Thursday 2 February 2012

To "Astrotometry"

"My bad" I completely missed your refrence to "The Zone of Silence", I was going to post a longer explanation on YouTube but you have blocked me and as a result half the text was wasted, suffice to say that you are not the only one in a stressful position right now o.k? Here's the remaining text...
"In order to accurately forecast and influence both siesmic and volcanic events John and I will need to integrate our approaches (esp. re: the application of Dr.Masaru Emoto's electron microscopy technique "in the field"). To read more go to medialens ("dot") org/forum pages 1-5 (you'll find an Aug 2009 post where I warned about both the consequences and the cover-up of the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa seismically induced reactor failure in Japan on "What's that Coming Over the Hill?" MLforum p.5)."

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