Wednesday 26 November 2014

"American "Justice" re: #Ferguson."

If I have one criticism of Rev. Al Sharpton and the others it is this; "How can you fight what is clearly a racist, bigoted and sectarian system without dealing with the "root-and-branch" issues with regard to the judiciary and sentencing structures?" American justice is a joke in the rest of the World but the dear old Isolationist (which despite its "influence" the U.S still is), Stars and Bars doesn't seem to realise this. Why? Well it's not so much the courts (which have their problems but this is true of court systems throughout the World), but the clearly prejudiced nature of the processes which lead to convictions which carry the death sentence and the length of many of the other sentences they pass which might as well be (some might say that "one" would be better-off)!
 It used to be the case (before being cleverly subverted by the extension of its influence), that the U.S would at least be influenced by the more liberal and less hysterical judicial and sentencing policies of "The Old Countries" (we -having instigated the practice-, abandoned slavery earlier and have outlawed capital punishment), but the Jehovah Complex that drives the notion that there is any meaning -or any justice-, in sentencing someone for; two, three, four, five times their natural lifespan (which seems most infantile to the European "reasoning mind"), shows just how much distance really exists between the North American and European cultures. What the practice of passing such ("draconian" hardly covers it), ludicrous sentences displays is a deep insecurity in the American psyche, the attempt being not just to control this but also subsequent generations whose actions against those who claim (so long and loudly), to represent the spirit and philosophy of the Founding Fathers it is feared must be prevented. This policy attempts (esp. whilst  "Republicanism" is wedded to support for the hereditary principle -all very "Democratic"-), to ensure the continuance of the control that a small number of families have over the American people (and enshrine it in the Tabernacle of the Law for a thousand years!). Until The United States finally negotiate these pubescent problems they will remain a powerfully muscled but spotty faced teenager in the School of Law. Perhaps their attempt at "generational authority" is a function of The Frankenstein Complex that has lead the U.S furthest down the road to the creation of slave-life that the practice of genetic modification represents! After all if you can clone people you can make their genes serve the sentences you inflict, then at least "JUSTICE" would be seen to be done (something the instigators of these crimes against humanity crave to fuel their pathological megalomanias)!

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