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"Purgatorial Nightmares" #Guardian #Snowden #commentisfree

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It's the blatant manufacturing of consent I find so they even know what the word "suck" means in this context? Yoww, safe and secure (so many aphorisms spring to mind it's difficult to know which to choose), .....saw "Damnation Alley" (Roger Zelazny book, strikes me the Guaniad is playing the same game (there is a theory -of-course-, that humanity did in-fact drop the bomb and that we all now have our existences in the purgatorial nightmares of our own devising -which explains stuff like, "Don't Tell the Imbecile!" and Jeremy Kyle-), they thunder on into the apocalyptic dawn...bear in mind though that they do what they do because they so fear the Wasteland........ (author's own posts edited at Ed's discretion),
Quote; "Smells to me of USneo-con drivel. DID some of their money just rescue the Graun group recently? New

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piper-payer now insisting on different tunes?

I don't study the Graun in everyday-faithful detail (god forbid!). But even with the reflected sampling of it that I do get, I sense that it's taken a sharp lurch downwards towards full neo-connery just recently; since about the advent of Kath Viner, in fact, replacing Rusbridger. Was this a package deal: 'You get this editor, and this mandatory list of featured columnists, along with the rescue-money - or no deal'?

Re: Don't feel your efforts are wasted Eds, but see this G editorial..

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I think a lot of it can be understood and linked to the pivotal event when the Security Services turned up at the Guardian's London headquarters and demanded that they destroy the Snowden hard-drives in the cellar under the watchful eyes of the security police. It was a public humiliation, a ritualized castration of the Guardian and it sent a shiver down their collective spines. Since then the Guardian has not strained against the lease and has been docile and compliant in its cozy guardhouse, not biting the hand that feeds it, but licking it and loving it.

What I would have given to have been in Rusbridger's shoes when the security police turned up at the Guardian's doors. A dream come true, what an historic opportunity for a journalist, Christmas arriving early; the chance which probably only comes once in career - if at all - to tell them to #### Off! What a piece of history one could make and really establish the Guardian brand around the world. I'd have looked forward to the court case with relish, what a lot of liberal principles one could have defended. It as a defining moment and opportunity and the Guardian let it slip by.

Further to this puzzling question: 'WTF has happened to the Graun?' Here's the original comment at

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OffGraun, by Reinertorheit:

Post in question:

Scroll down to the update, then scroll down the comments. Reiner's second comment on that thread - the first being about what really happened to MH17 - reads as follow:



August 9, 2015

I understand the anger and frustration many people have voiced here – and I think that it would be worth posting an explanation of what has actually happened at The Guardian.

In 2013, The Guardian filed some of the worst financial accounts in the newspaper’s history. The publishers were clearly in deep financial trouble, and were forced to sell-off some of their assets, simply to avoid immediately bankruptcy. The financial outlook appeared very grim.

But ‘hope’ was around the corner… although it was a vile kind of ‘hope’ indeed.

The Guardian was (quietly) relaunched, positioning itself primarily in the USA and Australia – whilst aiming to retain as much as possible from its former days as a left-wing newspaper in Britain. New and mysterious ‘backers’ appeared, who were now controlling the political content of the newspaper. Alan Rusbridger was quickly removed and thrown on the rubbish-heap – the usual nonsense about wanting to develop his career (in retirement?).

It was a very simple idea – “buy up the opposition to neoconservative American ideas – and neutralise it with a daily diet of pro-Pentagon, pro-Washington, shabby indoctrination”. Unwanted old left-wingers were quietly pushed aside. Ambitious Americans like Hadley Freeman were shoved forwards. New right-wing writers were hired, such as “Rafael Behr” (who he?). The screaming voices of the lunatic right, such as TImothy Garbage-Trash, suddenly become Leader Writers..

Let’s just explain what “neoconservative” actually means. It means following right-wing policies and ideas under the apparently acceptable cloak of being socialists, in order to secure public support for these extreme right-wing policies. Tony Blair is the perfect example… a man who found himself in perfect accord with George Bush – a god-bothering war-mongering racist fascist psychopath with the brain of a mollusc.

But it gets worse. The Guardian is now not really written by Guardian journalists any longer. Instead, coverage of all “sensitive” topics has been franchised out to American rightwing organisations. Now we get articles and editorial which have been “sponsored by the John D Rockefeller Foundation” (an extremist rightwing organisation), whose authorship and views chime perfectly with American hard-line exceptionalist Christian white right. Sometimes the sourcing is hidden more carefully… for example, the “Calvert Journal” – an American-funded pile of rightwing trash based in Calvert Street in London…. trailed as an “expert source” on Russia, but actually ghost-written in Washington. A few down-at-heel Russian emigres were hired as the ostensible “authors” of this crap. So now the Guardian’s Russia coverage is written by spooks in Washington under the guise of being written by “Russian opposition voices cowering from Putin in London”. I’ve met these filth – they are pathetic users who are happy to take Washington’s dollars to fund their empty-headed glamorous lifestyles in London. This comes under the heading of “New East”, headed by a new rightwing extremist at the Guardian called Maeve Sheerlaw… a cheap hack who has never been to Moscow in her life, yet was made an Overnight Expert to parrot the opinions of filth like Andrew McFaul, failed American Ambassador to Moscow.

Then there are all the articles ‘syndicated’ from the Moscow Times – another fake newspaper funded by American rightwingers in Washington, via a chain of anonymous holding companies in the Netherlands and Scandinavia. Don’t be fooled by that “Moscow Times” title – it was one they picked on purpose, to make it sound like a serious newspaper. In fact it’s staffed by a team of cheap American journalism students, and there are no Russians working there at all. A few Russian names appear as columnists… but – surprise! – they are all Russian runaways, living in Miami or Brighton Beach, and delighted to have Washington’s cash in exchange for some bitter hatred penned during a drunken lunch-hour.

In summary, then – The Guardian which readers remember from the 1980s and 1990s no longer exists at all. Its exterior appearance and readership has been bought for cash by American fascist organisations… but covertly, so that readers “believe” they are still reading The Guardian. Surprised? You shouldn’t be, because it’s how Tony Blair came to power in Britain – the most Tory leader Britain has ever had. And where are his ‘socialist’ allies? Peter Mandelson, a penniless journalist, is now Lord Mandelson, with a two-million pound house and a seat in the House of Lords. Socialism, my arse.

The Guardian is now more right-wing than the Daily Telegraph. It features articles from Timmy Garbage-Trash saying how Britain should go to war against Russia, to save those jolly, plucky, Right Sector genocidal fascists in Ukraine.

None of this has ever been mentioned in the Guardian itself, of course. You are all still clinging to this rabid pro-American sheet of garbage until the moment they actually write it on the front page. That day will never come. Yet you still think the Guardian is a ‘socialist’ newspaper.


Obviously, just this comment, unsubstantiated from other sources several ways, isn't evidence enough. And Reiner indulges in the same kind of fairly extravagant language as I tend to use. But still, it's a hypothesis. Clearly, something pretty disastrous has happened to what's left of the English Graun, since Rusbridger left; or 'left', spelt d-e-f-e-n-e-s-t-r-a-t-e-d.

What other hypothesis would account for it?" MediaLens message board member's posts reproduced in full without edit (except spell-check), go to: to view full thread...

and, for Guranaid article.....

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