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Oppose; "plans for a tunnel to bypass the neolithic site"

If you don't believe this, quote: "I would also point out that the implications of the work of Michael Poynder R.I.P (and many others), and the spiritual and religious traditions of "The Old Religion" which remain extant in our culture (despite the centuries of persecution at the hands of those who have called themselves "Christian"), suggest that there are "good and solid" geological reasons for the placement of many (if not all), of the Neolithic sites in these islands which relate to the movement of water below the surface and the subtle conductivity of the rocks and minerals themselves." Go to; ""The Cerridwen" an Update on the Mesolithic, Neolithic and Bronze Age Landscape": , ""Earth Stars! Michael Poynder (R.I.P), as Promised in "What's that Coming Over The Hill?""" Go to:
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"Anyone Fancy a Round of Golf?

Tunnels can be dangerous, one imagines tunnels underwater especially so. Tunnels are not suitable as answers for transport management systems in "our" ("our" if you're "British" that is), areas of significant ancient religious use (Hey a new acronym! A.S.A.R.U -Hmmm ....areas of "SARU"-), which means in effect that in Britain, Brittany* (other parts of France and other N.W European countries), and Ireland, tunnelling (and quarrying), should be approached with the utmost care and with reference to authorities who understand the nature of the "S.A.R.U" of the area.

*"The History of Brittany
People probably lived in the region before 8000 BC. The first known, but unidentified peoples, built the great prehistoric megalithic monuments, known as menhirs and dolmens, that still stand. These were probably constructed between 3500 and 1800 BC, and are located near the town of Carnac and at other sites. When the Celts migrated here they, in all likelihood, intermingled with the prehistoric peoples, and built the region into a confederation of Cymric Celtic tribes." Go to

Twyford Down

Twyford Down was just such a place (actually although it was "such a place" nothing that happened there was "just").
Modern archaeologists (especially the social and agricultural historians amongst them), may have some understanding of what was lost at Twyford Down (and to be honest it still is a truly painful subject for me to talk about).
However... those who understand that the colonisation of the major landmass areas of these islands only ever took place once in humanity's history* , should also understand that this "Rosy Cross" is a unique tabula rasa for agricultural scientists (because of its "quartered" nature), and as a result it's history represents one of the most complete and easily assimilable works of applied "astrologomal"** science imaginable (or at least it did -never try and teach maths without also teaching spacial awareness-).
Why it now may not be is because of the rape of Twyford. You see, back when the ice sheets first began to retreat and people started to colonise these Islands on a large scale the south of Britain was ipso facto colonised first (given our current post "Flood" planetary orientation***). This meant that places such as The New Forest, Hengistbury Head, Twyford Down and others were the very first to be used as social, religious and agricultural centres. As such this of-course makes them our oldest archaeological "seed libraries", without which; climate data, ecological relationships, social interactions, religion, biology and "astrologomy" cannot be studied .

*(Edit 12/07/10 at least in a modern "agricultural" sense -and I may be accused of something of the same myself given the slightly "ham-fisted" nature of this edit- as I am advised by the recent discovery of one million year old (approx.) flint tools belonging to Homo Antecessor in Britain. Go to )

**("Astrologomy"= astrology/astronomy, I'm convinced S.A.M -"Stone Aged Man"- would have laughed at the idea of "splitting the sky in two" either that or considered the notion very bad medicine indeed!)" Go to: "What's that Coming Over The Hill?": ,

...there is no way "we" can protect this, quote; "A tunnel is set to be built under Stonehenge to relieve one of Britain’s most traffic-congested roads.

Chancellor George Osborne is expected to commit hundreds of millions of pounds to give the long delayed project the go-ahead.

It would end years of debate over the infamous bottleneck on the A303, which runs right past the World Heritage Site in Wiltshire.

It will also provoke furious opposition from campaigners, who fear a tunnel could damage the hugely important 5,000-year-old site, visited only last month by US President Barack Obama.

Traffic jams on the A303, one of the main routes into the South West, have plagued motorists for decades – prompting a local MP to brand it the ‘devil’s highway’." Go to; "Stonehenge traffic jams to be consigned to history as Government dusts off plans for a tunnel to by-pass the neolithic site":

Future generations deserve better than a shoddy and compromised response to the Stonehenge sites traffic management issues!

Quote; "AMESBURY, ENGLAND—The site of a Mesolithic camp known as Blick Mead, or Vespasian’s Camp, could be destroyed if a new 1.8-mile-long tunnel for the A303 is dug near Stonehenge. The 6,000-year-old camp is located about a mile and a half away from the monument, and is thought to have been occupied by hunter-gatherers who returned to Britain after the Ice Age. The bones of aurochs, flint tools, and possible structures have been uncovered. “Our only chance to find out about the earliest chapter of Britain’s history could be wrecked if the tunnel goes ahead,” David Jacques of the University of Buckingham told Buckingham Today. A team from the university uncovered the 7,000-year-old remains of a meal of frogs’ legs and a natural spring at the site. To read more about the site, see "Frog Legs Eaten in Mesolithic England ." 

Go to; "Blick Mead in Path of Proposed Stonehenge Tunnel":
The U.K Government's Responsibilities.
Quote; "Article 4 of the World Heritage Convention, it is the duty of each State party to "ensure the; identification, protection, conservation, presentation and transmission to future generations" of its World Heritage Sites. 
 Each State is committed to "to do all it can to this end, to the utmost of its own resources and, where appropriate, with any international assistance and cooperation, in particular, financial, artistic, scientific and technical, which it may be able to obtain."
Link to World Heritage Convention" Go to:
"Geo"-"metry" = "Measuring the ground" Pythagorian geometry's precurser  was Brythonic "spacial awareness" math ("we have no "papyri" fair princess!"),


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