Also see; "Google — One of the Largest Monopolies in the World" Go to: Yup this blog is a Google site too sorry folks but we're not doing anything wrong are we?

Quote; "One brave individual who has taken Google and other monopolies to task is Margrethe Vestager, competition commissioner for the European Union (EU), who during the last four years fined Facebook $122 million for a merger violation, ordered Apple to cough up $15 billion owed in Irish taxes, and fined Google $2.7 billion for illegal anticompetition activities.
Vestager says she wants Google to stop its illegal behavior, saying there's proof the company is on the wrong side of the law. Using its proprietary search algorithms, Google promotes its own products and services while burying its competitors so far down the list that most people will never find them. According to Vestager, "It is … the algorithm that does it. Both the promotion of Google themselves and the demotion of others … And it is illegal.""