Wednesday 2 May 2012

Independent Living? I blame Pharaoh.

Quote:  "Employment Descrimination (Discussion with "The Broken of Britain" online).
Quote: "Enham's "Business Ability" would not not help me get my multi-level marketing distributorship off the ground, now my chances of self-employment have been further jeapordised by the E.U ban on herbal medicines!"...........
""The Broken of Britain" "Sorry but that's probably because pyramid schemes usually end up costing you far more than you'll ever manage to earn. It's hard to build a solid network of people making sales and even harder keeping them going... my own personal opinion based on experience... you'd be hard pressed to find an advisor who would recommend it.
That aside, do you have any particular hobbies or interests that you haven't considered as a base for a business?"
"Beware sectarianism! "Forever Living Products" ("F.L.P") are a very well-respected international company with an annual turn-over of some 3-5 Billion Dollars (approx)."
....."not an "insurance scam" (the "pyramid schemes" to which you refer). Self-employment offers control of work hours and stress levels and allows me to medicate myself as I choose! Many "FLP" distributors are very successful, why should I suffer the NAZI agenda?"
""The Broken of Britain" "We'll have to agree to disagree... Pyramid Schemes are not simply insurance scams. 

I'm a marketing professional with 23 years of experience - those same claims are made by Herbalife, Amway and host of other companies who function exactly like FLP. Anyway you want to slice it, it's a pyramid scheme and they all use the same terminology - uplines and downlines and their marketing plan is to tell you in vague terms that you can make a load of money by their scheme...."
"Insurance is however from where their bad reputation in the U.K originally stems; "Sunrider", "Bio-Flow" and "Forever Living Products"* are all well respected companies. FLP are also a member of "The Direct Selling Association"."...
Also in response to "The Broken of Britain"...
"Furthermore your assessment of my likely success and ability to network my downline is just plain wrong. I use FLP products and study Aloe Vera ("Barbadensis"), making my own fresh preparations at home.
I gather from your attitude that you wouldn't be willing to let the state invest in me either!""
Quote: "Dear SCIL
Some years ago I travelled up to London with some of your people to lobby parliament and met with my M.P in Westminster Hall to discuss some of the issues raised above, however my M.P showed more concern and interest in the issues raised than did your advisors a number of which were openly hostile and unhelpfull. As an active FLP Distributor I would be able to control my own work hours and degree of effort (doing much of the work "from home" -contrary to "common opinion" FLP distibutors are not just "door-bangers"-).  FLP products are also useful in managing my paraesthesia and neurological problems (concern for which which is why I originally became interested in the uses of aloe vera), and they also produce excellent supplements. Surely it is my own independent choice in any case how I  contribute to the society I live in? The SCIL did not help me with the problems I experienced with "Business Ability" and you should have done, unfortunately (see accompanying correspondence), my health has worsened in recent years and I now suffer from two acute conditions in addition to my chronic ones. It is unacceptable that personal prejudice (such as that also displayed by "The Broken of Britain"), should be allowed to dominate the debate on the disability employment issue and I trust that The SCIL will "take-on-board" my critiscism as a matter of urgency.
 Given the information contained in the accompanying correspondence I also trust that THE SCIL will realise that current circumstances preclude me from becoming an active FLP distributor at this time, this does not mean however that I do not wish to avail myself of the opportunity to become one or that the issues I have raised do not intimately bear upon my current difficulties. Should THE SCIL feel that they are able to aid me with my housing problems I hope that you will contact me via Royal Mail (see acccompanying), with any help or advice that you feel may be appropriate. Thank you.
yours faithfully
P.S Please also see my blog much of which is concerned with the issues raised by the U.K government's recent employment/welfare legislation ("

*Also see: "Forever Living Products" Go to:

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