Friday 10 February 2012

" space?"

Thank you Mr.Branson firstly for endangering all our lives by proselytising for the idea that space is an appropriate place for inadequately prepared amateurs and secondly for royally s**ting your country of birth (who could perhaps help you get your craft accepted by NASA as a serious space exploration vehicle -a truly safer alternative than either rockets or shuttle's-?), this is "free-market" economics alright!
 Again, thanks Dick!

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  1. Quote: "...the M.O.D have been using and abusing all the British and British held territory it can get it's hand's on since it's inception the recent (still occluded), debacle over Vesta's off-shore wind-farm contracts represents one of the greatest abuses of their position (at least of our domestic territory and for the moment ignoring their relationship with all aspects of "Nuclear Power"*), in living memory. Why should this be the case? Without an inclusive guiding philosphy of "dual purpose usage" our military will remain an exclusive cabal which both alienates and is alienated from a large percentage of the population. It is as a direct result of this alienation that we have become capable of the idiocies of defence expenditure and procurement that we have witnessed recently." From "Scrap Metal and Shuttle Diplomacy"