Sunday 23 November 2014

"Promoting "The Brand" and the New Media"

"Honey, I'm the original one-eyed chicklet in the kingdom of the blind. 'Cause at least I admit the world makes me nuts."

Do we understand the "New Media"? Is the internet really a place of innovation and creativity? It seems to me that we are too easily fooled by the seductive notion that communication and inclusivity naturally flow from the boundless cornucopia of technological innovation. "You get what you pay for" Silicon Valley may argue (without of-course actually contributing to the debate themselves), and "they" would be right! Talking the talk involves walking the walk but in order to ambulate a grasp of what represents true content is essential! Linked to the corporate structure? Yes, but that's like saying don't use any branded products at all, the responsibility of freedom lies with each and every one of us but our "homo-genius" society teaches individualism not team work. Of-course not all technological innovation is even safe to use but "one" can see the influence such devices have on our culture and discourse! Like nuclear power there are no upsides to; cell-phones, Wi-Fi, mobile-phones etc. they represent a method of thought-control whose influence and authority are reinforced by the collusion of those who wish to remain in denial. Such denial makes compliant sheep who will walk happily to the slaughter but I do not wish to be among them. Do they steal away the spirits.....


? Do they damage yours?

"Soul-less" does what it says on the tin, which is why I believe Russel Brand and others should be involved in bringing some true "Soul" (and Blues and Reggae etc. etc.), back to "The Web" and creating on on-line platform for debate and creativity free of the old-empires of "Auntie Beeb" and the rest, investment would be required of course but we can "Crowd-Fund" for goodness sake; "we have nothing to lose but our chains"!

Also see; ""We've got you surrounded!" (The threats to our bodies' bio-magnetic fields)" Go to:

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