobile.
At 2am one night he had a massive seizure. Surgeons found a tumor the size of a golf ball right where he held the phone.
Ellie, thank you so much for joining us. Why are you and so many others suing the industry?
Ellie Marks, wife of brain tumor victim: There’s many many many others that are already deceased from this and are dying from this, younger than my husband. Some as young as 28 who are deceased and their neurosurgeons actually told them that it was probably their cell phone use.
We had about 20 cities and states that wanted to legislate as San Francisco had and they were all threatened with lawsuits by this industry.
RT: This is a photo of Bret Bocook's brain. The top quarter responsible for body balance has had to be removed after surgeons found this vast tumor right where he held the phone.
A US national rowing champion, now he can barely move.
Bret, great to speak to you, tell us about the class action lawsuit against the phone industry.
Bret Bocook, brain tumor victim: The only way you can educate the public against big business is through lawsuits. That was how they did it with smoking. It was not until the District Attorneys in the United States got involved and sued the cigarette industry that they actually had a huge settlement, had to pay hundreds of millions of dollars for public education as to the dangers of smoking.
That’s what’s going to happen with cell phones. It’s just unequivocal categorical that these things cause cancer. And also, they don’t want you to know that.
This is on the same trajectory as smoking. Because if you look at smoking in the '60s they had doctors coming on TV and saying 'Hey, smoke Marlboro, smoke this brand, because it's good for your cough.'
Camel cigarette commercial: And see how well Camels agree with your throat!
The Flintstonescigarette commercial: Winston, America's best selling best tasting filtered cigarette!
Bret Bocook, brain tumor victim: And more dangerous for children, because their skulls are a lot thinner. At least you can’t buy cigarettes unless you’re 18. But even a five-year-old can go and buy a phone.
RT: For phone manufacturers young children are targets. There are now working cell phones even for babies.
PCMag phone review: The glowPhone is for kids maybe five to eight and the flyPhone is for tweens.
RT: Samantha Miller's funeral was on her 18thbirthday.
Phone use through childhood first gave her headaches, reports the Daily Mail, then the brain tumor that killed her.
In the West, brain tumors have overtaken leukemia, notes Senator Lyn Allison, as the number one child killer illness.
But doctors warn that's the tip of the iceberg.
Clinical studies find young men who keep phones in their pockets have much lower chances of producing offspring, while women often store them on their chest.
Tiffany Frantz, breast cancer victim: I would just tuck it into my bra.
RT: Tiffany Frantz got breast cancer aged just 21, right where since childhood she's stored her phone.
These spots mark the areas of Donna Jaynes' cancer. Her doctors call this a ‘new breed of distribution’ that exactly matches where women keep their phone.
Dr. John West, Chairman, Breast Care Center: It’s a very unusual pattern where these multiple small cancers were confined to the upper inner aspect of the breast, I’ve never seen anything quite like this.
RT: This is a radiation detector, in normal surroundings around 30 microvolts/meter (µV/m).
Microwave ovens reach 800 µV/m. Wi-Fi routers use the same radiation technology.
Loading a film on a tablet PC reaches 2,000 µV/m.
Some of the world's best selling smartphones register over a thousand times above normal levels.
Insurers have in fact stopped covering cell phone manufacturers for public health.
Insurance firms privately call cell phones the next public ‘casualty catastrophe’ after asbestos and cigarettes.
Phone manufacturers have now quietly inserted a legal disclaimer.
On iPhones you have to go to Settings, General, About, at the bottom scroll down to Legal and at the end – RF Exposure, Radiofrequency Exposure.
Unlike most pages, the small print here can't be enlarged, but it reads: ‘Carry iPhone at least 10mm away from your body’
At the same time the industry says all its studies show phones are perfectly safe.
Thomas Wheeler, CTIA phone lobby head: Radio waves from cellular phones are safe.
RT: A 'conflict of interest' Harvard ethics professor Lawrence Lessig calls industry paid studies, which consistently conclude phone radiation is harmless.
Independent scientists meanwhile overwhelmingly find the most serious problems, from DNA damage to three times lower sperm counts, 290% more brain tumors, autism and birth defects.
Former senior White House advisor and leading epidemiologist Dr. Devra Davis has testified to Senate on the subject she joins us, great to see you.
How do you explain the completely opposite findings between industry and independent studies?
Dr. Devra Davis, author of Disconnect: Anytime there was independent research, what industry would do was three things: first they would go attack the scientists who have done the studies, they would try to get them fired, they’d try to get their funding taken away or they would accuse them of fraud.
When that didn’t work they hired other scientists who knew nothing about the field to do studies that looked like they were replicating the other studies but they really weren't.
And when all of those things failed, they wrote a memo in which they said if the cellular industry has done its job we think we war-gamed the science. That’s a quote - ‘war-gamed’ the science. Now science is not a matter of war, and it’s not a matter of games; we’re deadly serious about our health and that of our children.
RT: War-gaming, reveals this leaked Motorola document, is industry paid studies purely for reassuring the public.
Norman Sandler, Motorola: We have sufficiently war-gamed the issue.
RT: A sting has exposed how easy to get phoney studies in print.
Posing as a serious scientist, John Bohannon sent in a paper full of schoolboy errors, offering payment for publication.
Incredibly more than half the journals in these countries all around the world published it, even lying to the public that the study had been peer reviewed.
Investigative journalist Anthony Gucciardi has broken numerous health scandals, great to see you.
Surely big business wouldn't fake studies to put millions of lives at risk. Do we have documented precedents?
Anthony Gucciardi, Storyleak editor: This is exactly like Eli Lilly which in the 1980s knew that Prozac was leading to suicides and aggressive behavior, the exact opposite effect ofwhat they wanted. They knew that in the 1980s after they conducted the research. They hid the research and it wasn’t exposed until 2005 from the BBC.
But then they would have their corporate interests do studies and talk about how great it was. Now of course they’re required to admit that antidepressants do cause suicide, aggressive behavior, pretty much every shooter is on them.
When these cell phone companies are forced to admit that cell phone radiation does cause brain tumors, that it does do all this, and they’re already saying this in their manuals, so it’s already coming up. But once the public is aware of this fact, it will be even worse than antidepressants, it will be even worse than tobacco.
RT: We invited the powerful phone industry lobby CTIA to discuss the issues raised in this report.
They sent a one-line refusal.
CTIA phone industry lobby: Thank you for contacting us, but we will not be able to do this interview.
RT: The industry's most respected journalist is Dr. Louis Slesin, editor of Microwave News since 1981.
Louis, great to speak to you, there seems to be a parallel universe of what the industry says and everyone else.
Dr. Louis Slesin, Microwave News editor: The whole system is broken. People are not being told the truth, it's crazy. You know it's easy to say we made a mistake on tobacco after we know that tobacco’s a killer.The point is to take action.
RT: Action IS being taken outside the US.
France is moving schools back from Wi-Fi to cabled Internet.
Countries from Germany to Israel and Finland are moving to stop cell phone sales to kids.
But Obama just made industry chief lobbyist Thomas Wheeler head of the regulator itself, the FCC.
A former administration official calls it another astonishing conflict of interest.
So doctors who want parents at least informed of cell phone dangers to their kids say they aren't holding their breath.
Seek truth from facts. This is The Truthseeker. " For video go to:

Quote: "The most "open" (and therefore dangerous), secrets of all are the day-today "realpolitik" consequences of these and many, many other of our current administrations policies ("smells worse than a pile of fish in the middle of Manhattan" -and in case you don't believe us they've just delivered one-), such as; A.I.D.S, the asbestosis of 9/11 survivors, the children of Fullujah, Fukushima, Bhopal, the spread of more dangerous viruses, bacteria and fungi and the real cost of mobile-phone and other "wire-less" technologies. However above and beyond all of these is the perversion of science that "modern" man choses to call "particle beam research"*, "imagine you have two watches and you want to find out how they work so you smash them together and examine what remains" (to paraphrase one noted physicist). "Examine what remains?!" it never occurred to anyone to invent a screwdriver !?" (also see; "Dark Matters" -above-).

*Very few realise that military research in the aforementioned countries (see "Collusion?"), into particle beam weapons has been going on for decades (far longer than the extant "civil" research that now makes starry-eyed the acolytes of quantum physicists in science faculties throughout The World -whose lack of understanding is infact belied by the economic consequences of their actions, both in theory and practice-)." Go to:

Quote: "One senses that Mr.Assange's "hunt for the truth" would have benefited from a wider demographic. Like Rushdie he seems to think that one achieves more by dramatic martyrdom than considered action, again there is a sense that he is "preaching to the choir".
Could we lose the ability to disseminate vital information about the planet's welfare because certain so-called "Whistle Blowers" have poisoned the well of public confidence in the quest for ever more "sensational" revelations about the major powers?
Where is the information on Kashiwazaki-Kariwa (go to -Edited 11/12/10-)? What really happened to Vesta's off-shore wind-farm contracts? Where did A.I.D.S come from? What is the real cost of depleted uranium usage? How do you make a cow "mad"? Is flouride really dangerous? Does genetic modification represent a "Frankenstein's Monster"? Will your mobile phone, "Bluetooth" or "Wifi" rot your brain? What is the truth about the incineration industry or the CO2 profile of the nuclear industry? These are the vital questions." Go to:

Quote: "The Titanic Mentality

(to the memory of "The Covenant Intervention and the Ship "Invidious"")

"Iceberg, iceberg!"
It's a nasty thought that we might be holed below the waterline but isn't that the point?
"The point?" I hear you cry, "what's the point?"
That is over there on the top of that!
What characterises our problem with icebergs? Answer: the real dangerous part is the stuff you can't see!
Lets make a list:
1.The Nuclear Industry's radioactive fallout (also when bio-accumulated).
2.Dioxins and furans (also when bio-accumulated).
3.Heavy metals (also when bio-accumulated).
4.Chemical industrial wastes (also when bio-accumulated).
5.Wireless broadband (yes).
6.Mobile phones (yes also when bio-accumulated!)
7.Agri-business; Pestcides, herbicides, chemical fertilisers, unconsidered stock treatments (esp when "factory farming").
8.Modern medicine; radiological treatments/techniques, magnetic resonance imaging, dental amalgams and vaccine stabilisers (go to.... ), and the "hidden" menace of/in many modern medicines.
9.Particle beam research.
10.The arms industry and wars in general (or nasty accidents involving or having been caused by same).
11.Genetically modified crop pollens and pollens from "bio-medical" research.
12.The hidden results of animal experimentation.
13. "Nano"-Technology misuse.
14..CO2 production.
"Putting on our life-jackets yet? Are there enough life-boats?"..." Go to:

Quote: "On "Mobile Phones" (a "toothsome"article)

Strongest search engine response ever seen online by this researcher ("Yes, but an ostrich succeeds in appearing to be other than it is")
Search.. "Possible effects of mobile phones and Wifi technology on human nervous system"

Closely followed by the response for another inquiry
("No, that's an elephant")" Go to:

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"The Economics of Emergence Theory Revised (an apology)"

  In my post "The Economics of Emergence Theory" I say, quote: "My regular readers may be wondering precisely what it is I'm talking about when I refer to "Emergence Theory" and it's applications (esp. to economics). Do I mean what have become known as "Emerging Economies" for instance? The answer is no at least not in the conventional sense whereby  "emerging economy" is simply another term for the "apparent" economic growth of a formerly less/un-developed nation or region." I have been forced to revise this having seen Hans Rosling's excellent lecture (some of which is reproduced above). I realised that the social, political and economic profile of the "emerging economies" is infact consistent with "emergence theory" and that I had become a victim of my own imperialist prejudices (see; "Imperialism, Eugenics and "Social-Engineering""-or “The Overpopulation Myth; Last Refuge of The Social Darwinist”-, go to:, in that I had assumed (making the proverbial "beast of burden" out of both of us), that the developing economies were also more socially backward than our own. This ofcourse has been the mistake made by the European Imperial powers during their colonial adventures for centuries. The fact that a culture appears socially less developed than our own is merely a cultural prejudice the burden of over-population having been created by the activities of the militarily more dominant culture. There is no real excuse for this attitude and I apologise if my former assertions have caused any offence. It was infact the statistics concerning obesity rates in the emerging economies when examined in the light of Hans Rosling's observations which triggered this realisation. This subject clearly deserves a much more detailed analysis than the one I am presenting here, in my defence I can only state that it is preferable that one should appear "a witty fool than a foolish wit". I do however stand very much by my comments on sustainability with regard to Foster's "Emergence Theory" recognising the irony that my comment on "Imperialism, Eugenics and Social Darwinism" quote; "Even the cry,“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime!” (Chinese proverb), when used by "The Developed World" to describe it's problems with those less-equal simply rings with the condescending imperialist (and mostly paternalistic), tones of the past. In cases other than genuine national emergency wouldn’t it be better simply to “get our crap out of their river” completely?", should have had its genesis in the (for want of better words), "transitional" economy of China.  

It is the myopic conceit of the “civilised” imperialist (and his patriarchy), that the “benighted savages” are not deemed capable of self-determination or self-sufficiency (witness the “groundnut debacle" in Kenya in the 50’s and 60’s).