Saturday 22 November 2014

"A New Cold War"

There are many types of "cold" just as there are many types of "heat" but to continue to characterise the current antagonism and proxy conflict between The NATO Countries and Russia as; "a new Cold War" is utterly duplicitous (I say "duplicitous" rather than asinine because I'm sure that many of the major players in the bloody soap opera which is The Ukrainian Crisis are well aware that they are exploiting; ethnic, social and cultural divisions which should have been left on The Twentieth Century's battlefields). It is a sham that is easily exposed once the real-politik is examined; NATO was formed in order to take on The Comintern but whatever "one" says about Putin he is no Communist, that is not to say however that the current antagonism between East and West has not developed from the economically determined conflicts of the Twentieth Century (which is also not to say that there were no other reasons for war simply that it is the economic imperative that has prevailed, quote: "It just gets worse..."Newsnight" (say for instance), want some talking heads to discuss The European Union so they get economists, infact with a determination that Karl Marx himself might have admired such journalists and broadcasters invariably chose to consult...economists (however I doubt very much that Marx would have admired the economists they choose). It is "as if" we are no longer members of a society (a "body politic" perhaps but even that is now infected with the "Matrix-like" ability to transform all politicians into "economists"), for the social implications of any event or policy decision are desublimated to the economic realm. "Bani Walid! Mustapha Leak!" (somewhere), but not on the BBC or any other domestic media in the U.K ("He'll be vague, ask for Hague!"). Unfortunately although the U.K population is now able to access good quality news broadcasting services from elsewhere in The World as never before (and the full effect on the U.K population of sudden exposure to broadcasters like, Max Keiser, Abby Martin or Thom Hartmann on Russia Today -"R.T"-, or the excellent documentaries on "Al Jazeera" -for instance-, cannot as yet be assessed), the "omerta" concerning discussion of the true nature of The Yugoslavian conflict and the economic, social and political consequences of "The Wider European Union" that is so rigidly adhered to and enforced by The European Media applies to R.T* and Al Jazeera as-well (whose collusion indicates both the true extent of the omerta's influence and it's source). Russia's behaviour (and that of the westernised arab states), which is similar to that of America with regard to foreign and domestic policy dictates that such should be the case, for just as it is not in N.A.T.O's interest to encourage stability in the middle east it is not in Russia's to encourage the formation of an Eastern European economic and political community (whatever did happen to ours?), Russia's embrace of monetarist values and "laissez-faire" ensures that her foreign policy decisions are taken solely in order to maximise short term profits for a small group of people in just the same way as are those of the member states of N.A.T.O." Go to: "The "European" Omerta." ).
Observers who insist (because many depend upon), stoking the fires of hysteria with regard to a nuclear stand-off between the old enemies are as guilty of perpetuating Orwellian double-think as are the perpetrators, War (even "Cold War"), is not peace! As in the-meat-grinder of Stalingrad you are likely to be shot by your own side if you refuse to fight. Our former evolutionary and environmental concerns have metamorphosed but are still being driven by capital's "Exceptional Manifest Destiny", however I'm sure Orwell would have appreciated the counter-intuitive nature of the transformation especially as we witness the creation of the faux-hegemonic totalitarian oligarchies he so feared (but they are vital to monetarism's survival and not the product of The International!).

*Quote: "That R.T should begin to screen documentaries on; "the true nature of The Yugoslavian Conflict" following the denouement of The First Act of this "gripping" drama is therefore hardly surprising; the scene has moved on, the wheels are in motion...." Go to:

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