Tuesday 5 February 2013

"The European "Omerta.""

It just gets worse...Newsnight (say for instance), want some talking heads to discuss The European Union so they get economists, infact with a determination that Karl Marx himself might have admired such journalists and broadcasters invariably chose to consult...economists (however I doubt very much that Marx would have admired the economists they choose). It is "as if" we are no longer members of a society (a body politic perhaps but even that is now infected with the "Matrix-like" ability to transform all politicians into "economists"), for the social implications of any event or policy decision are desublimated to the economic realm. Nowhere is this more true than in the realm of foreign policy. "Bani Walid! Mustapha Leak!" (somewhere), but not on the BBC or any other domestic media in the U.K ("He'll be vague, ask for Hague!"). Unfortunately although the U.K population is now able to access good quality news broadcasting services from elsewhere in The World as never before (and the full effect on the U.K population of sudden exposure to broadcasters like, Max Keiser, Abby Martin or Thom Hartmann on Russia Today -"R.T"-, or the excellent documentaries on "Al Jazeera" -for instance-, cannot as yet be assessed), the "omerta" concerning discussion of the true nature of The Yugoslavian conflict and the economic, social and political consequences of "The Wider European Union" that is so rigidly adhered to and enforced by The European Media applies to R.T and Al Jazeera as-well (whose collusion indicates both the true extent of the omerta's influence and it's source).  Russia's behaviour (and that of the westernised arab states), which is similar to that of America with regard to foreign and domestic policy dictates that such should be the case, for just as it is not in N.A.T.O's interest to encourage stability in the middle east it is not in Russia's to encourage the formation of an Eastern European economic and political community (whatever did happen to ours?), Russia's embrace of monetarist values and "laissez-faire" ensures that her foreign policy decisions are taken solely in order to maximise short term profits for a small group of people in just the same way as are those of the member states of N.A.T.O.
 The degree of influence our desublimated politicians now have on The Market deconstructs laissez-faire but adds both energy and mass to the fiscal momentum generated by the acceptance of capitalism's "Manifest Destiny" (which process can of-course only take place following embrace of the concept).
  I once visited Sicily (and mount Etna which promptly erupted),  and it was noticeably quieter than any other European country I have ever visited.
In our current economic and political climate the market has almost generated sufficient power to silence dissent completely, untrammeled capitalism ("monetarism"), has facilitated the penetration of Socially Darwinistic surveillance into every aspect of our individual existences. What are "they" looking for? Do you keep it under your bed with your socialist sympathies or in the freezer with your "liberal" values?
 Silence of this kind is bred by egocentrism, guilt and denial, plenty of which are on display when it comes to the constitutional issues which concern (and boy don't they!), the "Now Actively Treacherous Oligarchy" ("The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation" -clues in the title-). Talk about "above the titles" though! For both in the microcosm of this argument and the macrocosm of geo-politics The United Nations (supposedly the most powerful of all international institutions), plays understudy to N.A.T.O's fading matinee idol. The old studios and their retinue of ageing film stars, directors and producers clearly feel that their audience will now swallow more-or-less anything ("ZDT!" -"gezondheid!"-). Hitler described "the masses" as "sheep-like" and it seems that the Machiavellian "global" financial hegemony that manipulates institutions such as N.A.T.O believe this to be true of the electorates which provide the mandates for their facilitators. The lack of community values that infests The Darwinistic Society (an oxymoron that indicates the degree of thanotic inactivity occurring within the body politic), is endemic to cultures which have accepted that Capitalism's destiny is indeed "manifest". It is this contagion to which America's Aunt Sally has been over exposed, for not only does the U.K display the symptoms of acute monetarism but these are aggravated by her underlying chronic condition (something that even the most cursory examination of the content of our mainstream political, economic and social media confirms immediately). Take for instance a recent Daily Politics hosted by Andrew Neil, when affairs of the realm regarding the succession or similar issues were being discussed no mention was made what-so-ever of the arbitrary exclusion of all but the most mild (and secretive), of religious dissenters from the highest office in the land. This process is duplicated by the refusal of The British Labour Party to address the need for significant electoral reform and the failure of the other major political parties to properly consider the consequences of Scottish independence.
 For those of us who were conscious during the process of the "Sophie's Choice" of a referendum on electoral reform that the post Yugoslavian Conflict British electorate were encouraged to accept as a true expression of their democratic freedoms the notion that a transcendent N.A.T.O does not control the economic, political and social direction of our country is ludicrous (is it not Mr.Ashdown?). Cameron dances the nationalist tune but he does not "pay-the-piper" yet whilst the anti-European lobby postures pro-Europeans (and this is true throughout Europe and beyond), simply refuse to accept the idea that "The European Adventure" has been hijacked by imperialist brigands whose ridiculous notion of a Wider Europe is as distasteful and disturbing as was Hitler's of Germania ("if you want to make a name for yourself in political journalism now-a-days all you have to do is mug a "Kr**t" !" -anon-), and as we have seen it is also in Putin's interest to attack European expansionism putatively, however, if he really wants to deter the west from extending it's influence all he has to do is hang a few more dead Chechens on the wire.
 Silence (quite apart from being "golden" -"Maam"-), speaks volumes, in this case about the Mafiosi who are attempting to achieve dominance over the global market place. The poisonous hypocrisy of journalists, politicians, commentators and institutions with regard to these "constitutional difficulties" is somehow however a worse betrayal than is that of those who instigated or perpetuate them, those neo-conservatives and free-market liberals who have always worn their hearts on their sleeves seeming far less dangerous than those who claim impartiality or to have "no interests" whilst colluding in these conspiracies (or "conspiracy" the appearance of separateness being purely illusory).
 It has become far too easy in Britain to simply indulge in crass sectarianism whenever one wishes to demonise dissent. The entropic slough that is the B.B.C has been indulging it's thanotic predilections with regard to these "constitutional issues" for years, there are no coincidences in nature and certainly Auntie's current behaviour brings a whole new meaning to the term "Savile Row".
 If/when "The Gestapo" finally call for all the complacent "protestant" (a term which in this regard has far more to do with ones behaviour than the cut -or colour-, of ones cloth), poseurs who like to be seen as "the post-modern elite" (but are still awating the arrival of "The International"), I won't be there to say "I told you so" (and neither will many, many others), even commentators like Max Keiser who are well aware of the terrible crimes being perpetrated by our Utilitarian administrations, find it difficult to accept that "The Wider European Implosion" is now inevitable, it is however (as our transatlantic friends would have it), "time to wake up and smell the coffee" (before there ain't no croissants left)!
 "Unsustainable Economy"? Just another way of expressing zero.