Friday 28 November 2014

"The Omerta's Deceivers"

Having hyped my notion of an "omerta" concerning The Yugoslavian conflict extending to R.T and Al Jazeera and then for R.T to screen a documentary detailing how (from The Russian perspective at least), The U.S State Dept. and  colluding interests within the European Powers conspired to tear Yugoslavia apart, does not invalidate my assertion (initially voice more than 18 months ago). What it does show is how I like most of us here in The West have underestimated the shrewd game the ex-KGB hand still in power in Moscow has been playing (and -to me at least-, somewhat accounts for his "soft-peddling" concerning The Syrian Crisis**), clearly Putin had predicted NATO's (for it is "The Now Actively Treacherous Oligarchy" that includes the U.S that is really in the European driving seat), actions on the streets of Kiev (and knew more than almost all us poor plebs did about "the moves" the European Union and United States of America were planning to make on The Ukrainians), again in my own defence I draw the readers attention to my comments in the autumn of  2009 on my thread; "What's that Coming Over the Hill?", quote: "I touched on the Polish issue in the last post and it bears more than a mention. The Poles (bless 'em), to whom we owe a great deal, would surely have been better served (as would we), if the E.U's unconsidered expansion to the very borders of Mother Russia had not taken place. The Germans who -virtually- single handedly destroyed the fabric of The United Nations by recognising an independent Croatia (another example of the actions of that ubiquitous and seemingly innocuous European butterfly "Chaossisaboundsis"), having done so then colluded with America (again? go to -Edit 21/11/10-), to point missiles up Putin's nose*.
Who spoke for sanity in any effective way at the time? Maybe you guys can name some names but does the public care? Not until "Polski the human crane" moves in next door.
Meanwhile The Empire marches on.
I tracked down the email for Ukranian President Victor Ushenko yesterday (I managed to translate enough Ukranian online to just about send an email requesting an international relations and trade speech site in English -he's is already a "Twitterer" I believe-).
More on "The Kiev Connection" follow....

*Of-course this "European Expansionism" I mention was aided and abetted (some might say "enabled"), by the N.A.T.O bias to the spin on international affairs that was instigated by The German Right (and possibly also the U.S Foreign Office, see link given above).

Dear Victor Ushenko poisoned and Colin Powell*..out of a job...
Having cruised the Ukranian President's website yesterday and finding online translation for Ukranian nearly impossible (possible only for the very smallest bits of text), when I did manage to email I simply suggested an English version of his important speeches (especially those on trade and foreign policy). We should keep ourselves (and be kept), informed of developments in the Ukraine it is an international "key-log" in the fight against oppression."

 However note also in a preceding paragraph, quote: "Ask yourselves how it has come to be acceptable for, for instance; The Russian and American presidents (ostensibly -and in reality- gnashing their teeth over Poland), to cabal themselves during the recent summit in Tokyo, get their heads together on how both to repair the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa reactor ( -Edited 11/12/10-), and keep the whole affair from the public?"

**Edit 01/11/15 This situation has also now changed, Putin having taken time to get some oversight on the crisis is playing his cards close to his chest as he demonstrates that he too can fight an (ostensibly), "humanitarian war" (or "justify his interventionism to the "sheepish-masses" just as often and convincingly as can The West").

 Putin's actions in "annexing" The Crimea are simply a tit-for-tat reaction to U.S attempts to extend its influence by abusing its relationship with The European States (and those same states stupidity in colluding with them), and a long-term strategic aim for Mother Russia because it denies The U.S a possible base in The Black Sea* (go to; "Analysts: Black Sea port in Ukraine still key to Russia's naval interests":
 That R.T should begin to screen documentaries on; "the true nature of The Yugoslavian Conflict" following the denouement of The First Act of this gripping drama is therefore hardly surprising; the scene has moved on, the wheels are in motion....Our  soft-fascism continues too with "The Omerta" in full-force regarding The Greater Europe for once again both Left and Right Wings in Britain have failed to grasp-the-nettle with regard to European immigration. Quote: "How has Pallas Athena offended us so badly as to provoke us to perpetrate these obscenities? Well for one thing The European Union is too big ( ), as Schumacher intimated in "Small is Beautiful";  "a "Greater Europe" will represent an unsupported socio-economic structure and must collapse" (and now the NATO agenda has created precisely the dangerous leviathan necessary to do the demolition work)!
Why should not The Poles (who "don't like" The Germans and consistently produce the lowest turn out of any E.U nation in European elections), The Western Ukrainians (bye bye Crimea!), and the other recently assimilated Eastern European States attend to their own business? Such would surely be both socially and financially better for all of us.
Take the debacle over the Shengen agreement. Really Mr.Major? Your country's citizens got nothing out of that, is Europe only for the businessmen then? It seems so (quote; "The free movement of persons was a core part of the original Treaty of Rome" go to: ). One would think that it would be the job of our country's liberal-left to point out the diminishment of persons that not becoming signatories to The Shengen Agreement represented but noooo as so often where European politics is concerned there was a terrible silence in the oppositional barn." Go to: ""The European Arrest Warrant" Should be Applied to this Bunch!":
 According to both our politicians and the Mainstream Media The British people are faced with a stark choice; either remain in The Greater Europe and go-down-with-the-ship or abandon the vessel completely and take our chances on the open sea! The trouble is a two-state-solution does not suit the monetarised NATO/Trans Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership agenda that now drives European politics (one reason Cameron would really like to see us in rather than out of Europe**). Cameron's attempted bi-partisan stance has already had it's consequences for British democracy, quote: "Those forces within the European Union which are pushing for the federally administrated fascism of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership ("TTIP"), and the "Nato-isation" of Eastern Europe have no interest in democracy such as that represented by the exercise of their rights of self-determination by the European Electorate (or anyone else come to that)! That any politician or any commentator should have considered that entering into a vote on independence for the Scottish People without first determining how Scotland (and the rest of the U.K), would cope economically and continue to trade with the rest of The World should the vote be "Yes" is clearly asinine. Or is it? Not if you depend for your power-base on anachronistic institutions which are anathema to the "modern" (community centred), democratic process it isn't! Perhaps Alex Salmond felt powerless against The Eurasian State but does this excuse his seeming lack of ability to go toe-to-toe with The Euro-fascists on the issue of currency union? Certainly the fire-breathing Euro-dragon has become a formidable and heavily armed opponent for any single postulant or squire." Go to; "The Omerta's Blind Spot?:
 Racists and bigots who wish merely to demonise others and draw attention away from the true causes of the crisis that afflicts us can easily exploit such a polarised situation, this is why the rights of self-determination and the free movement of persons are essential to the health of European democracy.The Americans say: "it's the economy stupid" but is that because they are? The cultural, religious and ethnic problems which beset Europe in The Twentieth Century were to be ameliorated and the previous hurts repaired (eventually), by the integration (at least partially), of the formerly warring European States, surely it is therefore no lie to state that Europe has failed in its endeavours when  war becomes the only solution (and -yet again-, and arm-of-business), as in the cases of both Yugoslavia and The Ukraine***?

*Not an aim it is impossible to sympathise with especially when you live (as I do), close to an American base on British soil.
 **What posturing! What duplicity! Surely dear reader the man who portrays himself as a "reluctant European" would not have signed-up our National Health Service to the TTIP agenda? Quote: "The UK government has no plans to exclude the NHS, or any other public service, from the free trade agreement which is being negotiated between the EU and US.
Speaking to journalists today, Trade Minister Lord Livingston said the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) would not have any impact on the NHS and, therefore, the UK negotiation team will not be pushing for its exclusion.
"The idea that this will lead to privatisation of the NHS is not true," Livingston said, adding that individual procurement groups will make decisions over whether to use US healthcare providers and that should TTIP come into effect, "the NHS will still look like it does today".
The statement serves to clarify the government's stance and comes despite pressure from trade unions and NGOs to veto the inclusion of public services in TTIP." Go to; "TTIP: Government Will Not Exclude NHS From Free Trade Agreement":
***What value The Nobel Peace prize when it is given (unearned and undeserved), to those who go on to perpetrate and perpetuate war?


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