Monday 24 August 2015

"Splut" Goes the Weevil!

Large black and white (pamphlet/A4), print of Heinz baked bean can, the top panel reads; "What you..?", underneath in the middle panel is the famous "pouting" photograph of Hitler in lederhosen with his hands on his hips, the bottom panel reads: "talkin' 'bout?!"

Carved wooden bust of Bob Marley (in ebony), all his dreadlocks are used tampons dyed black/red with menstrual blood..untitled..

 Idealised (as in traffic sign), human sized figure in outline against a white background. Figure is made up of images of tank warfare, the face is notable for a slightly off-centre image of a tank gun barrel head-on (Challenger probably), revealing the deep black at the bottom of the barrel (image covers over half of face), in the guts (somewhere), is the famous picture of the blond German soldier with his head in his hands at the battle of Kursk. I don't know about the other images yet (collage of-course -have I seen this one somewhere before though?-).

In the centre of a large room stands a glass case in which there are two substances, sand and metal. The sand provides the base within the glass case on which a projectile sits pointing to the sky. The projectile is bright and shining, reflecting beams of light upon the walls.
The metal is platinum, the projectile is an armoured piercing tank shell.

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