Wednesday 27 July 2016

"Fake Britain" #GoPokeYourMum #AuricDisruption #WiFi #EMPollution #Buffy #UncutCrystals

If I can't smoke MJ in the park why on earth should anyone be allowed to do this...?

Yeuk! That was unattractive.. ("good plan Spike!"), ....

Seriously though the auric disruption caused by these devices is lethal (and I would call what happened to me in Hoglands Park Southampton -England-, on Saturday an assault), so far worse than any wiff of freedom (sorry marijuana), in the park by any; toddler, lunatic, officer of the law or anyone else!* #FreetheWeed #Legaliseit

*With the proviso that I too object to the stench of corruption, by which I mean the cheesy stink of Triffid (Mr.Wyndham Price!), adieu ....troops long past review..adieu...

"Un-cut" crystals: A few links to merchants providing un-cut/unpolished crystals, "un-cut" is important because it means the stone has not been "imprinted" with the vibrations of a craftsman (something that I prefer to be bespoke and not "off-the-shelf" anyway), although such gems can be imprinted this requires more effort on your part* (after which the stone or gem will be equally effective), generally for vibrational cleansing (and essentially for other vibrational work such as "potentising" -re: the work of Doctors Masaru Emoto and Edward Bach-), uncut sones are far preferable;
(other stockists are available, I recommend you visit your local store and choose your own stones in person wherever and whenever possible).
#WiFiOff: I have never owned a mobile phone and use a direct internet connection from the router at home, I did however find it necessary to request that the WiFi signal from the router was turned off at source by my service provider as no provision is made on commercial routers which would allow the customer to do so themselves, this (if nothing else), should tell you something..


Also see: #WiFi #ClimateChange #Arafel "Peering Through the Clouds of Unknowing" Go to: & "The Synernistic Health Effects Between Chemical Pollutants and Electromagnetic Fields"; #Kirlian and International Appeal: #WiFi #EMR Go to:
For full #WiFi #EMPollution archive.

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