Monday 24 August 2015

Treading the Boards

The first three images are me as High Priest Calchas in "The Golden Masque of Agamemnon" part of the Oresteia sacrificing to the gods (before sacrificing Iphigenia -"an Iphigenia a tooth for a tooth I always say!"- unfortunately I have no pictures of that!). The rest are from "The Royal Hunt of the Sun" by Peter Schaffer where I am Atahualpa "God Emperor" of The Incas. Check out the sets (good story about that Inca Sun Temple set involving one of the triple sun rays and my naked foot), ...! Go to:
 I've only got the highest of praise for the people I worked with (Eddy Applewhite's performances as both Agamemnon and Pizarro were immense and the supporting cast made me stretch too), not one poor performance with The Wallington High School for Girls providing the female members as always and never letting us down, great stage management and ambitious sets.

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  1. Good argument for mixed schools of Wilson's size (500-600)!