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Groundwater Crisis Reflects #ClimateChange Severity; U.S.A Today and World Preservation Foundation: #COP21

Almond Orchard, California...

Quote; "Much of the planet relies on groundwater. And in places around the world – from the United States to Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America – so much water is pumped from the ground that aquifers are being rapidly depleted and wells are going dry.
Groundwater is disappearing beneath cornfields in Kansas, rice paddies in India, asparagus farms in Peru and orange groves in Morocco. As these critical water reserves are pumped beyond their limits, the threats are mounting for people who depend on aquifers to supply agriculture, sustain economies and provide drinking water. In some areas, fields have already turned to dust and farmers are struggling.
Climate change is projected to increase the stresses on water supplies, and heated disputes are erupting in places where those with deep wells can keep pumping and leave others with dry wells. Even as satellite measurements have revealed the problem’s severity on a global scale, many regions have failed to adequately address the problem. Aquifers largely remain unmanaged and unregulated, and water that seeped underground over tens of thousands of years is being gradually used up.

In this project, USA TODAY and The Desert Sun investigate the consequences of this emerging crisis in several of the world’s hotspots of groundwater depletion. These are stories about people on four continents confronting questions of how to safeguard their aquifers for the future – and in some cases, how to cope as the water runs out." Go to:
For full article and stories from; North America, India, Africa and South America...

Quote; "Drying Rivers, Lakes and Resevoirs

In a new era of conditions dangerously affected by global warming, the world's waters are rapidly running dry creating crisis for wild habitats and human civilization. The following are some of the seas, rivers, lakes and underground water reserves we have lost or are losing, impacting the livelihoods of hundreds of millions of people, animals, farming, lives, electricity, and threatening with CO2 and methane release, exacerbating climate change.

World's major rivers drying - One third are gone or going - Groundwater wells for 3 billion people are drying up." Go to:
For full article and video.

Sunday 13 December 2015

"#ParisAttacks' Weapons Linked to CIA Arms Smuggling?"

Quote; "A gun linked to the Paris terror attacks that left 130 people dead and wounded 368 others has been traced back to a Florida arms dealer. It is the same arms dealer that sold arms to the Contras of Nicaragua at the time the 1980s Iran-Contra scandal.
The revelation came during an interview with the head of a Serbian arms factory, who said the M92 semi-automatic pistol’s serial number was the same as one that his company delivered to an American online arms dealer, Century International Arms, in May 2013.
[It] is a semi-automatic weapon, a hunting and a sporting weapon … cannot fire barrage fire, only single shots … which are legal in America,” Milojko Brzakovic, head of the Zastava arms factory, told the Associated Press."...

"There are strict rules overseeing the legal import and export of weapons like semi-automatic pistols. In the US, an individual or company has to be registered with the State Department.

At least seven of the weapons used or discovered after the November 13 Paris attacks were produced by the Serbian factory. Most were manufactured before Yugoslavia broke up in a civil war in the 1990s and most were modified versions of the Soviet AK-47 or Kalashnikov.
The Palm Beach Post contacted Century owner Michael Sucher, but calls were not returned and doors at the company’s location in Delray Beach were locked. The company also has locations in the town of Georgia, Vermont." Go to: 
For full article.

Quote; "Just before the start of the rainy season in Guatemala City, a U.S. State Department team landed in the bustling Central American capital on a mission to track forgotten guns.
The goal: to find out how World War II-era rifles, donated by the United States to Guatemala during the Cold War, made their way from a Guatemalan government warehouse to Century International Arms - a Delray Beach gun dealer and one of the largest movers of surplus military weapons in the world.
The April 2008 effort was detailed in secret diplomatic cables obtained by WikiLeaks and made public 10 days ago, documents reviewed by The Palm Beach Post.
The dispatches offer rare glimpses into the shadowy world of the international arms trade. They show how guns can move from the U.S. to foreign military stockpiles, from stockpiles to dealers like Century Arms, and from dealers to buyers worldwide.
In this marketplace, Century Arms has prospered, trading in pistols, sniper rifles and assault weapons - sometimes with the help of "unauthorized brokers," according to the cables." Go to:
For full article.

Quote: "Last para of Wikileaks cable

Posted by margo on December 13, 2015, 7:06 am, in reply to "Thanks for those useful snippets, M. NOM"

Instead of dismissing this all with the 'conspiracy theory' thought-stopper and broadside, perhaps a measured, critical look at each item of information may end up shining a light on which people facilitate so much pain and misery in the world...

Last paragraph of the 2011 Wikileaks cable of possible interest. 'Sniper training and employment' as part of a package:

"...the company shipped weapons to Belgium, a case that again
got the State Department's attention, according to the cables.
A purchase order provided by Zottegam gun dealer Podevijn Eddy Wapenhandel
listed some ominous-sounding items:
"'Booby traps,' 'unconventional warfare devices and techniques-incendiaries,'
'sniper training and employment,' and 'improvised munitions handbook.'"
Links and comments from Margo, MediaLens message board member (post reproduced in full without edit).

Saturday 12 December 2015

""Gary" in Sixty Seconds": #TunnelProtests

Go to:

Medecins Sans Frontieres and the War in the Former Yugoslavia

Quote; "On 14 December 1995, the signing of the Dayton Peace Accords ended the separatist war in former Yugoslavia and created the State of Bosnia-Herzegovina.
Twenty years on, MSF reveals how the organization spoke out about a conflict marked by ethnic cleansing, crimes against humanity, targeted assaults of humanitarian organizations and individuals, and the unfulfilled promises by the International Community.

MSF claimed that mass distributions of aid were simply a ‘humanitarian alibi’ of the international community that lacked the will to take political and military measures to end the conflict. Some MSF leaders even called for an armed intervention against the Bosnian-Serb artillery bombing Sarajevo.
In December 1992, MSF published a report describing the Bosnian Serb policy of ethnic cleansing. They denounced the Bosnian Serbs for hindering supplies to Srebrenica and Gorazde Muslim besieged enclaves. They raised awareness and denounced the lack of protection of the population when the enclaves came under attack in 1994 and 1995 despite being declared safe zones by the UN.

In August 1995, MSF denounced a lack of access to the Serb refugees and from 2000, MSF advocated for parliamentary commissions to be set up to investigate the military and political responsibilities of the States involved in the Srebrenica crisis.
This Speaking Out Case Study explores the variety of questions and dilemmas MSF faced, Among them: to what extent should MSF risk the lives of its staff in order to operate in conflict zones? Should MSF condemn obstacles set up to limit the access to the population if it meant no longer having any access at all? Should MSF denounce the fact that humanitarian aid was presented by the international political leaders as the only solution to the conflict and call for military force, an action that would lead to loss of human life?"...

"MSF and Srebrenica, 1993-2003
The case study ‘MSF and Srebrenica 1993-2003’ explores the constraints and dilemmas raised when MSF spoke out about the events that occurred in Srebrenica’s Muslim enclave. The enclave was besieged in 1993 and then seized by Bosnian Serb forces in July 1995. 8,000 men over the age of 16 were massacred, despite the presence of United Nations peacekeeping forces supposedly providing protection in what had been declared a ‘security zone’. With teams present in the enclave throughout, Médecins Sans Frontières testified to what happened and called on the various countries involved to hold inquiries and establish where military and political responsibility lay for the fall of the enclave and abandon of the people of Srebrenica.
By agreeing to provide a minimally acceptable level of relief to a besieged population, wasn’t MSF contributing to the strategy of the besieging troops while concurrently softening their image? Could MSF call for the evacuation of civilians who wished to leave thereby risking abetting the ethnic cleansing policy of the besieging army? Having trusted the UN Protection Force’s commitment to protect the enclave and its population, must MSF accept partial culpability for or complicity in the UN’s abandonment of the enclave and the ensuing massacre of the population? Didn’t MSF give the population the false impression that it would be safe as long as the team was present? Is it the role of a humanitarian medical organisation to issue an appeal for an investigative parliamentary commission then, once it is established, to actively monitor it with a critical eye? Contrarily, how can MSF not try to understand the circumstances and responsibilities, which, at the global level, led to the abandonment and massacre of a population to which its teams had provided relief? Can MSF be content with calling for a parliamentary investigation without ensuring that it asks the types of questions likely to elicit answers that shed light on the events? Should Srebrenica be viewed as an accident of history or as a clear-cut example of the impossibility of protecting populations under international mandates established by the UN?" Go to:

..and the true face of terror; go to: (Adult Content).

Also see; &

Thursday 10 December 2015

"Purgatorial Nightmares" #Guardian #Snowden #commentisfree

Quote; "Posted by Gerard on December 10, 2015, 7:50 pm, in reply to "Man alive! Just when you thought the G couldn't sink lower..."

It's the blatant manufacturing of consent I find so they even know what the word "suck" means in this context? Yoww, safe and secure (so many aphorisms spring to mind it's difficult to know which to choose), .....saw "Damnation Alley" (Roger Zelazny book, strikes me the Guaniad is playing the same game (there is a theory -of-course-, that humanity did in-fact drop the bomb and that we all now have our existences in the purgatorial nightmares of our own devising -which explains stuff like, "Don't Tell the Imbecile!" and Jeremy Kyle-), they thunder on into the apocalyptic dawn...bear in mind though that they do what they do because they so fear the Wasteland........ (author's own posts edited at Ed's discretion),
Quote; "Smells to me of USneo-con drivel. DID some of their money just rescue the Graun group recently? New

Posted by Rhisiart Gwilym [Email User] on December 10, 2015, 1:23 pm, in reply to "Re: Don't feel your efforts are wasted Eds, but see this G editorial.."

piper-payer now insisting on different tunes?

I don't study the Graun in everyday-faithful detail (god forbid!). But even with the reflected sampling of it that I do get, I sense that it's taken a sharp lurch downwards towards full neo-connery just recently; since about the advent of Kath Viner, in fact, replacing Rusbridger. Was this a package deal: 'You get this editor, and this mandatory list of featured columnists, along with the rescue-money - or no deal'?

Re: Don't feel your efforts are wasted Eds, but see this G editorial..

Posted by gloriousrevolution [Email User] on December 10, 2015, 1:35 pm, in reply to "Re: Don't feel your efforts are wasted Eds, but see this G editorial.."

I think a lot of it can be understood and linked to the pivotal event when the Security Services turned up at the Guardian's London headquarters and demanded that they destroy the Snowden hard-drives in the cellar under the watchful eyes of the security police. It was a public humiliation, a ritualized castration of the Guardian and it sent a shiver down their collective spines. Since then the Guardian has not strained against the lease and has been docile and compliant in its cozy guardhouse, not biting the hand that feeds it, but licking it and loving it.

What I would have given to have been in Rusbridger's shoes when the security police turned up at the Guardian's doors. A dream come true, what an historic opportunity for a journalist, Christmas arriving early; the chance which probably only comes once in career - if at all - to tell them to #### Off! What a piece of history one could make and really establish the Guardian brand around the world. I'd have looked forward to the court case with relish, what a lot of liberal principles one could have defended. It as a defining moment and opportunity and the Guardian let it slip by.

Further to this puzzling question: 'WTF has happened to the Graun?' Here's the original comment at

Posted by Rhisiart Gwilym [Email User] on November 27, 2015, 1:20 pm

OffGraun, by Reinertorheit:

Post in question:

Scroll down to the update, then scroll down the comments. Reiner's second comment on that thread - the first being about what really happened to MH17 - reads as follow:



August 9, 2015

I understand the anger and frustration many people have voiced here – and I think that it would be worth posting an explanation of what has actually happened at The Guardian.

In 2013, The Guardian filed some of the worst financial accounts in the newspaper’s history. The publishers were clearly in deep financial trouble, and were forced to sell-off some of their assets, simply to avoid immediately bankruptcy. The financial outlook appeared very grim.

But ‘hope’ was around the corner… although it was a vile kind of ‘hope’ indeed.

The Guardian was (quietly) relaunched, positioning itself primarily in the USA and Australia – whilst aiming to retain as much as possible from its former days as a left-wing newspaper in Britain. New and mysterious ‘backers’ appeared, who were now controlling the political content of the newspaper. Alan Rusbridger was quickly removed and thrown on the rubbish-heap – the usual nonsense about wanting to develop his career (in retirement?).

It was a very simple idea – “buy up the opposition to neoconservative American ideas – and neutralise it with a daily diet of pro-Pentagon, pro-Washington, shabby indoctrination”. Unwanted old left-wingers were quietly pushed aside. Ambitious Americans like Hadley Freeman were shoved forwards. New right-wing writers were hired, such as “Rafael Behr” (who he?). The screaming voices of the lunatic right, such as TImothy Garbage-Trash, suddenly become Leader Writers..

Let’s just explain what “neoconservative” actually means. It means following right-wing policies and ideas under the apparently acceptable cloak of being socialists, in order to secure public support for these extreme right-wing policies. Tony Blair is the perfect example… a man who found himself in perfect accord with George Bush – a god-bothering war-mongering racist fascist psychopath with the brain of a mollusc.

But it gets worse. The Guardian is now not really written by Guardian journalists any longer. Instead, coverage of all “sensitive” topics has been franchised out to American rightwing organisations. Now we get articles and editorial which have been “sponsored by the John D Rockefeller Foundation” (an extremist rightwing organisation), whose authorship and views chime perfectly with American hard-line exceptionalist Christian white right. Sometimes the sourcing is hidden more carefully… for example, the “Calvert Journal” – an American-funded pile of rightwing trash based in Calvert Street in London…. trailed as an “expert source” on Russia, but actually ghost-written in Washington. A few down-at-heel Russian emigres were hired as the ostensible “authors” of this crap. So now the Guardian’s Russia coverage is written by spooks in Washington under the guise of being written by “Russian opposition voices cowering from Putin in London”. I’ve met these filth – they are pathetic users who are happy to take Washington’s dollars to fund their empty-headed glamorous lifestyles in London. This comes under the heading of “New East”, headed by a new rightwing extremist at the Guardian called Maeve Sheerlaw… a cheap hack who has never been to Moscow in her life, yet was made an Overnight Expert to parrot the opinions of filth like Andrew McFaul, failed American Ambassador to Moscow.

Then there are all the articles ‘syndicated’ from the Moscow Times – another fake newspaper funded by American rightwingers in Washington, via a chain of anonymous holding companies in the Netherlands and Scandinavia. Don’t be fooled by that “Moscow Times” title – it was one they picked on purpose, to make it sound like a serious newspaper. In fact it’s staffed by a team of cheap American journalism students, and there are no Russians working there at all. A few Russian names appear as columnists… but – surprise! – they are all Russian runaways, living in Miami or Brighton Beach, and delighted to have Washington’s cash in exchange for some bitter hatred penned during a drunken lunch-hour.

In summary, then – The Guardian which readers remember from the 1980s and 1990s no longer exists at all. Its exterior appearance and readership has been bought for cash by American fascist organisations… but covertly, so that readers “believe” they are still reading The Guardian. Surprised? You shouldn’t be, because it’s how Tony Blair came to power in Britain – the most Tory leader Britain has ever had. And where are his ‘socialist’ allies? Peter Mandelson, a penniless journalist, is now Lord Mandelson, with a two-million pound house and a seat in the House of Lords. Socialism, my arse.

The Guardian is now more right-wing than the Daily Telegraph. It features articles from Timmy Garbage-Trash saying how Britain should go to war against Russia, to save those jolly, plucky, Right Sector genocidal fascists in Ukraine.

None of this has ever been mentioned in the Guardian itself, of course. You are all still clinging to this rabid pro-American sheet of garbage until the moment they actually write it on the front page. That day will never come. Yet you still think the Guardian is a ‘socialist’ newspaper.


Obviously, just this comment, unsubstantiated from other sources several ways, isn't evidence enough. And Reiner indulges in the same kind of fairly extravagant language as I tend to use. But still, it's a hypothesis. Clearly, something pretty disastrous has happened to what's left of the English Graun, since Rusbridger left; or 'left', spelt d-e-f-e-n-e-s-t-r-a-t-e-d.

What other hypothesis would account for it?" MediaLens message board member's posts reproduced in full without edit (except spell-check), go to: to view full thread...

and, for Guranaid article.....

Tuesday 8 December 2015

"The Synernistic Health Effects Between Chemical Pollutants and Electromagnetic Fields"; #Kirlian and International Appeal: #WiFi #EMR

Quote: "Abstract;
Humans and ecosystems are exposed to highly variable and unknown cocktail of chemicals and radiations. Although individual chemicals are typically present at low concentrations, they can interact with each other resulting in additive or potentially synergistic mixture effects. This was also observed with products obtained by radiation actions such as sunlight or electromagnetic fields that can change the effects of chemicals, such as pesticides, and metal trace elements on health. Concomitant presence of various pesticides and their transformation products adds further complexity to chemical risk assessment since chronic inflammation is a key step for cancer promotion. Degradation of a parent molecule can produce several by-products which can trigger various toxic effects with different impacts on health and environment. For instance, the cocktail of sunlight irradiated sulcotrione pesticide has a greater cytotoxicity and genotoxicity than parent molecule, sulcotrione, and questions about the impact of photochemical process on environment. Adjuvants were shown to modify the biological features of pesticides*. Addition of other elements, metals or biological products, can differently enhance cell toxicity of pesticides or electromagnetic radiations suggesting a synergy in living organisms. Electromagnetic fields spreading, pesticide by-products and mixtures monitoring become greater for environmental contamination evaluations.

Ledoigt G, Sta C, Goujon E, Souguir D, El Ferjani E" Go to:

*Adjuvants and "stickers" (surfactants of various ionic activity -commonly "emulsifiers"-), are infact essential for both organic and chemical agricultural/horticultural methodologies (a fact that many amateur horticulturalists should be made more aware of -many people are unware, for instance, that it is essential to add emulsifiers to essential oils before use otherwise they will fail to properly disperse and may burn the skin!-).

Quote; "Is it not astonishing that the Microwave Ovens are using the exact frequency of 2.45GHz to cook food?
The principle the Microwave Oven works on is to excite water molecules at that frequency to start cooking the food inside-out!
Taken the fact that humans exist of about of 75% water - the brain has an even higher water content, of about 80%, this is frightening to think what the Microwaves (emitted from Wireless Devices) can actually do to your body!

Yet there is another newer frequency Wi-Fi is now using, which is between 5GHz and 6GHz.
All these frequencies bring problems with them, but especially the pulses, the data rate of the transmissions on the (above mentioned) carrier waves.
Newer Wireless Devices are boosting their data transmissions to even higher speeds, utilising various antennas (up to 4 and more) simultaneously to transmit and receive the Microwave signals. This also increases the RADIATION as signals are sent on ore than one channel continuously! More channels more radiation! Is that so difficult to understand? That is just PLAIN PHYSICS !!
- Yet another problem is the higher Data Rate which is used to 'pump' the data through the air. This is the actual added problem which is even more critical than the frequency the signals are transmitted on.

Anyone needing more technical details, please refer to Technical Data on Wi-Fi. " Go to:

Quote; "To: His Excellency Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations;
         Honorable Dr. Margaret Chan, Director-General of the World Health Organization;
         Honorable Achim Steiner, Executive Director of the U.N. Environmental Programme;
         U.N. Member Nations

International Appeal

Scientists call for Protection from Non-ionizing Electromagnetic Field Exposure

We are scientists engaged in the study of biological and health effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic fields (EMF). Based upon peer-reviewed, published research, we have serious concerns regarding the ubiquitous and increasing exposure to EMF generated by electric and wireless devices. These include–but are not limited to–radiofrequency radiation (RFR) emitting devices, such as cellular and cordless phones and their base stations, Wi-Fi, broadcast antennas, smart meters, and baby monitors as well as electric devices and infra-structures used in the delivery of electricity that generate extremely-low frequency electromagnetic field (ELF EMF).

Scientific basis for our common concerns
Numerous recent scientific publications have shown that EMF affects living organisms at levels well below most international and national guidelines. Effects include increased cancer risk, cellular stress, increase in harmful free radicals, genetic damages, structural and functional changes of the reproductive system, learning and memory deficits, neurological disorders, and negative impacts on general well-being in humans. Damage goes well beyond the human race, as there is growing evidence of harmful effects to both plant and animal life.
These findings justify our appeal to the United Nations (UN) and, all member States in the world, to encourage the World Health Organization (WHO) to exert strong leadership in fostering the development of more protective EMF guidelines, encouraging precautionary measures, and educating the public about health risks, particularly risk to children and fetal development. By not taking action, the WHO is failing to fulfill its role as the preeminent international public health agency.

Inadequate non-ionizing EMF international guidelines
The various agencies setting safety standards have failed to impose sufficient guidelines to protect the general public, particularly children who are more vulnerable to the effects of EMF.
The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) established in 1998 the “Guidelines For Limiting Exposure To Time-Varying Electric, Magnetic, and Electromagnetic Fields (up to 300 GHz)”[1]. These guidelines are accepted by the WHO and numerous countries around the world. The WHO is calling for all nations to adopt the ICNIRP guidelines to encourage international harmonization of standards. In 2009, the ICNIRP released a statement saying that it was reaffirming its 1998 guidelines, as in their opinion, the scientific literature published since that time “has provided no evidence of any adverse effects below the basic restrictions and does not necessitate an immediate revision of its guidance on limiting exposure to high frequency electromagnetic fields[2]. ICNIRP continues to the present day to make these assertions, in spite of growing scientific evidence to the contrary. It is our opinion that, because the ICNIRP guidelines do not cover long-term exposure and low-intensity effects, they are insufficient to protect public health.
The WHO adopted the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classification of extremely low frequency electromagnetic field (ELF EMF) in 2002[3] and radiofrequency radiation (RFR) in 2011[4]. This classification states that EMF is a possible human carcinogen (Group 2B). Despite both IARC findings, the WHO continues to maintain that there is insufficient evidence to justify lowering these quantitative exposure limits.
Since there is controversy about a rationale for setting standards to avoid adverse health effects, we recommend that the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) convene and fund an independent multidisciplinary committee to explore the pros and cons of alternatives to current practices that could substantially lower human exposures to RF and ELF fields. The deliberations of this group should be conducted in a transparent and impartial way. Although it is essential that industry be involved and cooperate in this process, industry should not be allowed to bias its processes or conclusions. This group should provide their analysis to the UN and the WHO to guide precautionary action.

Collectively we also request that:
  1. children and pregnant women be protected;
  2. guidelines and regulatory standards be strengthened;
  3. manufacturers be encouraged to develop safer technology;
  4. utilities responsible for the generation, transmission, distribution, and monitoring of electricity maintain adequate power quality and ensure proper electrical wiring to minimize harmful ground current;
  5. the public be fully informed about the potential health risks from electromagnetic energy and taught harm reduction strategies;
  6. medical professionals be educated about the biological effects of electromagnetic energy and be provided training on treatment of patients with electromagnetic sensitivity;
  7. governments fund training and research on electromagnetic fields and health that is independent of industry and mandate industry cooperation with researchers;
  8. media disclose experts’ financial relationships with industry when citing their opinions regarding health and safety aspects of EMF-emitting technologies; and
  9. white-zones (radiation-free areas) be established." Go to:      

Biomagnetics and #EMR Archive:,,,,,,,,,,, &

Monday 7 December 2015

"Tell the #EU to Ban (monocultural land-based) BioFuels!": Rainforest Rescue; #COP21 #OceanBasedBioFuels #CERN #Fukushima

Quote; "One of the worst environmental disasters of our time is unfolding in Indonesia: palm oil companies are torching vast rainforest areas to expand their plantations. The EU’s biofuels policy is fanning the flames, with more than 1.6 million tons of palm oil ending up in European vehicles every year. Tell the EU to stop biodiesel NOW!

Rainforests are going up in flames because of the EU’s tragically misguided efforts to protect the climate with its biofuels policy. Producing the 1.6 million tons of palm oil consumed annually by European vehicles requires a plantation area of 5,500 square kilometers – that’s an area of former rainforest land nearly four times the size of London or seven times the size of New York City.

The EU mandates the addition of supposedly “green” plant-based diesel to conventional fossil diesel fuel. In July, the European Council decided to raise the biofuels share from currently just under five percent to seven percent.

To meet the demand, rainforests and peatlands are going up in smoke in Indonesia, the world’s largest exporter of palm oil. As of early October, this year's fires had destroyed 17,000 square kilometers of forest on Borneo and Sumatra. Companies are preparing the land for plantations using slash-and-burn practices – while illegal, it is cheaper than clearing the land mechanically, and plantation owners have little to fear in the way of legal repercussions. “Our forests are burning every year; it gets worse each time,” as Nordin, a member of our partner organization Save our Borneo, reports. At least 25 million people have spent the last three months living in a hell of fire and choking pollution.

The situation is particularly dramatic in the province of Central Kalimantan on Borneo, Nordin’s home. On a number of days recently, airborne particulate matter reached 90 times the World Health Organization’s safe threshold – people there are dying from the air pollution.

Please call on the EU to abandon its disastrous biofuels policy for the benefit of the climate, biodiversity, and the health and well-being of millions of Southeast Asians." Go to:

Also see; "Plastics, Bio-Fuels, Synergisms, Synthesis and Balance" Pt.1, go to: & 2, go to:
and; "Mycology and Bio-Remediation"..or; "Why Should #Fukushima Become a Japanese "Bearded-Lady"?" Go to:

Quote; "The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has determined that palm oil should not be included in the Renewable Fuel Standard because of the substantial environmental damage created by palm oil production.
According to a notice published in the Federal Register, palm oil-based biodiesel fails to meet a requirement that renewable fuels offer a 20 percent reduction in emissions relative to conventional gasoline.
The palm oil industry is vigorously attacking the EPA's conclusion, alleging it's based on inaccurate scientific assessments.
The industry has hired powerful lobbyists like the law firm Holland & Knight to try and overturn the EPA's finding that palm oil-based biofuels do not meet the greenhouse gas standards of the Federal Renewable Fuels mandate.
Indonesia is the world's largest palm oil producer. The widespread deforestation created by palm oil plantations has made Indonesia the world's third largest contributor of green house gases and has led to the mass killing of critically endangered species including orangutans, Sumatran rhinos, and Sumatran elephants.
More information
EPA staff were invited to Indonesia to see palm oil operations there but they were only shown the operations of the cleanest producer in Indonesia. It was a sham! It is extremely important that we support the EPA's initial assessment of palm oil as a non-renewable biofuel.
Please tell the EPA to stand by their decision that palm-based biofuels DO NOT meet the greenhouse gas standards of the Federal Renewable Fuels mandate!" Go to:
For petition.

Quote; "It must be said however that B.P are totally responsible for the actual accident (within the parameters of previously current* -and recently passed-, U.S industry practices, legislation and standards), however the responsibility for the ethos of expoitative and fast-buck practices is the industry's. I'm not an expert but wasn't/isn't (?) America the most influential oil producing/exploiting nation on the planet? The fact that following the accident B.P were attempting to cobble-together a deep-water salvage/repair unit out of a couple of rusty bath-tubs on Uncle Tom's Louisiana dockside is the whole industry's responsiblity. The British Government should make clear on B.P's behalf that whilst B.P accepts responsibility for the accident and it's aftermath it cannot accept sole responsibility for the climate of exploitation that has been engendered in the industry as a whole. There should be a limit to the financial burden placed on B.P and responsibilty for the rest of the environmental and social consequences of the disaster should be born by the industry (including the national governments of countries which profit from the presence of major private oil-companies on their soil ).

*You know like The Gulf Stream.

(Edit 04/01/11 ....we should offer to do as much as we possibly can to clean up what is undoubtedly our own mess and help to ensure that such a ridiculous disparity between the preparedness for disaster and the risks involved in the off-shore oil industry does not occur again.)


Economists note: If we did prepare properly for all possible eventualities within the oil industry (in terms of possible disaster scenarious involving all activities from oil-well to consumption), how much would it affect the profit margins?
Also, if the possible economic consequences of continuing to expoit this resource are so serious and the possibility of disaster so real, do we not conclude that we require far more investment in sustainable above ground (but not above water), fuel production methods?

Phyto-Plankton/Ocean Flora Harvest.

Without clean seas* we will not be able to produce the fuels we will need. This is why we need a paradigm shift away from the old exploitative model (also see, "What's That Coming Over The Hill?" Go to ).

*not just biologically clean but radiologically clean too. 
Go to " From; "Aunt Sally Whipping the Boy" Go to:

"Arafel" Comment: "CERN, Lockheed Martin and others would have you believe that FUSION reactors are a viable source of power....just think, all the "sustainable cr*p" would then be unnecessary! Huh?...and remember a "FUSION REACTOR" is the ONLY useful thing we could begin to speculate might be the cause of this "mental aberration"...(and the only means of "generating" any profit! -???-). Also see;, &

Sunday 6 December 2015

"Straight Talk for Once": #MediaLens #TheDevilsTune

Quote; "Can we talk clearly about this war, just for once?

Posted by Hidari on December 5, 2015, 8:47 pm

Reading through all the stuff written about ISIS, even the good stuff, even the stuff written by Frankie Boyle and said by Jeremy Corbyn...there is still a tendency to take the lies of the British Empire and the American Empire seriously, as though the British or the Americans genuinely care about Arabs, as if the French are genuinely interest in defeating ISIS. Can we please just get the following points absolutely clear?

1: Whatever one might think of the Iranian revolution (and I am by no means an uncritical admirer) it was a gigantic blow against American imperialism. Ever since 1979, the Americans have been desperate to overthrow the legal government of Iran and reinstate an American client regime.

2: As Shia led movements, Hezbollah and the current government of Syria are perceived by the Americans as being Iranian proxies. Whether this is true or not is irrelevant. That's how they are perceived.

3: While the invasion of Iraq was in many ways satisfactory for the Americans, it led to the creation of a Shia led government in Baghdad, which, although weak and compromised, has not always jumped as quickly and as high as the Americans would like. Destroying Iran would make Iraq much more compliant and ensure that even more of Iraq's sweet black oil will be controlled by American corporations.

4: Given the choice, the Americans will always prioritise the interests of Sunni led movements (which are perceived as being opposed to Shia Iran) even if they are radicals, even if they are terrorists.

5: As revealed by Sy Hersh, the Americans have long wanted to unlease Sunni militants against Assad, and overthrow the legal government of Syria.

6: In short, this is not about ISIS. As Assad has long pointed out, the Americans (and British) are simply not serious about genuinely attacking ISIS. ISIS are supported by Turkey and KSA (overtly) and Israel (covertly). The Americans can't seriously fight ISIS as this would involve fighting their own client states. The other imperial powers (the British Empire, the French Empire etc.) want their own slice of the pie, but they always operate within a framework set for them by the Americans.

7: Therefore, it's all about Assad. It always has been and it always will be. And in a deeper sense, therefore, it's all about Iran (and assuring Saudi Arabia's pre-eminence in the region). All else is smoke and mirrors. " Go to: To view full thread.

Monday 30 November 2015

Has Turkey Become the New Home for the Hassassin? #TahirElci

Quote; "A prominent pro-Kurdish lawyer and rights activist has been shot dead in Diyarbakir, south-eastern Turkey.
Tahir Elci was killed in a gun battle between police and unidentified gunmen. Two police officers also died.
He had been making a statement calling for an end to violence between the Turkish state and the Kurdish rebel group the PKK when he was shot dead.*
Police in Istanbul fired water cannon to disperse crowds demonstrating against Mr Elci's death.
A curfew has now been imposed in the neighbourhood where Mr Elci was shot.
Mr Elci, who was head of the Diyarbakir Bar Association, had previously been detained and received death threats after saying the separatist PKK should not be regarded as a terrorist organisation.
In July violence resumed in the conflict between the army and the PKK after a ceasefire collapsed. Dozens have been killed in violent clashes since." Go to:

*Bold italics mine.

Go to: 

Many are clearly very sure what happened...!
Go to: &

Quote: "Video footage, captured moments after Elçi, along with nearly two dozen lawyers, held a press meeting in which he called for an end to the ongoing battle between the terrorist Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and the Turkish security forces conflict, has generated a series of queries about the possible perpetrators.
In his statement before the press, Elçi was trying to attract attention to the damage suffered by the historic Four Legged Minaret, part of the adjacent Kasım Padişah Mosque, in recent clashes.
Elçi was also a lawyer at the trial that followed the Uludere massacre in which 35 Kurdish villagers were killed on the assumption that they were the members of the PKK. It was later revealed that the villagers were smugglers but not the terrorists. The issue still remains unsolved.
One of the videos which has appeared on TV stations shows a shootout between police officers and a group of three men surrounding a white car next to a small fruit stand. It is thought that the three men near the car were plain-clothes officers. When one of the plain-clothes police officers opens the car door, a man inside fires his gun, shooting one of the policeman, while the two others run away. The police officers respond with heavy gunfire as journalists stand behind them. Despite the close range and the many shots fired, none of the attackers were injured and instead made good their escape. Seconds later, Tahir Elçi can be seen lying face down. No journalists were even able to approach the place where Elçi lay due to the intensity of the gun battle.
Here are some questions raised by some officials from the pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) and lawyers in pursuit of the truth.
1-It is understood that the men inside the car had been traced to their location. Were they running away after they had committed an act of terrorism or heading for a place where they could stage an attack?
2-Why didn't the police officers take the required security measures when stopping the white car?
3-Why was the car not stopped by an armored police vehicle instead?
4-How many police officers were on duty when Elçi held the press conference?
5- Did the policemen consider the safety of others when they started shooting?
6- Why were Elçi and his companions not transferred to a safer place as soon as the shootout erupted?
7- Why didn't the police who shot at one of the suspected terrorists follow the man after the gun battle?
8- To whom did the gun, seen next to Elçi's feet after he was shot, belong?
9- Was the cartridge of the bullet that hit Elçi found?
10-Could one of the police officers who shot the men running away from the scene have mistakenly shot Elçi?
Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, in a statement after the killing on Saturday, did not deny the possibility that Elçi was assassinated, saying that Elçi could have been caught in the crossfire between the terrorists and the policemen." Go to: For full article.

Quote; "On Sunday, the EU and Turkey approved a joint plan to combat the flow of refugees to the bloc, under which the EU member states will allocate €3 billion euros to Turkey and boost negotiations on its membership in the EU, according to President of the European Council Donald Tusk.

“As Turkey is making an effort to take in refugees – who will not come to Europe – it’s reasonable that Turkey receive help from Europe to accommodate those refugees,” Hollande told reporters." Go to:

Also see;  "Murky Business; "U.K and U.S Turn Blind Eye to Islamic State Oil Sales" Nafeez Ahmed: Middle East Eye" Go to: "9/11, 3/11, 7/7, 11/13" Go to:
"Nature Abhors a Vacuum (re: the E.U refugee crisis)" Go to: "The European Arrest Warrant Should be Applied to this Bunch!" Go to: & "The Omerta's Deceivers" Go to:

Tuesday 24 November 2015

Is Travel In and Out of #Yemen's Conflict Zones Being Made Unnecessarily Difficult? #MSF

The struggle for clean water supplies in Sanaa, Yemen.

Quote; "Hospitals closed

For ordinary people it means that it is hard to move around the city and it’s an ongoing struggle to access clean water and food.
Many people living in frontline areas are unable to travel to clinics or hospitals for medical care both because of the fighting and the lack of fuel.
Even those who are able to make it to health facilities, find that they are not functioning. At least 12 hospitals in Taiz had to close their doors and stop receiving patients, for these reasons.
War is an abnormal situation – no one should have to get used to the sound of bullets and airstrikes. But after a couple of months in the country, we and the civilians are unfortunately getting used to it.
People try to avoid frontline areas, but the problem is that fighting can start up unexpectedly, and shelling is extremely unpredictable.
It is sometimes frustrating to be here because the needs are so high and the amount of assistance provided is so low in comparison to what is needed.
But despite that, we are doing the best we can to provide humanitarian and medical aid to people suffering from the ongoing conflict.”...."


MSF in Yemen

Despite the numerous logistical and security challenges, MSF teams continue to deliver medical assistance to people in Yemen. MSF medical staff have treated more than 1,700 war-wounded patients in Yemen since 19 March.
MSF is currently working in Sana’a, Aden, Ad-Dhale, Amran, Taiz and Hajjah governorates."
Go to:
For full article.


Quote; "This week has been the same never ending reports of death and destruction in Yemen. And the UN is saying today that the peace talks – due to start next week – are now delayed until December. I guess Hadi and his powerful neighbours want to make more progress in the ground war before entering the talks, but as usual – the ground war is at stalemate. Everyone says this war can only be ended by negotiations, so why oh why do they have to kill more Yemenis before they talk, for God’s sake?

Taiz is a ferocious battleground, with both sides hoping to use any progress there as a bargaining chip in peace negotiations. I read in one paper that the Houthi-Saleh alliance are using mercenaries from Ethiopia – I don’t know if it is true – and the Saudi-led alliance is definitely bringing in mercenaries and allies from all over the Middle East, Africa, and South America. If you read newspaper articles in papers from members of the Saudi led coalition, they are winning.  On the other hand, if you read Iranian or Houthi papers and news agencies, then you would also read that they too are winning.  When I hear from ordinary Taiz people with no political affiliations, they only state that they are being killed and starved.
Hadi – who ran away from his country and responsibilities at the beginning of the war has moved back to Aden at last – he says permanently.  I guess he’s left his family safe and comfortable in Riyadh. I hope this development means that more effort will be put into security matters in Aden.  Al Qaeda is driving around openly and the Houthi-Saleh alliance are said to be approaching the city – again.  Adenis have been asked to leave their weapons at home – but with gun-toting militias around and no effective police or army, that’s a big ask.  Hadi’s return may indeed draw the fight to Aden, as he is himself a divisive figure with limited popularity and many enemies.
The Saudi bombing raids are as fearsome as ever, killing and destroying all in their wake, especially in the northwest of Yemen.  They obviously have used up lots of their bombs (they dropped 40,000 in the first seven months of war); they have now ordered another 25,140 air to ground missiles from US, including 1,500 penetrator warheads (usually nuclear tipped) and 2,000 of the huge Mother Of All Bombs*, each over 1000 pounds. Total cost said to be 1.3 billion US dollars. Human Rights Watch have called on the US not to send weapons to Saudi Arabia, but I guess no-one is listening.  An Italian news outlet said the weapons are on their way already. There is the usual round of dire warnings about the Yemeni humanitarian situation – this week ICRC has put out an appeal about the crisis – as has UNICEF.  The two recent cyclones have added to the disastrous situation in Yemen. But it’s one thing making a plea and wringing your hands.  Yemenis actually need action now – they are already dying.
Hadramaut had so far has been spared from the war, but the news today is that the war has been taken to them, with suicide bombs and attacks in the UNESCO World Heritage city of Shibam and nearby Al Qatn. A home video of the attack shows it is no mini matter – some of the explosions were horrendous.  As ISIS has claimed responsibility, in the week after the Paris attacks, at least this is getting some media coverage.
The UK media this week has really focused on Paris and the events there, and I guess for people like me who are trying to get empathetic coverage of a much bigger disaster elsewhere this is frustrating.  For example, on BBC Radio 4 a man said that after two lots of bombs in 10 months, he is wondering whether Paris is a good place to bring up his children.  HELLO!!!!  People in Yemen have had massive destructive bombs every single day for over 237 days in some cities like Saada; their homes, schools, hospitals destroyed and perhaps they too think that this is not a good place to bring up children.   Some cities such as Taiz have had ground war every day for over four months, their city looking as damaged as cities in Syria after 5 years.  Don’t Yemenis and Arabs want to protect their children too?  Surely this is the reason why there are so many refugees in Europe today.
Last but not least, there is an important inquiry in UK into the government’s response to the crisis in Yemen.  Written submissions are being invited.  I shall send a submission on behalf of Yemen News Today, but other charities and organisations linked to Yemen should also send their own observations.  It may not change anything, but those of us who love Yemen must do our best to assist Yemen and Yemenis in every way we can." Go to:
For full article.

*Bold italics mine.

Quote; "unexploded cluster bombs are an increasingly common sight in Yemen’s farms and small villages, a visible reminder of Saudi Arabia’s continuing air war there – and of Washington’s large but little-known role in arming and fueling Riyadh’s warplanes.
When the Saudi-led coalition of Sunni Arab nations began their bombing campaign against the Iranian-backed Houthi rebel movement in March, the allies promised a quick, sharp air war to push the rebels out of the capital city of Sanaa. But eight months later, the fighting has only intensified. First, ground troops from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates stormed into the country in U.S.-made armored vehicles as part of a push to blunt perceived Iranian influence in the region and return ousted President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi  to power. Those troops were later joined by hundreds of soldiers from Egypt, Qatar and Sudan.

While the fighting on the ground has been intense, it is the air war that has caused the most destruction, with warplanes circling Sanaa and the small villages throughout the country looking for military targets, but too often hitting civilians instead. The United Nations estimates that the war has resulted in the deaths of over 2,500 civilians, including hundreds of women and children.
A top Royal Saudi Air Force general recently insisted that his country is “sticking to the rules, the international rules and Geneva Convention, first, and law of conflict.” Despite the rising civilian death toll, “we don’t target civilians,” he said.

Riyadh has come under fierce criticism from outside human rights groups, who have charged the country’s air force of bombing civilian targets without investigating afterward, or admitting responsibility. “The obligation of any warring party is to conduct a serious investigation” into charges of civilian deaths said Joe Stork, Middle East and North Africa deputy director for Human Rights Watch. “The Saudis have simply not done that.”
But some of that blame should land at Washington’s feet: the daily bombing campaign would not be possible without the constant presence of U.S. Air Force tanker planes refueling coalition jets, and the billions worth of precision-guided munitions sold to Riyadh and its allies by American defense contractors.
American planes began taking off in support of the campaign on April 5, less than two weeks after the bombs started falling in Yemen in late March. As of Nov. 13, U.S. tankers have flown 471 refueling sorties to top off the tanks of coalition warplanes 2,443 times, according to numbers provided by the Defense Department. The American flights have totaled approximately 3,926 flying hours while delivering over 17 million lbs. of fuel.
The mostly American-made fighter planes guided by Arab pilots are also primarily dropping American-made munitions, bolstered recently by the $1.29 billion in weaponry Washington agreed to sell Saudi Arabia. The sale includes 22,000 bombs, featuring 1,000 laser guided bombs, and over 5,000 “kits” that can transform older bombs into GPS-guided bombs.
Despite the civilian toll from the airstrikes, top U.S. military officials haven’t shied away from talking about their involvement in planning the war. American military personnel are currently working out of a Saudi Arabian planning center helping the Saudis plan the daily airstrikes and providing intelligence help to coordinate flights, Lt. Gen. Charles Q. Brown Jr., the commander of the U.S. Air Force’s Central Command, told an audience earlier this month at the Dubai Air Show.
The Obama administration, meanwhile, has stood solidly behind its Gulf allies. Earlier this month, State Department spokesman Mark Toner said “the reason the Saudis are there conducting these airstrikes is because of the ongoing violence stoked by Houthi rebels.” He acknowledged that the strikes have resulted in civilian casualties but stopped short of holding any single party responsible, saying that U.S. policy makers “always call for restraint in conducting these kinds of airstrikes” when they are near civilian areas.
The air campaign, and the civilian fallout, has been a black eye for Washington, however. Just weeks after an American AC-130 gunship struck a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, killing 14 of the aid group’s staffers, a suspected Saudi jet struck another Doctors Without Borders hospital in Yemen. And while the group says no one was killed in the Oct. 26 incident, the destruction of the hospital will likely leave up to 200,000 Yemenis without health care. While Riyadh denied responsibility for the air strike, U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon reacted quickly, saying he “condemned the airstrikes by the Saudi-led coalition.”" Go to:

Quote; "Modern 5th gen weapons are often of much lower yield than the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs with yields of less than 1 kiloton (1000 tonnes of TNT equivalent). They also have different manners of explosion – instead of one big bang they can have much longer burn times producing visual effects that look quite different.
This is why it is important to learn a little about these new weapons types and how their explosions would appear visually as it will better enable the identification of nuclear events in future; allowing people to discern between the explosion of a warehouse full of rocket fuel and a nuclear explosion.
Make no mistake, we have entered into a dangerous new age where the use of these advanced low yield nuclear weapons will become increasingly commonplace; therefore we all need to become better informed about these weapons so it becomes harder to use them covertly to commit acts of terrorism.

The uranium hydride bomb is a variant design of the atomic bomb first proposed as far back as 1939. It uses deuterium, an isotope of hydrogen, to act as a neutron moderator in a U235 based implosion weapon. The neutron chain reaction is a slow nuclear fission process vs a fast fission process. Due to the use of slower moving neutrons the bombs total explosive power is adversely affected by the thermal cooling of neutrons since it delays the neutron multiplication factor or Alpha production rate. Two uranium hydride bombs are known to have been tested back in the 1950’s,the Ruth and Ray test explosions in Operation Upshot-Knothole, 1956. The tests produced a yield comparable to about 200 ton of TNT or more each. However both tests were considered to be fizzle yields at the time. Since the trend was for weapons with a bigger bang, the technology was shelved for over 20 years"...

"In a slow burn nuclear weapon over 75% or more of the energy is now released as thermal and neutron radiation instead of a shock wave blast. It starts out as a very small fireball that quickly grows in size until full detonation level is achieved at about the 200 to 300 ton level. Then you get the classical explosion (the flash) and blast wave from the rapidly expanding fire ball. After the massive explosion, the fireball  continues to burn and consume its unburnt nuclear fuel that is now in a fully plasmatized state. The nuclear fuel in a plasma form will continue to burn at a slower and slower rate until the alpha or neutron production goes to zero."...

"in a modern boosted weapon the pure fission yield is only about 300 tons with boosting kicking in around 200 tons, and the total number of integrated doubling intervals between criticality and full criticality is less than the number of intervals required to take one neutron generation (a shake) up to the population level required to produce a full 200 ton boosted yield. This means that not only is pre-detonation not a problem in a modern boosted weapon design, but you can design the bomb in such a way that you actually have to inject a large number of neutrons into it to get it to explode at full yield. This is called a subcritical device and it is the basis of all mini or micro nukes operation." Go to:
For full article.

#YemenNuclearStrike archive:

Also see; "Saddam, The Bomb and the Almagordo Thefts (an alternative view of "Desert Storm")" Pt.1 Go to: