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Dark Matters (also re: channel tunnel)

or..."Particle Beam Physics/Weapons an Intelligence Black Hole?"

Quote: "Concerned by notions of displacement theory (study the geology of landslides) and the possible collapse of part of The Canary Islands, I applied the notion of displacement to the theory of particle beam accelerators. Now this may be a giant leap for mankind but if you have an understanding of temporal physics alarm bells could be ringing already. In an effort to justify my suspicions I performed some cursory searches. I did find one guy Steven J Smith (who I'm sure his probable ex-colleagues consider to be "whacko") who seems at least to have become disturbed enough by the goings on at places like Montauk Point (go to and Ed's Note: These are the only two web pages currently unnavigable from my threads -Edit 14/12/10-) and the Nuclear (anything) vs Seismology debate to be raising some alarm.
Some of you here may have far greater knowledge of the military applications of particle beam weapons (and yes when I searched via Google -ha- for "The Real X-Files" this is exactly what I found) and their intelligence profile. I ask however is it possible that so-called "civil" research using particle beam accelerators may be far more dangerous? Need to collate and circulate so please post anything you feel may be pertinent because it may just be a feeling but is there a black hole in our intelligence?

Steven J states here;
" Quote 3:
RHIC ions are so small that, even at nearly the speed of light, the force of their impact is about the same as the impact of two mosquitos colliding.

From the BNL website, we discover that gold (Au) atoms are used for the particle beam. .....3.2.2
Particle beam energy calculations:
The energy contained in any moving object, be it a car, snow ball, or particle beam composed of gold atoms is calculated as follows:

[Eq. 1]

E = Energy in Joules.
M = Mass in kilograms.
V = Velocity in meters per second.

The mass of a gold atom is 3.2697-21 grams, and the mass of 2 billion gold atoms is 6.5394-12 grams or 6.5394-15 kilograms. Thanks to Einstein's relativity, the effective mass of any object traveling near the speed of light increases by:

[Eq. 2]

At 99.995% of light speed, the effective mass is slightly more than 100 times the rest mass, therefore our 2 billion gold atoms have an effective mass of 6.5394-13 kilograms. Next, the speed of light is 299,792,458 meters per second in a vacuum, and 99.995% of light speed is 299,777,468 meters per second. Therefore:

E = 6.5394-13 * 299,777,4862 * 0.5 = 29383.7 Joules

And since the RHIC stores 57 "bunches" or packets of particles, the total energy is: 57 * 29383.7 = 1,674,871 Joules. This is nearly 3 times the energy of a 3500 pound automobile crashing into a wall at 60 miles per hour! And all of this energy concentrated into 57 packages, each smaller than the period at the end of this sentence, AND traveling at nearly the speed of light.

It seems quote number 3 (above) tells the truth, but NOT the whole truth..."

Any incremental advances in power will surely "massively" change the factors in Einstein's equation. Now also given that we know the European Particle Beam Accelerator has been out of action, because (so I believe) the binding for the ring has been breaking, is this indicative of the massive (otherwise "incremental") changes taking place within the accelerator? (Harwell Science and Innovation Campus)

"Plasma Beam Accelerator Development.
The emergence of ASTRA-GEMINI, the development of higher intensity sources via OPCPA, and the opportunity for co-location of major CLF facilities with DIAMOND open up the potential for truly significant advances in plasma-based particle accelerator research into the multi-GeV regime, as well as the ability to explore novel experiments coupling laser and conventional accelerator sources. Such work is important both for the development of next-generation light sources (for the physics, chemistry and bioscience communities), and to contribute to options for the High Energy Physics community. STFC is in an ideal position to provide leadership and balance in this area, combining work in the CLF and ASTeC as part of a strong UK effort."

Note: All research specified by acronym only.

What I have now found is this (may I draw the reader's special attention to the stuff on Schauberger and Tesla) follows: 

"Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958) made an extraordinary contribution to knowledge of the natural world.

He intuited what we now recognise as the quantum or subtle energy effects of water. His understanding was built up from shamanic and experiential observation of Nature in the untamed Alpine wilderness. His motto: "Observe and Copy Nature".

He was critical of textbook theory and the arrogance and lack of imagination of 'experts' and refused to go to college, believing that he would lose his intuitive gifts.

Schauberger was also gifted with engineering skills which are apparent in his environment-friendly technology and implosive energy devices designed to release people from enslavement to destructive sources of energy.

He is celebrated for his discoveries in the water sciences, in agricultural techniques and in the energy domain – which energies enhance and which harm life.

Schauberger provides us with a comprehensive and holistic approach to understanding Nature. His insights form the foundations of what might be called a 'science of Nature'.

He found two forms of motion in Nature: outward, expanding flow that is used to break down, and inward-spiralling which Nature uses to build up and energise. We use the first to generate energy, which is why it is destructive to the environment.

Minute changes in temperature affect the outcome of an energetic process. The balance between the attraction and repulsion of polarised atoms is the engine of creation.

Viktor Schauberger vividly described how our disdain for Nature's ways will bring only environmental catastrophe.

His vision - humanity working within Nature's laws - is the path we must rediscover, if we are to survive."

Shades of Nobel? (go to: )



Information has come into the public's attention which suggests that Lockheed has been working in the "black" on a discoid-shaped aircraft. Not only does this aircraft utilise anti-gravitic propulsion, but the discs are believed to be equipped with highly advanced particle beam weaponry.

Lockheed does hold the patents on disc-shaped passenger aicraft, so it is not unreasonable to assume they have also (successfully) investigated the possibility of creating such craft as military platforms.

Colonel Steve Wilson, USAF (deceased) stated that black military astronauts trained at a secret aerospace academy and later would operate out of Beale and Vandenberg Air Force Bases in California.

From those bases, these military astronauts regularly fly trans-atmospherically and out into space. One of the aerospace craft they use, Colonel Wilson reported, is the X-22A, Lockheed's two-man anti-gravity disc craft.

Evidence for the existence of the X-22A first came to light during Operation Desert Storm when American soldiers (and most likely Iraqi soldiers as well) made sightings of disc-shaped craft in the desert hovering near to U.S. officers. People also made claims of seeing these craft fire intense beams of light that removed any trace of what previously sat at the location, apart from a circular charcoal-like burn mark on the ground.

A Desert Storm soldier stated the following: "In the first days film footage and especially Video-cams which a large number of G.I.s had were impounded so they wouldn`t capture any sensitive material."

Dr. Richard Boylan states the following about the X-22A:

"The described disc was clearly an antigravity levitating aerial weapons platform in the U.S. arsenal, possibly a Lockheed X-22A two-man discoid craft, the real DarkStar, (of which the unmanned drone X-22 DarkStar is a front "cover" aircraft program to disguise this manned antigravity fighter disc.) Further, it appears that the real DarkStar manned discs come equipped with the latest Neutral Particle Beam weapons, which take apart the target at the molecular level. ET craft do not incinerate humans. Only human military fighters are so deployed. So this report does not deal with any extraterrestrial event.

It has been said that if the American people knew what the military had in their arsenal today, they wouldn't believe it, and would think someone was fantasizing about a Lucas Star Wars movie episode."

Dr. Richard Boylan:

reply posted on 24-7-2004 @ 01:52 PM by Echtelion

The craziest thing is that Nikola Tesla had experimented on a technology that can stimulate or alter EM fields in order to lift objects that are equipped with a an energy magnifying coil, thus cheating gravity by electromagnetic power. I don't know if the experiment worked, but as with most of Tesla's experiments, the theory was there, but the proper technology and financial support was'nt

That would quite give credit to the claims that the Nazis have experimented on aircrafts that broke the laws of gravity (foo fighters)... Just as they recycled De Gaulle's military tactics from England's and France`s dumpsters, they might very well have recycled Tesla's theories that were left aside by the American scientific community... So when the Nazis got beaten and german scientists where saved from the Nuremberg trials by the US Army, the whole research project was moved to the US, behind closed doors, in some military bases in southwestern USA, where further research was greelighted and given full financial and military support by black governmental projects.

Think about it... Why is it the government would lie, hide or stay silent about the UFO phenomenon? Is it really for that clich� reason to not create "mass hysteria", or would it be for an even more obvious reason... that they just don't want the public to know about the SECRET technology that they're experimenting???

And all that stuff about aliens would turn out to be the produce of a massive propaganda campaing, to keep the public's attention away from a truth that is just a few yards away from the alien theory... that the government has this futuristic technology, and had it for decades!

Yet another one of these techonologies ripped off from that poor genius Tesla... "


and these....

Report on advanced particle beam weapons technology for British Government.full.rar [HIGHSPEED DOWNLOAD]
[COMPLETE] dulce report 4
Report on advanced particle beam weapons technology for British Government [HIGHSPEED]
dulce report 4 [TRUSTED DOWNLOAD]
[DIRECT DOWNLOAD] Report on advanced particle beam weapons technology for British Government

...recommended YouTube on Tesla (including interesting segment on particle beam weapons) ...

Check out Admiral Richard E Byrd and "Operation Highjump"......

..oh..and this one... (for the sake of the memory of Adolph Galland and his friends)....

Perhaps we should consider the gravity of the situation?

"Teslic" notions of higher frequency photonic vibration may free us from (what I consider may be) our "Thanotic" view of gravity, if time is truly a continuum our autocratic conception of Chronos must be altered.....

BBC Radio4 Wedneday 3rd March 2010

"More than a year after Big Bang Day, Geoff Watts visits CERN in Geneva to discover what the last year has held for the Large Hadron Collider and the biggest scientific experiment ever undertaken.

After the fanfare of the first switch-on of the so-called Big Bang Machine back in September 2008, and the subsequent breakdown, what has been happening in the intervening months? Are scientists now finally ready to start probing some of the great unanswered questions about the universe, and is the largest machine ever built finally ready to take on the challenge?"


The Hadron Collider now "rampted up" to 1720 power converters oe high-current.

Quote..."If it's not the Higg's it might be something else, we shall see."
(This from more than one member of the senior staff at CERN)....and...
"There must be something coming out there!!"
"It may be something different"
"We would like to find something we haven't thought of."

On the "Horizon" last night (see documentaries) what could we observe? "Dark Flow", this apparent abundance of "Thanotic Energy" is mirroring current research. It is completely irrisponsible to continue the CERN HADRON research (at this time or any-other) we've learned to use magnets, what's next guys the wheel ???!!!

If I were to say "they don't know what they are doing", one could hardly call it slander or libel (see above)!

Quote... "astrotometry Re: Urgent HADRON Re: Urgent HADRON
May I posit that we are witnessing the evidence of the precursic mechanism of what one might term a "Teslic Cascade" (I believe that if we touch the "halo" or "event horizon" of this gravitational phemomena we may well be unable to control the resulting acceleration*)?" From my YouTube account to "astrotometry".

* If "Inflation" is valid why isn't "Deflation"?

In support of the above I direct the reader's attention to the Newtonian notion of "equal and opposite reaction" (this "closes the circle" on the Newtonian debate and locates Gravity in it's proper place).
With reference to universal microwave background radiation theory it is clearly asinine to refer to variations in background radiation as only "tiny"* when the parameters of the "playing field" are infinite.
If I understand Dr.Kashlinksky the fact that (according to our notions of time where radiation is the chronometer), there is any variation at all must be suggestive of the true profoundity of his observations. The existence of Prof.Hawking's "singularities" would seem to be confirmed by Dr.Kashlinksy's findings for they suggest that the continuum (or "Astrotome"), is variable at these "network-hubs" (in other words time is not necessarily a constant).

*For are they not both "great and small"?

to "astrotometry

astrotometry Re: HAARP.
Yes but is not this obvious correlation evidential of the higher frequency "Teslic" astrotometric photonic vibrations manifesting?"

go to....

"Dark Flo'"..
(don't tell Doogal !!!!!!!!)
If I were to say "momentum" would you leap aboard the juggernaut?

The author does note that the CERN HADRON particle beam accelerator was switched back on yesterday Wednesday 31st March 2010. I would like to ask the CERN team why the media and public were told that the team were searching for "the fundamental particle" (the so-called "Higgs-Boson") and now they say that they don't know what they are looking for? What are they hiding (surely there must be something important that they are not telling us)?

How though do we create order from this Khaos*?
We will require different and more sensitive instruments. May I suggest that the application of water-molecule clustering theory** and the electron-microscopy of Dr. Masaru Emoto (when integrated synergistically into current theory and practice) may help reveal much more about the nature of The Universe than we are currently capable of observing?

*"cha·os (ks)
1. A condition or place of great disorder or confusion.
2. A disorderly mass; a jumble: The desk was a chaos of papers and unopened letters.
3. often Chaos The disordered state of unformed matter and infinite space supposed in some cosmogonic views to have existed before the ordered universe.
4. Mathematics A dynamical system that has a sensitive dependence on its initial conditions.
5. Obsolete An abyss; a chasm.

[Middle English, formless primordial space, from Latin, from Greek khaos.]" From "definition of Chaos from the Free Online Dictionary".

**/"Vibrational Resonance Theory" generally.

Yesterday I suggested to some fellow researchers that Bose-Einsteinian Theory (such as "Condensation") may help us better understand the "halonic phenomena" to which I refer.
One can only ask oneself "what was I thinking?"*

go to...

*I am! Quote:

"To calculate the transition temperature at any density, integrate over all momentum states* the expression for maximum number of excited particles...." from the Wikipedia definition, url given above.

*Under-score mine.

Whilst perhaps forgiving the nature of my calculus one can at least follow my reasoning, reasoning which seems to be leading us to the conclusion that "Erotic Energy Theory" is correct and that these matters are imminent.......

With regard to the issue of disclosure, which is an intimate partner in this debate, I find it instructive that recent U.S government files and archives have revealled a substantial programme of psychological/mind control experiments on ususpecting patients abducted from mental health institutions in the U.S during the 60s and 70s. If we dovetail this information into "Roswell Conspiracy Theory" (re: Chris Carter, Frank Spotnitz*; which states that there has been an international conspiracy (instigated by the U.S) to occlude "Coanda Effect" and other technolgies via a prcocess of "alien obfuscation", the suspicion begins to form that the whole "abductee" conspiracy is another example of the American Government utlising "The Roswell Effect" to occlude it's own (completely indefensible) research on it's own population.
Choking back our bile and disgust we might ask, "what were these experiments designed to achieve?!"

*(Edit 02/06/10 Futhermore, as one examines "The Real X-Files" one realises that we are in the same position as our wiley opponent in that we "cannot see the wood for the trees".)

It seems that Nikola Tesla may have given us that most precious of gifts "new eyes with which to see". His notion of "higher photonic vibration" (when applied) confirms the evidence of our senses and allows us to view things as they truly are (in certain dimensions).

Par Example Oblique

Consider Prof. Fred Hoyle's "Steady State".
"What nonsense" they now all cry (the "Know Everythings") but do they really understand dimensional physics?
You see if we examine the measurable parameters of the observable universe with all our current conventional instruments we conclude that the universe "expanded into existence" from a universal centre (re: Steven Hawking), however we are left with the question "expanded from what into what?" (locate "Expansion Theory" here)
If we examine Hoyle we find that he posits the notion of a "Steady State" Universe with no centre. What therefore accounts for Hubble's observations of acceleration in Hoyle's model? Answer; the universe may expand and contract but it must do so universally such that all matter (and light ?) is in a constant state of "Eros" or "Thanatos"*.
What is important here is the position of the conscious observer. There is an intimate relationship between how we observe and what we observe, however we should never mistake one for the other, if we do not instead of mere reproduction we find an opposite, a point of attraction, a mirror.

*These notions do not appear to be contradictory to those of the standard model, however gravity seems an arbitrary "player" in the game (we cannot locate it) and Hoyle's notions of "the eternal constant" are truly problematic, that said I'd hate to watch Fred Hoyle's baby "go down the plug-hole"!

I find the initial notion of dimensional relativity to be peculiarly interesting and am also instructed by the apparent marked reluctance of many who proselytise for the standard model to persue alternative lines of reasoning with regard to such cosmology.

Pulsars.....can be informative....

..."This information will cease to be recordable coincident with it's assimilation"?

Also...."That which inflates must deflate!"........eventually

A student rushes in to Fred Hoyle's office one day and says, "Fred! Fred! Have you heard of the "Big Bang Theory"?".
Fred Hoyle looks slowly up from his book, regards the student carefully and after a while smiles says "No" and goes back to his reading.*

Acceleration and decceleration, which way round are they in our revised model?

Must I say "Mobius Strip"?

(More from "The-Men in-Black" )

(NB. I intend to update my links to "Astrotometry" regularly on this thread as I believe that this information belongs to everyone and I encourage others to make their friends, family, collegues -and enemies?- aware of his work.... )

*I do trust by now that the serious researcher has "got the point"; no sound*=no expression and no expression=no dimension, seems obvious does it not?**

*Also the term "sound" here is to be understood to mean harmonic vibration of any kind (as discordance is Khaos and tends to destruction it is essentially "Thanotic" and does not partake of this discussion).
**See Edit 29/06/10 below.

"The Big Bang" may-be the greatest misnomer (and mistake?) in human history.

Viewers of "Atom" the other night will have seen and heard a description of "Quantum Foam" (and been made aware of Dr.Jim Khalili's deep desquiet about the nature of some current atomic theories). I believe my "Steady State Nonsense" above (with esp. reference to the notion of "Erotic" and "Thanotic" energy) represents a fairly well-brewed foamy beverage (if I say so me-self!).

from Sandtrout2010 to Astrotometry;
Quote......"The Channel Tunnel ?!"
Quote... "Comet R1 McNaught ("astrologomy")."
"Correct orientation (visible from my apartment) early hours of morning this week (esp. 13th 14th 15th), in an arc across the northen sky as "Auriga" (and it's bright star "Capella") begin to rise above the horizon (Edit 31/10/10: not setting as previously stated).*
*"Auriga" was the constellation of "The Goddess of the Silver Wheel" ("Arianrhod") in the Brethonic tradition."

Quote...."Comet McNaught.
In the early hours of the morning this month, binoculars should help you spot a comet. During June, Comet McNaught passes low in the north-east through the constellations of, first, Andromeda,then Perseus and finally through Auriga. By the beginning of June it should have reached magnitude 8, so will be fairly obvious in binoculars. On the 1st, it will lie just below and to the left of the star Beta Andromedae. This star is on the "star hop" route to M31: starting at the top left star (Alpha Andromedae) of the Square of Pegasus, go left and a touch down to a star and then continue left by the same amount but a touch up to reach Beta Andromedae. Here one normally turns sharp right past one star to get to M31, but instead just drop below Beta Andromedae to find the comet appearing as a "fuzzy" object. By the 7th it will be just below the star Gamma Andromedae whilst on the 15th it will be very close to the star Delta Persei. On the 21st it will be just up and to the right of the bright star Capella, Alpha Aurigae, and, on the 25th, very close and just to upper left of Beta Aurigae. This gives you 5 mornings when it should be very easy to find! By month's end it may well have reached magnitude 6, but will be increasing lost in the morning twilight. Probably the best time to observe it will be around the 14th, 15th and 16th of June when there will be no moonlight and it is still reasonably high in the sky."


I should here point out to my readers that I can actually see the vulgar causeway that is all that remains of Twyford Down from my second floor window (also the Northam Bridge and the tidal reaches of The River Itchen).
Comet R1 McNaught will describe an arc over "The Twyford Cutting" from N/NE to N/NW during this period.*

*I have since moved up and away from the banks of The River Itchen.

"Of-course !"

Quote: to "Astrotometry" from "Sandtrout2010"
"They are "Harbingers" aren't they? Re; Comet R1 McNaught...."

Quote from: "For Welfare to Work?" by Williamtheb on this forum....(Edit: 01/02/10)

"This gets very interesting if one is sympathetic to the notion of the possible existence of conciousness which is not exclusively homosapienic.
Clearly if it is possible to transform our global market place "organically" such that our economic philosophy becomes one of sustainability in "dynamic harmony" with the environment which supports it (which Gaian philosophy maintains is a state of consciousness*), we may be able to attribute sentience to it; however if we do so is it really a "market" anymore or has it changed it's nature completely during the transition from Thanatos to Eros?

*I also refer the reader to the work of Theilard de Chardin and his pre-Lovelockian/Schumachian notions of "planetary consciousness". Go to

One can see the transformation of economic relationships entailed as the emergence* of life from death (much like the Yew tree seeds itself in it's own rotting bark).
*"Emergence Theory"..go to

It is perhaps easier to understand this process by considering the resource base, an "unsustainable economy" is clearly an oxymoronic concept; in other words by consuming itself it partakes only of Thanatos and is (essentially) dead."

(Edit 29/06/10 My intended insistence on logical* progression was not borne out in my previous comments -I was in essence illogical-. Without expression there can be no dimension not the other way around as I had formerly stated**.)
* The original meaning of "Logos" (as not just "a" word but "The" word such as: "Ogham", "The Pranava" -or "Om"- and other such terms which either named or expressed the "primal creative sound" - got to - ) has been lost and as a result the term "logic" is now much abused.

** If it is not true to say that it is neccessary for "full expression" in order for one to be able to identify the existence of a dimension then I am (at least in my insistence that one preceed the other and that they are not simply inter-changeable terms -in other words both essentially the same but expressed differently-) wrong.

"Erotiscised energy resolves quantum"

(Edit 13/07/10 given the comments below concerning "solid matter" I was forced to alter my original statement "erotiscised matter resolves quantum" to "erotiscised energy resolves quantum")

Strangely it seems a "Unified Theory" of the Universe (or far more accurately I believe a "resolution of quantum") will be just that; a synergism* fused from the theories of the great "erotiscists" of physics and the recognition of the human evolutionary process.

*"Apparent" or otherwise?


Problems arise when instead of trying to harmonise with nature man tries to replicate it.

The yogis and mystics of the world have always believed that there is, quote; "no such thing as solid matter" Muz Murray ( -see link given above- is Muz Murray's site -I especially refer readers to Muz's experiences with Dr. Hans Jenny in Switzerland and Dr.Jenny's work on: yantras and chaldni figures, go to - this work informs the notion of the existence of "pre-forms" in the ether a theory also supported by the "photographic" evidence produced by the utilisation of the "Kirlian" technique, go to ). Where the notions of "Eros" and "Thanatos" are helpful is in identifying the nature of the vibrations which inform these manifestations.

Astrotometry update:

..and as a response "astrotometrically" (ipso facto must half not be ?). "A year and a day"? Still d**n far away..! ("yes look, these are small, those are.........far away........."). I say this because (sadly) my own ambition to produce working Brethonic Emephemarides (Edit 30/11/10, based on the pre-pythagorian* Brethonic/; astrotometry, geometry, astrology, astronomy (NB With regard to Brethonic astronomy I also refer the reader to my "astrologomal" comments on my thread "What's That Coming Over the Hill?") and geomancy has so far been thwarted.

* Reference James Vogh's comments on The Pythagorian Brotherhood in his book "The Thirteenth Sign".

"Tiger! Tiger!"

To follow Simon Bovey's "Slipstream" check the link given above.

Re: Susan Watts Newsnight 23/07/10 "Tevatron" interview (go to -there is nothing yet on Susan Watt's blog concerning the interview, go to -). Why does "Erotic Energy Theory" suggest that there is no way the Tevatron is going to answer "The God Particle" question?

From, quote: "Now, let’s see if the mainstream media can start to distinguish “power” from “energy”! After all, power is total energy per unit time. All you need to do to get more power is to put more particles into the machine…the Tevatron, by this measure, is still far more powerful, with many thousands of times more particles per beam. And there are much lower-energy machines with higher total beam power. In fact it will be a while before the LHC becomes “the world’s most powerful accelerator”.

No worry, though! In the more subtle sense of the word the LHC will soon be the most powerful scientifically. (And with great power comes….yeah, yeah*.) But seriously: with higher energy, which is what counts here, the LHC will be able to create new massive particles that the Tevatron simply cannot, and therefore begn to probe a new scientific realm."

..and once you have created these "particles" what will they do?

*Under-scores mine.

What is the relationship between recognition and realisation? This seems absolutely solid doesn't it? Without recognition there can be no realisation. If the potential for erotic transformation exists it must first be recognised, this is an harmonic process.
The "Pranava", "Om" or "Ogham" is taught in three parts: creation ("inception"), formation ("manifestation"), and completion ("full expression"),...but there is a real sense to their texts that the ancients believed as I do, that without full expression the process is unrecognisable* (again "seems obvious doesn't it?").

*and does not exist! (see note 12/08/10 below)

This "first principle" needs a name, I suggest "Mirroring".

(go to "Astrotometry" on "Hypertime" )

NB: Note language use; an application is not a dependency is it?

Lets rationlise..

Terminology; "Related", "Dependent", "Principle", "Potential", "Quality", "Application"

May we say that, "Relativity is a Quality of The Universe"*?

*See Astrotometric Theory.

Or that, "The "principles of exchange" are not the same as the "potential for exchange" (unless resolved to each other in which case the potentiality is realised and changes state -or "Potentate"-)"?

Channel Tunnel Update

Note geological profile picture on following link... ..a cursory examination suggests a possible breach on the French side.

Also note very little mention of seismic activity re: Channel Tunnel extant, however should you choose to become a member of The Geological Society you can download a 2010 "High-Definition Report" on the siesmic profile of the marine route (please see thread "What's That Coming Over the Hill?" ).

Astrotometry Update:

Qu:In what way might the above be incompatible with Hawking Radiation theory?.....

Astrotometry update..

New Readers Note: If you follow the chronology of my posts concerning "The Tunnel" on this site (esp. with reference to my threads "What's That Coming Over The Hill?" and "Penguins Can Fly"), you will discover that the stories concerning our local seismological state and the current ownership of the tunnel became extant after I had begun to write on the subject not before.

Perhaps the questions we need to ask Prof.Hawking are;"If we can observe mulitiple singularities does this tell us that there are multiple Universes or that there are multiple potential Universes, or quite the reverse (that there are not)?"

"Unsustainable Economy"; another way of expressing zero?

The point about "Deflation" is that it is an accelerative process (hence "Mobius" -see above-), our participation precludes observation (some might say, "obviously" ).

Astrotometry updates:

Also See: "Hawking, Susskind and Cohen "Sets and Axioms""
Go to 
& "What's that Coming Over The Hill?"go to:

AND  "Was a Dangerous Eurotunnel "Pensioned Off" (and if so by whom)?"Go to:

Saturday 19 May 2012

"I Say Again, you are no Parliament!"

or... "A Coalition of the Willing?"
 Quote: "Reassuringly the last time we got such (supposedly) ideologically opposed party leaders in to bed we went to war*! Strangely there was no democratically determined mandate in favour of the consummation that time either.
When the air in The Cabinet Offices turns blue...then yellow, then blue, then yellow again (ad nauseum, ad infinitum, reductio ad absurdum)... logic dictates the inevitability of Britain's government becoming.....Green
...and what one asks is the the nature and tenor of our electoral reform debate doing in the toilet? Of-course our Prime Minister remains in office until such time as there is a government capable of replacing them this is a constitutional monarchy sweethearts.
Also..polling predictions based on what? The torturous meanderings of the "first-past-the-post electorate"? Opinion poles taken of an electorate preparing to vote under the existing system cannot possibly reflect the voting intentions of that same electorate prior to an election based on proportional representation.

*Bush and Blair.

It is surely no coincidence that Pallas Athena herself has been under siege.

Quote..."The new coalition Government yesterday unveiled the outline of a shared five-year programme, which papered over the cracks of potential disagreement.
Mr Cameron promised 'very early legislation' to establish fixed-term Parliaments, effectively enshrining in law the Conservatives' five-year coalition deal with the Lib Dems."


Where the Hades' place has democracy gone?

N.B "Aficionados" may note -and others be informed of- my belief in the entirely spurious and specious nature of the notion that democracy depends for it's existence upon civilisation (and more often than not now-days also the notion that they are related in any way whatsoever).

The above would of-course be constitutional issues...if we had one!

Which leads us I'm afraid (why am I so afraid?) to the gates of Buckingham Palace themselves.
On my thread "Not so Extraordinary Rendition?" I say "The facilitator is all, n'est-ce pas?" and on another I say "not necessarily of my own volition" (and I believe many of us feel like this concerning our involvement in the perpetuation of the myth that there isn't an elephant in the room and it isn't about to sit on one of us)....

"Where's Sir Henry?"
"Fell in the elephant trap I'm afraid".
"Bad show!"
"...and Sir Henry?"
"Gone I'm afraid."
"Bad show!"
"Yes, of-course the elephants were delighted."
"Would be."
"Spot of gin?"

(Some might say that a constitutional monarchy is preferable to a bi-polar dictatorship -but not on Independence Day-)

Imagine the scene....In the pond on The Whitehouse lawn all the fish can be seen splashing frantically together at one end, whilst the hardier amongst them stare determinedly (and some not so determinedly) at the dark form approaching them from the other end. These "fishy individuals" are disporting swastika tattoos and iron crosses, some wear "coal-scuttle" helmets others tall white hats. The form approaching them from the other end gradually takes shape and the details become visible of a grinning black hound wearing full snorkeling kit and carrying a spear gun. One of the fish looks at the other and says "D**n it Elroy! No one told us the n**ger could swim!"

...and for the sake of our transatlantic cousins I feel that I must now relate our sad piscene tale....

Imagine the scene....a rocky cove of azure blue waters and golden sand, however the cove is also frequented by large sharks of great girth with big toothy grins and dollar signs in their gleaming eyes and they are looking at the shoreline. On the shoreline stand Tony Blair and Gordon Brown resplendent in water-wings, knee length shorts and carrying a water-ring each, however there is also another figure some way off down the beach. The other figure is trudging slowly away from the shore clad in full deep-sea diving gear,carrying a spear gun, repellent spray and wearing knuckle-dusters, through the helmet visor we can just make out the sweating face of Kenneth Clarke. One of the sharks turns to the other with a grin and says, "Dinner is served.""

(Note to the "Bloody" minded; not much democracy in Arizona now-days either is there?)

..."to counterpoint the meaning of the underlying metaphor?! Wrong, I write poetry in order to throw my harsh exterior into sharp relief!".......

...before we hurl ourselves out of the airlock*..consider a properly constituted English Parliament, reformed "Upper Chamber"** and a proportionately representative voting system; perhaps "a dream to some a nightmare to others" but surely a horror story if The European Union is not reformed as a matter of urgency (which itself will entail the purging of The United Nations).

*(Re: "Vogon Poetry" and "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" by Douglas Adam's)
**The House of Lord's.

Qu;"How though does a devolved Britain maintain it's sense of identity if it remains part of The European Union, will we need a cultural/socio-political forum of our own, a filter between devolved Britannia and Europe?"
Ans: I would say almost certainly. If properly constituted (there's that word again) a "Council of Britons" may well prove necessary in order to represent this rather peculiar Island's interests internationally (and those of a certain region of N.W France*).

* I mean Brittany here. Go to
Perhaps a united Britain could even include Southern Ireland?

(By the way if you're wondering about my apparent prescience let me state very clearly here that our current socio-political/economic situation was indeed predicted -over 25 years E.F Schumacher)

Am I to be accused of "Brythonic bias"*? I hope not as I do not believe that one is guilty of discrimination if one proselytises for a rediscovery of our ancient countenance; I do however believe that the political pantomime of provisional parochia currently parading as parliamentary democracy is not something we should allow to pass before it.

*Or populism?

...What are we to make of "The Clegg-Cameron"?

I refer the reader to my thread "For Welfare to Work?" for further musings..  
The "Sophie's Choice" of a referendum on electoral reform that the British electorate were offered recently serves only to underline these uncomfortable truths, both the paucity of debate and the cynicism with which the issue of electoral reform was marginalised demonstrate only too clearly just how far the British State has traveled down the road to "wrack and ruin". 

Quote: "Independence Cymru: The Case for Brittany 

Independence Cymru: The Case for Brittany : Independence and national identity are emotive issues, but the arguments in favour of a greater level of autonomy for Brittany are very strong and rest upon historical, geographic, cultural, and economic considerations.

Economic Arguments

The myth that has been taught to schoolchildren for the past one hundred years is that Brittany is an intrinsically poor country, hampered by poor soil and bad weather. The real truth, however, is that for most of its history Brittany has been extremely prosperous, and that it only started to go into economic decline once it became united with France.

During the Middle Ages Brittany was one of the wealthiest areas of Europe: the interior was home to a thriving textile industry, and the coastal areas maintained a merchant fleet that was one of the most successful of the age, trading salt, textiles, fish and agricultural products across Northern Europe and down to Spain and Portugal.

The wealth accumulated by these activities attracted the jealousy of neighbouring countries, which is the reason why the King of France forced Anne of Brittany to marry him in 1491, a marriage which eventually led to a union of the two states. Brittany remained semi-autonomous and reasonably prosperous until the Revolution, when it was finally amalgamated into the rest of France. The next hundred years of its history were marked by famines and widespread destitution – giving rise to the short-sighted idea that Brittany has always been impoverished.

Although outwardly prosperous, the modern Breton economy is now dependent on agricultural subsidies and funding from central government – which, in economic terms, is disastrous.

A clear argument can be made that Brittany would be more successful in diversifying its economy and creating wealth, if its people had a greater level of control over their own affairs.

Cultural Arguments

The Breton language has survived to the present time; there is still a tradition of Breton music; and there is a wealth of stories and traditions which are specific to this part of the world. These are the sorts of cultural ingredients which are required to support the sense of identity and common purpose required for a successful unit of government. The idea of an autonomous Brittany makes a lot more sense than many other administrative regions that have been created in Europe and around the world in recent times.

Geographical Arguments

People disagree as to where the eastern border of Brittany ought to lie – for most of the past thousand years Nantes and the ‘Loire Atlantique’ have been part of Brittany – but even a cursory glance of a map of Europe marks the Breton peninsular out as a distinctive geographical area, easily distinguished from the rest of France. Many aspects of life in Brittany are dictated by the weather and the sea, which makes it have more in common with places such as Scotland, Ireland, Wales and Cornwall than with mainland Europe.

Historical Arguments

It is, perhaps, history that provides the strongest reasons in favour of a change in the way that Brittany governs itself.

Over the years the people of this region have had many different relationships with the rest of Europe, and there is no reason to suppose that the present arrangement should be regarded as permanent.

In ‘pre-historical’ times, Brittany was inhabited by people about whom we know very little except that they erected the menhirs, dolmens, and covered alleyways that are so common in the Breton countryside. These monuments are quite distinct from remains found in other parts of mainland Europe, but do bear a resemblance to sites in the UK, in India, and in China. This would suggest that, in those days, Brittany was an outward-looking country, more closely allied to countries across the ocean than to its neighbours on the mainland.

Immediately prior to the Roman occupation, Brittany was inhabited by Gallic tribes, each of which was autonomous but loosely linked to other Gallic people by Druids who travelled freely throughout France, Britain, Belgium, Switzerland and northern Italy. The Druids did not constitute a form of government, (or a religion in today’s sense of the word) but do seem to have provided training and spiritual guidance which knitted the Gauls together into a unified nation: it seems unlikely that a tribal chief could have maintained power without the support of the Druids.

Julius Caesar ruthlessly suppressed this civilisation – in modern parlance his ‘campaigns’ would be termed genocide – and Brittany, along with the rest of Gaul, was incorporated into the Roman Empire.

All sense of self-determination was lost over the course of the next four centuries, and, when the Western Empire finally collapsed, the people living in this area had no more idea of how to govern themselves than anyone else in Rome’s former dominions.

But, whereas most of the continent was overrun by tribes from the east (Visigoths, Ostragoths, Huns, Franks, etc.) something unusual happened in Brittany. The Romans had left Britain a few years previously, and it had been settled by people from Saxony: the Saxons. For a time, harmony was established between the native Celts and the newcomers and, consequently, Britain could enjoy a time of peace and prosperity just as chaos was engulfing the rest of Europe. (It is to this period that the legends of King Arthur and Merlin are often dated.)

‘Saints’, or wise men, crossed over from Britain to Brittany and set up sanctuaries in which they taught and helped the local people. The names of some of these men have become legendary and include the ‘Seven Founding Saints’ of Brittany – Malo, Samson, Brieuc, Tugdual, Pol AurĂ©lien, Corentin and Patern.

Towns built up around where they settled (St Brieuc, St Pol de Leon, St Malo, etc.), composed of local people, plus Britons who came to join them. It is only since this time that this region has been known as Brittany and that its people have spoken Breton. It would seem that it is to these founding saints that Brittany owes its traditional love of freedom and independence: Brittany was the only part of modern France which did not fall under the control of Charlemagne and the Holy Roman Empire, and subsequently Brittany succeeded in resisting a Norman invasion of the type that overwhelmed Britain.

For several centuries Brittany had the status of an independent Duchy, recognised by the Pope in Rome but not allied to any particular kingdom. This independence was lost when Brittany was united with France in 1532. Some modern historians blame this union on the greed of Breton nobles who preferred to accept gifts from the French court than to defending their independence; others have maintained that some form of union was inevitable given the state of European politics at the time. Whatever the case, the young heiress to the Duchy, Anne of Brittany, found herself helpless and besieged by a French army in Rennes and was forced to agree to marry the French king, which signalled the end of Breton independence.

Brittany retained separate institutions (in much the same way as Scotland retained its own legal system after it was united with England), but these were swept away in the French Revolution. Since then Brittany has, administratively, simply been part of France.

The late 1800s and early 1900s were a difficult time for Brittany because the government in Paris had little understanding of the region and no empathy with its history and culture: a legacy with which people are still trying to come to terms today.

The Future

The arguments in favour of Breton devolution are so overwhelming that it is almost inevitable that the region will acquire a greater level of control over it own affairs at some point in the future. The question is when and in what form? Many people are fearful of the phrase ‘Breton independence’ because it conjures up an image of militancy, but, if it is true that Brittany does need a greater degree of autonomy before it can move forward, then it would be those people who defend the status quo that posed the greatest threat to its future." Go to:

Tuesday 15 May 2012

"You are no Parliament!"

Quote: "or ..."Why the Continued Ritual Immolation of Human Effigies Might be Indicative of an Unevolving Society."
During The Miner's Strike and just before The Brighton Bomb I entered The Essex University Social Science faculty to study a Philosophy and Government degree. I had left my school sixth form with the school literature prize under my belt and felt confident that I would enjoy stretching my wings over a wider syllabus (digressing only somewhat I would add that the access to a wider syllabus at all levels in education that has occurred since has been perhaps the only good thing to happen to our education system in the last 25 years).
My first essay on politics concerned itself with the practicalities of an anarchist society (and it's creation). Arguing the need for an evolution of consciousness, rather than a revolution of peoples, I made use of some of the thought of Catholic theologian Teilhard De Chardin (and a book by Marilyn Ferguson called "The Aquarian Conspiracy" amongst others). The tutor concerned (no names no pack-drill) having given me a low "A" grade of 74% marked the essay down for my mention of Teilhard's ideas saying "it sounds like being invaded by "The Tripods!"" ( a "War of the World's" type science fiction series then being screened by the B.B.C).
Now I should have run to the philosophy dept. screaming "rape" but I was a "freshman" and took his patronising Stalinism to be indicative of the attitude of the department (and University), to this day I don't think I was far wrong.
Interestingly perhaps (for some)* the very last book I read before I left 18 months later was Robert Persig's famous assault on modern academic philosophical thought "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance".
What I find particularly irritating however is this; if I had made more extensive use of (having read more of -at the time-); E.F Schumacher, James Lovelock or any of the more modern (although I don't think he liked Ferguson either frankly) "Gaian" (one hesitates to say "Protestant") philosophers would "Tanky Boy" have shown me "The Red Card" so early? 

* ..and perhaps more interestingly I had been awarded "Wilsons'" 6th Form Literature prize for a long essay on Malcolm Bradbury's "The History Man" (which I had appreciated as "social-history" of-course), I had no idea Howard Kirk was going to be my first tutor!

"Pierre Teilhard de Chardin was a visionary French Jesuit, paleontologist, biologist, and philosopher, who spent the bulk of his life trying to integrate religious experience with natural science, most specifically Christian theology with theories of evolution. In this endeavour he became absolutely enthralled with the possibilities for humankind, which he saw as heading for an exciting convergence of systems, an "Omega point" where the coalescence of consciousness will lead us to a new state of peace and planetary unity. Long before ecology was fashionable, he saw this unity he saw as being based intrinsically upon the spirit of the Earth:

"The Age of Nations is past. The task before us now, if we would not perish, is to build the Earth."
Teilhard de Chardin passed away a full ten years before James Lovelock ever proposed the "Gaia Hypothesis" which suggests that the Earth is actually a living being, a colossal biological super-system. Yet Chardin's writings clearly reflect the sense of the Earth as having its own autonomous personality, and being the prime centre and director of our future -- a strange attractor, if you will -- that will be the guiding force for the synthesis of humankind.

"The phrase 'Sense of the Earth' should be understood to mean the passionate concern for our common destiny which draws the thinking part of life ever further onward. The only truly natural and real human unity is the spirit of the Earth. . . .The sense of Earth is the irresistible pressure which will come at the right moment to unite them (humankind) in a common passion.

"We have reached a crossroads in human evolution where the only road which leads forward is towards a common passion. . . To continue to place our hopes in a social order achieved by external violence would simply amount to our giving up all hope of carrying the Spirit of the Earth to its limits."

To this end, he suggested that the Earth in its evolutionary unfolding, was growing a new organ of consciousness, called the noosphere. The noosphere is analogous on a planetary level to the evolution of the cerebral cortex in humans. The noosphere is a "planetary thinking network" -- an interlinked system of consciousness and information, a global net of self-awareness, instantaneous feedback, and planetary communication. At the time of his writing, computers of any merit were the size of a city block, and the Internet was, if anything, an element of speculative science fiction. Yet this evolution is indeed coming to pass, and with a rapidity, that in Gaia time, is but a mere passage of seconds. In these precious moments, the planet is developing her cerebral cortex, and emerging into self-conscious awakening. We are indeed approaching the Omega point that Teilhard de Chardin was so excited about.

This convergence however, though it was predicted to occur through a global information network, was not a convergence of merely minds or bodies -- but of heart, a point that he made most fervently.".....

from... an article by Anodea Judith

"I would rather burn Capitalism over a slow fire than make a "St.Bartholemew's Night" of it's perpetrators." Pierre-Joseph Proudhon

Quote..."Can you have a Roman Catholic Prime Minister of Great Britain?!...
"There is no simple yes or no question to this answer. While there is no express legal bar the election of a non-Anglican British Prime Minister, such a situation would be constitutionally awkward given the prime minister's role in appointing senior members of the Church of England. While theoretically, the sovereign has the ultimate power in making ecclesiastical appointments, he or she acts on the advice of the prime minister.

Under the Roman Catholic Relief Act of 1829, sect. 17, and the Jews' Relief Act of 1858, sec 4, no Roman Catholic or Jew may advise the sovereign on ecclesiastical matters. Were the prime minister to be a Roman Catholic or a Jew an alternate system of ecclesiastical appointment would have to be devised.

To date, all British Prime Ministers to date, at least while in office, have professed Anglican faith. Disraeli, while born into a jewish family, was baptised into the church of England at age 12 and Tony Blair waited till after he stood down from the post of prime minister to officially convert to catholicism.
Gordon Brown does not 'profess the Anglican faith'. His father was a Church of Scotland minister. It is unlikely that any other non-English Prime Minister would be an Anglican (e.g. Alec Douglas-Hume, Ramsey Macdonald)."

From.. "

Quote: "Utilising historical evidence of environmental, ecological and sociological change and comparing the resulting information to epidemiological evidence of the density of (and disease frequency within), the coincident human population convinces one that "civilisation" has had very little to do with human evolution.
It seems that "civilisation" is a function of the human evolutionary process not the process itself* Food production has always been the controlling factor in human society, the "geegaws" of the civilised world serve only to occlude our basic dependency on our environment. "Decentralisation" (very "uncivilised" as a philosophy), maintains that all human beings deserve access to proper "Lebensraum" and that none should be forced into uncomfortable, unhealthy or over-populated living conditions. "Democracy" may have developed it's popularity within civic society but the concept does not "belong" to civilisation anymore than a child does to it's parents." Posted by sandtrout 2010. 

*I've revised these comments since, quote: "
"Utilising historical evidence of environmental, ecological and sociological change and comparing the resulting information to epidemiological evidence of the density of (and disease frequency within), the coincident human population convinces one that "civilisation" has had very little to do with human evolution. This does not mean that (to paraphrase Mahatma Gandhi), "civilisation would (not), be a good idea", in The West (or anywhere else), if it was practised given the understanding that the notion is not the "be all and end all" of political, sociological or cultural evolution.* It seems that civilisation is a function of the human evolutionary process not the process itself. Food production has always been the controlling factor in human society, the gee-gaws of the civilised world serve only to occlude our basic dependency on our environment. Decentralisation (very uncivilised as a philosophy), maintains that all human beings deserve access to proper "Lebensraum" and that none should be forced into uncomfortable, unhealthy or over-populated living conditions. "Democracy"** may have developed it's popularity within civic society but the concept does not belong to civilisation anymore than a child does to it's parents.".....

*"The call us civilised because we're easy to sneak up on" Lone Watie in "The Outlaw Josey Wales":"

Go to:

(Edit 05/06/2011 The above is not however a "green-light" for Khaos, for as with emergent economic theory -see: "Emergence Theory"-, demos is seen as developing from the individual into the social. A tree does not grow by the canopy imposing it's will on the roots -without nutrients the tree will die-.
It was inevitable that the dominance of carcinogenic monocultural systems would lead to the development of the ugly tumours we call "Megacities" -which are an indication of the terminal decline (not health), of "Civilisation"-)

" "... Posted by pete f .....

"There's an argument that America's been monetarist ("the pursuit of happiness"), since it's inception and consequently does not exist as a society, still we "endeavour to persevere"." Posted by sandtrout 2010. From eponymous thread on Media Lens message board.

Another Media Lens message board thread ("Is Britain to Blame for Many of The World's Problems?", go to ),
"mirrors" the theme discussing the legacy of empires with regard to the ongoing paroxysm in The Middle East.
"Is Britain to blame for many of the world's problems?


David Cameron has suggested that Britain and the legacy of its empire was responsible for many of the world's historic problems. But is that view fair?

Answering questions from students in Pakistan on Tuesday, the prime minister said: "As with so many of the problems of the world, we are responsible for their creation in the first place."

Here two historians give their view.

Nick Lloyd, lecturer in defence studies, King's College London

Mr Cameron's remarks about the painful legacy of colonialism could not be further from the truth and they reveal a disappointing lack of historical judgement. The British Empire in India, known as the Raj, was the greatest experiment in paternalistic imperial government in history.

By the time the British left India in 1947 they had given the subcontinent a number of priceless assets, including the English language, but also a structure of good government, local organisation and logistical infrastructure that still holds good today. Far from damaging India, British imperial rule gave it a head start.

At the centre of this was the Indian Civil Service, the 1,000 strong "heaven-born" group of administrators that ran the country. Their role in laying the foundations for strong, efficient government in India has never been accorded the respect and admiration it deserves.

While history has recorded that the ICS were aloof and disdainful of the "natives", in reality, the men who ran India were selfless, efficient and - most importantly of all - completely incorruptible.

Not only did they oversee the spread of good government, western education, modern medicine and the rule of law, they also put in place local works, famine relief, and irrigation projects, most notably in the Punjab, which benefited enormously from what was then the largest irrigation project in the world.

Perhaps the most priceless asset of all was the English language itself, which gave a unity to the subcontinent that it had never known before and which is allowing India's people to do business around the world today with great success.

Indeed, it is indicative of this that in February 2011, a Dalit (formerly untouchable) community in Uttar Pradesh built a shrine to the goddess English, which they believe will help them learn the English language and climb out of their grinding poverty.

Although Britain was not able to replicate its success in India everywhere across its vast colonial empire, it is still clear the empire gave its colonies real, tangible benefits. Wherever the British ruled, they erected a light, relatively inexpensive form of government that was not corrupt, was stable, and was favourable to outside investors.

Its imperial civil servants may not always have been completely sympathetic to local peoples, but they were always motivated by humanitarian impulses and did their best in often difficult circumstances. Indeed, when we look at Africa, many of the benefits of imperial rule were squandered in the generations after independence with a succession of corrupt and brutal regimes.

Dr Nick Lloyd is the author of the forthcoming book The Amritsar Massacre: The Untold Story of One Fateful Day


Andrew Thompson, professor of imperial and global history, University of Leeds

Does Britain's colonial legacy still poison its relations with Africa, the Middle East and Asia? Mr Cameron's remark raises important questions for society about how we relate to history.

There's the inheritance of colonial violence. What you saw in the later stages of empire was a series of British counter-insurgency operations, exported from one hot spot to another. In places such as Kenya, Palestine, Malaysia, Zimbabwe, and of course Northern Ireland, the British were forced to resort to repressive legal and military measures in what was to prove an ultimately vain attempt to curb the tide of political unrest and nationalist opposition.

Detention without trial, beatings, torture, and killings punctuated the twilight years of colonial rule. The disclosure this week of a large tranche of Foreign Office files, hitherto kept secret about full extent of British brutality against Mau Mau in Kenya, suggests there may be further revelations still to come. Will there be similar stories and claims from Palestine, Malaya, Cyprus or Nigeria?

There is also the question of whether the violence that characterised these counter-insurgency operations during decolonisation then set the scene for the way in which independent, post-colonial African and Asian governments dealt with political dissent from their own peoples.

The imperial past is far from being dead. On the contrary it is actually very much part of contemporary politics.

Perhaps we should not be surprised then when British foreign policy interests and interventions today are seen and perceived as "neo-colonial" in their nature.

The reaction of Iran in 2007 when 15 Royal Navy personnel were seized is instructive here. As heavy-handed as it may have seemed to people in Britain, it needs to be understood in the wider context of Iranian sensitivities over the presence of any western powers in or near its territorial waters - sensitivities arising in part from a very fraught and fragile 20th Century relationship over oil and territory.

In a deeper and more fundamental sense still, Britain's colonial legacy can be seen in the ways in which globalisation is being experienced today. From the 1870s onwards, the integration of labour, capital and commodity markets promoted by empire was very much skewed towards its "white" settler societies.

The economic benefits of empire for the so-called dependent colonies were much more meagre in comparison or did not exist at all. When we find critics of globalisation questioning whether economic integration and cultural diversity can comfortably co-exist, we should remember that for much of the last century the form of globalisation the world experienced rested on a view of social relations governed by racial hierarchies.

Finally, we might reverse the colonial encounter and think about how empire has left an imprint on British society. Despite its multi-ethnic empire, Britain did not embrace ethnic diversity at home.

There was the rhetoric of an inclusive imperial citizenship for the peoples of all Commonwealth countries. But in reality in post-war Britain there was little desire to promote integration for immigrants from the likes of the West Indies and the Indian subcontinent.

The consequences are perhaps reflected in experiences today, especially in terms of the so-called ethnic penalty many of these communities face in education, employment or housing. " Posted by spike.

"I have met people from all round the world and it is very clear to me that not only are the British the most ill-educated people (about their own history) on Earth, but also that they are the people that, by a very long way, have done the least to face up to their own Imperial history. Even the Americans have an idea, nowadays, that slavery and the extermination of the indigenous inhabitants, was wrong. The British, sorry the English, have almost literally no clue. When they hear a Scottish nationalist, a Welsh Nationalist, or an Irish Republican talking, they have almost no concept what they are talking about, because they know nothing of the historical facts. Some British (not many) are aware that some sort of injustice was done to India at some point in the past for some reason. But as for the broader pattern of Imperial violence, that affected almost every country on Earth in some way or other: the English almost literally have no knowledge of it. And so when Cameron makes his (duplicitous and insincere, but accurate) comments, he might as well be talking in Chinese as far as most English people (especially in the South) are aware." Posted by Hidari.

"Imagine I had written the bile you just did accusing huge swathes of people in national or ethnic groupings of various derogatory things and now imagine you swap "english" for "black" or "arab" or "jew" and see it for the bile it is.

Labelling all the english and blaming them for everything is one of the last acceptable acts of bigotry. Particularly by the self righteous prigs on this message board.. Sad..." Posted by George_HK.


Have you looked up the history of the British in India for example, George?
Have you read how the famines for example, were worsened by British Imperial policy?

Do you in fact exemplify what Hidari is actualy saying?" Posted by Ken Waldron.

"When the Raj starved people it was an act of god but when Ukranians and others starved in the USSR it was a terror famine. When the IMF starves people by forcing farmers to grow cash crops like tobacco instead of food it's prudent economics." Posted by Keith-264.

"The constant need to justify Britain's actions in other countries should be reason enough for one to question the nature of all imperialistic enterprise, without an understanding of so called "ancient" Brythonic culture though one is left "without a leg to stand on".
The reason that sub-continental (and "dark-continental"), "Uncle Toms" kow-tow to Britain is the same reason The British kow-tow to The Romans, shame.
In oppressed cultures the incidence of; homophobia, misogyny, domestic violence and violence to all "sub-group" minorities within the subjugated culture invariably increases.
This cultural void is maintained in Britain behind a "paper-curtain" of political pragmatism that allows a sectarian parliament to sit for an un-constituted monarch. " posted by sandtrout 2010.


(..and to kow-tow to Western Imperialism is never a good idea -is it guys?-)

N.B Own work subject to minor editing at author's discretion, all other posts as posted by board members (also note; editing facility not available for posts to The Media Lens Message Board).

"What Hope Britannia?"
Go to "A "Coalition of the Willing"?"

""Quiet Riots" and Oppressed Races.
D.Cameron would rather parade his "Uncle Toms" than address the issue of our cultural decline. As someone from an Anglo-Catholic background it annoys me to see those from other countries "Taking "The Queen's Shilling"" on the basis that, "we were oppressed before but now Mother Britannia suckles us" (or is that "clasps us like serpents to her breast"?). In any case as a Jamaican friend of mine (who is currently residing in a Medium-Secure Mental Health Institution), points out to me time and time again, "it was those West African b*****ds that sold us into slavery!".
We collude in rape, child-mutilation and nepotism (to name but a few), and prostitute our own culture when we grease the sticky palm of the "formerly culturally oppressed"." From eponymous message on MediaLens Message Board posted by sandtrout2010.

Quote: "The Travelling Community has been and is being relentlessly oppressed in Britain (across-the-board since 1985, "Dale Farm" represents "the-last-stand" against the ethnic-cleansing which has been taking place since that time). It has taken The United Nations to point out just how genocidal The British State has become (these things are not merely coincidental, as we project abroad so we are at home). Many from previous generations felt validated in fighting the last war because we were (supposedly), opposed to such tyranny! Go to " From "Is there Room for Gypsies in Modern Britain" Countryfile Forum, go to

"Uncivilisation 2012."
Quote: "Welcome to the 21st century.
The future hasn’t worked out quite the way the grown-ups said it would…
We find ourselves in a world of economic contraction, ecological collapse and social upheaval. How do we make sense of our lives in times like this? Where are the stories – old or new – that help us reground ourselves? Faced with the loss of much we took for granted, where are the practical projects that offer hope and meaning for the times ahead?

Uncivilisation 2012 is a gathering of people searching for answers to these questions. For one weekend in August, the woods and chalk downland of the Sustainability Centre in Hampshire will be home to a festival of literature, music, art and action..." Go to "

Wednesday 2 May 2012

Independent Living? I blame Pharaoh.

Quote:  "Employment Descrimination (Discussion with "The Broken of Britain" online).
Quote: "Enham's "Business Ability" would not not help me get my multi-level marketing distributorship off the ground, now my chances of self-employment have been further jeapordised by the E.U ban on herbal medicines!"...........
""The Broken of Britain" "Sorry but that's probably because pyramid schemes usually end up costing you far more than you'll ever manage to earn. It's hard to build a solid network of people making sales and even harder keeping them going... my own personal opinion based on experience... you'd be hard pressed to find an advisor who would recommend it.
That aside, do you have any particular hobbies or interests that you haven't considered as a base for a business?"
"Beware sectarianism! "Forever Living Products" ("F.L.P") are a very well-respected international company with an annual turn-over of some 3-5 Billion Dollars (approx)."
....."not an "insurance scam" (the "pyramid schemes" to which you refer). Self-employment offers control of work hours and stress levels and allows me to medicate myself as I choose! Many "FLP" distributors are very successful, why should I suffer the NAZI agenda?"
""The Broken of Britain" "We'll have to agree to disagree... Pyramid Schemes are not simply insurance scams. 

I'm a marketing professional with 23 years of experience - those same claims are made by Herbalife, Amway and host of other companies who function exactly like FLP. Anyway you want to slice it, it's a pyramid scheme and they all use the same terminology - uplines and downlines and their marketing plan is to tell you in vague terms that you can make a load of money by their scheme...."
"Insurance is however from where their bad reputation in the U.K originally stems; "Sunrider", "Bio-Flow" and "Forever Living Products"* are all well respected companies. FLP are also a member of "The Direct Selling Association"."...
Also in response to "The Broken of Britain"...
"Furthermore your assessment of my likely success and ability to network my downline is just plain wrong. I use FLP products and study Aloe Vera ("Barbadensis"), making my own fresh preparations at home.
I gather from your attitude that you wouldn't be willing to let the state invest in me either!""
Quote: "Dear SCIL
Some years ago I travelled up to London with some of your people to lobby parliament and met with my M.P in Westminster Hall to discuss some of the issues raised above, however my M.P showed more concern and interest in the issues raised than did your advisors a number of which were openly hostile and unhelpfull. As an active FLP Distributor I would be able to control my own work hours and degree of effort (doing much of the work "from home" -contrary to "common opinion" FLP distibutors are not just "door-bangers"-).  FLP products are also useful in managing my paraesthesia and neurological problems (concern for which which is why I originally became interested in the uses of aloe vera), and they also produce excellent supplements. Surely it is my own independent choice in any case how I  contribute to the society I live in? The SCIL did not help me with the problems I experienced with "Business Ability" and you should have done, unfortunately (see accompanying correspondence), my health has worsened in recent years and I now suffer from two acute conditions in addition to my chronic ones. It is unacceptable that personal prejudice (such as that also displayed by "The Broken of Britain"), should be allowed to dominate the debate on the disability employment issue and I trust that The SCIL will "take-on-board" my critiscism as a matter of urgency.
 Given the information contained in the accompanying correspondence I also trust that THE SCIL will realise that current circumstances preclude me from becoming an active FLP distributor at this time, this does not mean however that I do not wish to avail myself of the opportunity to become one or that the issues I have raised do not intimately bear upon my current difficulties. Should THE SCIL feel that they are able to aid me with my housing problems I hope that you will contact me via Royal Mail (see acccompanying), with any help or advice that you feel may be appropriate. Thank you.
yours faithfully
P.S Please also see my blog much of which is concerned with the issues raised by the U.K government's recent employment/welfare legislation ("

*Also see: "Forever Living Products" Go to: