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"Wicked Leeks!"


Dioxins and Furans (Incineration)

Nuclear Power

NB. Given the recent earthquakes and tsunami in Japan and the effect thay have had upon both The Japanese and International nuclear power industry I refer the reader to my more recent threads on this forum concerning the subject.


International Society of Doctors for the Environment

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A.I.D.S (serious researchers need to read this book)


"We greatly appreciate your contact but feel that you may have misinterpreted the contraindications of applied and pseudo-applied plant sterol dilations. As I'm sure you're aware, G. S. Milner postulates in his opus "Fjords and Causeways: Transmutation of a Gene" that any systematic in vivo attempts to replicate G.D.S. steroid re-application are invariably futile. Apropos of these latest discoveries we are at this time unable to shift on either S.I.D.S. protocol, nor reinspect valve fittings. However, we thank you for bringing our attention to these matters."


All I said was; "were they aware of the work of Keith and Linda Scott, "Moducare" or ?" Witness the sectarian sh**storm of a response. Talk about touchy subjects eh?
The National Anti-Vivisection Society's -now infamous- document "The Silent Threat from Bio-Medical Research and the Creation of A.I.D.S", has been extant for over 20 years but we still get this divisive crap from those who should know better.
I have been interested in the nest of sectarianism that is the A.I.D.S debate since it's inception.
You see I am the purveyor of the strange notion that preventative methods against the contraction of A.I.D.S could have been employed a quarter of a century ago. The guys at have been working on an Aloe Vera Barbadensis based lubricant and been given an ethical award for their work.
However Rex Maughan who founded Forever Living Products (a very ethically aware multi-level marketing based company which holds the patent for Aloe Vera Barbadenisis stabilisation), could have been working on this for years. One is forced to ask oneself why he hasn't.
To prevent fissures and strengthen tissue there is no finer substance than Aloe Vera, currently I recommend a douche for the appropriate orifice and the insertion of pieces of hand filleted aloe vera gel. Of-course if one is indulging in risky behaviour condoms should also be used (for an update on the bone marrow transplant method of AIDS treatment go to: and , quote: "

As well as having the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), the Boston patients both also had a type of blood cancer called lymphoma, for which they were treated using bone marrow transplants – one man in 2008 and the other in 2010.
They continued taking the antiretroviral AIDS drugs, but eight months after each patient’s transplant, doctors found they could not detect any sign of HIV in their blood.
In the early part of 2013, both patients decided to stop taking their AIDS drugs and both appeared to remain HIV-free – prompting their doctors, Timothy Henrich and Daniel Kuritzkes from Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital, to announce at a conference in July that they may have been cured.
Yet in December came news that one of the men had begun to show signs of an HIV rebound by August, while the second patient had a relapse in November.
Henrich said the virus’s comeback underlined how ingenious HIV can be in finding hiding places in the body to evade attack efforts by the immune system and by drug treatment.
“Through this research we have discovered the HIV reservoir is deeper and more persistent than previously known and that our current standards of probing for HIV may not be sufficient,” he said, adding that both patients were “currently in good health” and back on antiretroviral therapy.")
Keith and Linda Scott are looking for ways to address the condition post contraction without partaking of the old paradigm.

"As I'm sure you're aware, G. S. Milner postulates in his opus "Fjords and Causeways: Transmutation of a Gene"*

*..and I thought "Slatibartfast" was still doing the fiddly bits!

To be fair (and a touch more professional), the response mechanisms of endocrinic systems and the existence or otherwise of a coherent precursic principle governing same are still very controversial subjects amongst physicians (Edited 12/12/10). My own research (which is unfinished), has lead me to be of the opinion that statements such as; "systematic in vivo attempts to replicate G.D.S. steroid re-application are invariably futile," are not wholly defensible."


On a number of my threads I mention the work of James Vogh (R.I.P -specifically his book "The Thirteenth Sign" which is mainly concerned with the ancient "Brythonic" thirteen month calendar-), in his book "The Thirteenth Sign" he describes a method of contraception based on the astrology of the lady concerned (specifically that of the phase of the moon at her time of birth which -he claims-, then regulates her ovulation and periods of fertility for the rest of her life). This method has been researched by "Dr. Eugene Jonas (and others, also see:, a Czech psychiatrist and gynecologist", quote: "
According to the research of Dr. Eugene Jonas (pronounced YohNash), a Czech psychiatrist and gynaecologist, the answer to all the above is emphatically yes! In fact, when tested on 10,000 women, Dr. Jonas Cosmo-Fertility concept was found to be 97 per cent reliable. Certainly one of the most awesome discoveries of the century in terms of its significance for modern women, you'd think the astrological cycle method would be common knowledge. Then, why don't more couples know about it?

Dr. Jonas research began in 1956 as a result of having stumbled upon a fragment of an ancient Babylonian-Assyrian text which read: Woman is only fertile during a certain phase of the moon. Unfortunately, the ancient astrologers offered no explanation as to which phase of the moon they were referring.".......
...."So, how does this most natural, precise, and chemical-free form of contra/or con/ception work? The key is in understanding rule number 1. Quite simply, if a woman were born, for example, during a New Moon, she would be fertile during the New Moon each month. If she were born with the Sun and Moon at a 60-degree angle, as occurs five days after the New Moon, she would become fertile when the Sun and Moon were at a 60-degree angle each month and for a period either side of this peak period regardless of her menstrual cycle. To find out where the Sun and Moon were at your moment of birth, you'll need to give an astrologer precise information as to the date, time and place of birth and ask for a chart that tells you the angle.

Under Jonas system, a woman enters her cosmofertility period two days prior to the recurrence of the sun/lunar return. So, if she is using this method as a means of contraception, she should practice abstinence (or some other form of birth control) 36 hours before and 12 hours after the angle passes. Francesca Naish, an Australian astrologer specializing in finding conception dates, suggests adding safety margins for possible error, egg and sperm life. (see diagram). The results are a 4-day lunar interval that repeats once per lunar month, or every 29-1/2 days.

More on Fluorosis

The astute may have observed that I refer to fluorosis rather than fluoridation above, this is because I believe that any use of flouride (either topically or internally), leads to fluorosis.
Consider the well known scenario of the swift bone-breakage of the recently retired, many of these cases occur to those who seem insulted by their experience; "Why?" they ask, "Has this occured to me? I have taken care of my own health all my life (including me teeth)!". That's the problem; "including your teeth", if one has been assiduously cleansing one's teeth with a toothpaste containing fluoride all your life the fluoride will have bio-accumulated in your skeletal system (the maximum absorption level being around 70%), and compromised your bone-strength and densisty to such an extent that a break in early retirement becomes far more likely.

Quote: "NYSCOF: Fluoride Linked to Bone Cancer, Again

NEW YORK, June 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Newly available research, out of Harvard
University, links fluoride in tap water, at levels most Americans drink, to
osteosarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer(1). The Environmental Working Group
(EWG), a highly-regarded Washington DC-based organization, urges that fluoride
in tap water be declared a known or probable cancer cause(2), based on this
and previous animal and human studies, reports the New York State Coalition
Opposed to Fluoridation.
Elise Bassin, PhD writes, in her April 2001 Harvard doctoral thesis, " ...
for males less than twenty years old, fluoride level in drinking water [about
1 part per million] during growth is associated with an increased risk of
According to EWG, "Research dating back decades, much of it government
funded, has long suggested that fluoride added to drinking water presents a
unique cancer risk to the growing bones of young boys." (3)
Citing a strong body of peer-reviewed evidence, including the Bassin
study, EWG urges an expedited review of fluoride for inclusion in a U.S.
government report of substances known or feared to be cancer-causing in
humans. (2)
Richard Wiles, EWG's Sr. Vice President, told the British newspaper "The
Observer," "I've spent 20 years in public health trying to protect kids from
toxic exposure. Even with DDT, you don't have the consistently strong data
that the compound can cause cancer as you now have with fluoride." (4)
High-quality epidemiological studies show a strong association between
fluoride in tap water and osteosarcoma in boys, reports EWG.
EWG's Wiles writes, "The safety of fluoride in America's tap water is a
pressing health concern ... the weight of the evidence strongly supports the
conclusion that millions of boys in these [fluoridated] communities are at
significantly increased risk of developing bone cancer as a result."
"The Harvard dissertation ... obviously had merit because Bassin was
awarded her doctorate," writes The Observer.
Fluoride is added to water supplies in a questionable attempt to reduce
tooth decay. Pro-fluoridation studies are outdated and flawed as revealed in
British (5) and U.S. reviews of the literature (6)." Go to

The N.U.M

Depleted Uranium

We attacked Iraq twice because we could "balance the books" by using depleted uranium.

"Nuclear Power = Nuclear Weapons! No Joke!"

Cannabis (hypocrisy)

Can we therefore expect a rise in anti-social behaviour and violence by multiple-sclerosis sufferers ("on a good day" of-course)?!

Hammond's Follicles

If mercury is not absorbed into the human bloodstream from in situ dental amalgams (as the British Dental Association and others claim), how was Richard Hammond on his "Braniac" programme able to detect mercury in a female subject's hair-strands claiming that; "The mercury in the woman's teeth has been absorbed by her follicles"? There was (of-course), no connection made on the programme between the claims of the B.D.A and Mr.Hammond's "amazing discovery".

If we can prove the above it gives us one more reason not to tolerate the following..

Compromised Vaccines

 Quote: "(NaturalNews) The Obama administration's war on carbon is advancing the battle lines to coal production, with a new proposal by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to attain a 30 percent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions from energy production by 2030. Based on the premise that natural carbon is causing man-made global warming, the proposal aims to push energy companies to invest more in renewable energy technologies and cut pollutants like arsenic and mercury from the equation.

According to The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), the new rules would apply to hundreds of fossil fuel energy plants across the country, including 600 coal-fired power plants. Though carbon emissions have been steadily dropping on their own since 2005, the EPA's requirements would forcibly restrict carbon output and force energy producers to participate in new cap-and-trade programs with set limits on carbon release.

"Each state will have different reduction standards, and the national average will be 25% by 2020 and 30% by 2030," explains WSJ, noting that further details about the plan have yet to be unveiled. "The rule gives states and companies as many as 15 years to comply."

The plan coincides with a recent ruling by a federal appeals court upholding EPA-proposed rules from 2011 which aim to curb the release of mercury, lead, arsenic and other heavy metals and pollutants from coal and oil burners. Those rules were set in motion by the Obama administration on the basis that mercury is a highly toxic poison that harms children, particularly during early childhood development.

"Mercury is a potent neurotoxicant," explains a report by the Environment America Research & Policy Center. "Mercury exposure during critical periods of brain development can contribute to irreversible deficits in verbal skills, damage to attention and motor control, and reduced IQ."

Mercury is okay in childhood vaccines, but not in coal power plants

This is all true, of course, and fully substantiates the administration's move to limit mercury exposure from air pollution by 90 percent or more in the coming years. What does not make sense, however, is why Obama has remained completely silent about the continued use of mercury in childhood vaccines, which is a much more significant threat due to concentrated doses of this chemical being injected directly into children's muscle tissue.


As we recently reported, batch flu vaccines pushed on young children and pregnant mothers are loaded with mercury. The popular influenza vaccine FluLaval, made by drug giant GlaxoSmithKline, for instance, was found by the Natural News Forensic Food Lab to contain mercury at levels of up to 51 parts per million. This is more than 25,000 times greater than the maximum contaminant level for inorganic mercury in drinking water set by the EPA.

Breathing in mercury from the air or consuming it in tainted fish each comes with their own respective risks. But having mercury injected directly into muscle tissue is a whole different animal, and regulators have been mysteriously silent on the immense risks associated with this common practise, including the likelihood that elemental mercury will cross the blood-brain barrier and accumulate in brain tissue.

"[T]himerosal [is] a mercury-based preservative with a highly questionable history," explains the Alliance for Natural Health USA (ANH-USA) about the mercury component of vaccines. "[A] 2009 study published in the journal Toxicological & Environmental Chemistry found that thimerosal induces neural damage similar to that seen in autism patients--even in low levels."

Visit and for more information and breaking news on vaccines and heavy metals such as mercury, respectively." Go to:

Mind Control? Ask CNN

and NATO

Star Wars.

(NB. A swift perusal of what is available on-line -now-, about Montauk Point -the subject of the and files referred to as "unnavigable" from the thread above- convinces one that the only people now allowed to talk to anyone concerning the subject are either "loonies" or "loonies")


"What has this to do with our environmental concerns?"

I believe that the integrity of the body's bio-magnetic field is compromised by the use of such devices.

Also see;..
Both our individual bodies' bio-magnetic fields and the planet's are under attack in many ways.

Dental amalgams can also have a direct effect on the body's bio-magnetic field, go to

More Dangerous Dentistry?

"Dental composites are complex mixtures of materials that generally consist of an organic resin matrix, reinforcing inorganic filler and a silane-coupling agent, which connects the filler and the resin matrix. Sometimes known as "white filling" or "synthetic porcelain", composites are commonly used as a tooth-colored restorative material, for example in the fabrication of fillings and veneers, and the cementation of crowns. Composites without the filler and coupling agent are commonly used as sealants, which effectively isolate pits and fissures to help prevent caries in adults and children.

Composite resins are formulated from a mixture of monomers and are most commonly based on bisphenol A glycidyl methacrylate, usually abbreviated as bis-GMA and sometimes known as Bowen's monomer after it's inventor. Because of the new treatment options made available, bis-GMA based composites are considered to be one of the most significant innovations of modern dentistry.

In addition to bis-GMA, composite resins generally include other monomers to modify the properties of the resin, for example bisphenol A dimethacrylate (bis-DMA), ethylene glycol dimethacrylate (EGDMA) and triethylene glycol dimethacrylate (TEGDMA). Although several key components of composite resins are derived from BPA, there is no known use of BPA itself in composite resins.

Composites and sealants are provided and applied in the form of a paste or viscous liquid, which is then cured or hardened after application by polymerization of the resin with a UV or visible light treatment. In addition to monomers and fillers, composites also may contain initiators, to promote polymerization from light treatment, and stabilizers, to maximize storage of the uncured resin and stability of the cured resin. (Soderholm and Mariotti, 1999; Guertsen, 1998)." From


"Tooth-coloured fillings
Tooth-coloured filling materials don't contain mercury. However, there have been concerns that they release a chemical called bisphenol A. This chemical is also used in the manufacture of some food packaging and water pipes.

Bisphenol A appears to copy the action of human oestrogen hormones and has been linked to breast cancer, prostate cancer and male infertility. The British Dental Association has looked into this and found that most filling materials don't release bisphenol A. There is no evidence of harm from this type of filling. However, this chemical is being used less in newer filling products*." From

*Italics mine.

BPA Hazard with Dental Fillings, Sealants Studied UNC Health Care,P10068

"Americans are exposed to the hormone-disrupting chemical, BPA, at levels eight times higher than those recommended by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, according to a new study. Researchers from the University of Missouri and Washington State University reached that conclusion after tests showed that the effects on animals of the chemical bisphenol A, or BPA — a potentially harmful compound found in thousands of everyday plastics, including bottles — is more relevant to human health than previously thought." From

BPA Increases Cadmium Toxicity

"Typically, the best way to treat cadmium poisoning is to remove the contaminated object and treat the individual symptoms. For instance, your child may have to take medications to relax the airways so that wheezing is decreased.

Sadly, if the exposure is prolonged, it can result in serious and permanent health complications, such as damage to your liver and kidneys. Additionally, it can cause brain damage if the child absorbs the chemical at a young age. To protect your child from this, you should avoid cheaply made jewelry and metal items that your child may put in and around his or her mouth." From

Genetic Modification

Credit where credit is due however, this is kinda' where I was going next...

M.o.D not involved in the off-shore wind-farm issue? 
Link no longer sound? So what; "We We Do" is no longer sound?

If "poverty is the worse form of violence" is not isolation the worst form of torture? Letter to Commanding Officer, US MCB Quantico Brig: Re: The conditions of incarceration prior to court martial of Private First Class Bradley Manning.

On "Mobile Phones" (a "toothsome"article)

Strongest search engine response ever seen online by this researcher ("Yes, but an ostrich succeeds in appearing to be other than it is")
Search.. "Possible effects of mobile phones and Wifi technology on human nervous system"

Closely followed by the response for another inquiry
("No, that's an elephant")

..and the following is no "Wikileak" either
"US Department of Defense is the Worst Polluter on the Planet" From "Project Censored"

E.U Ban on Herbal Medicines
"How long do you think it will be before they ban us too boyo?"

"Just as they're coming on look-you!"
"Most excellent" post by one of our message board members....

"Study links mobile exposure to behavioural
: problems in children
: A study (see below for abstract) has linked
: prenatal and postnatal exposure to mobile
: phones to behavioural problems in children.
: Children that had both types of exposure
: were 50% more likely to exhibit behavioural
: problems than unexposed children.
: The study is an upgrade of a 2008 study by
: the same authors which found an even
: stronger association. The new study,
: however, controlled better for confounders.
: As an association is not in itself proof of
: cause and effect, it is open to other
: interpretations.
: NHS downplays:
: " ..........also........................

: "“This study is not robust evidence that
: mobile phones cause bad behaviour in
: children. There may be a number of other
: factors affecting behaviour that have not
: been taken into account in this research. It
: is also unlikely that mothers would be able
: to recall accurately their mobile use in
: pregnancy, seven years after giving birth.”
: “Research to date appears to show that these
: devices are not harmful to children, but it
: is better to take precautions.”
: “They point out that the last decade has
: seen a large increase in mobile phone use
: and during the same period an increase in
: childhood behavioural problems”
: “The study has further limitations. For
: example, it is unlikely that mothers would
: be able to recall accurately and in detail
: their mobile phone use during pregnancy,
: some seven years later.”
: [This last point is slightly misleading. Its
: author has already accepted the association,
: and ignores the fact that the same outcome
: was found in the previous study. Also that
: both studies found an association with child
: postnatal exposure irrespective of any
: recall issues]
: “It is also worth pointing out that although
: the increase in risk of behavioural problems
: sounds large, the vast majority of children
: had no behavioural problems, with only about
: 6% being considered abnormal or borderline”
: Talking down a 3% risk of your child’s
: behavioral problems is hardly preventive
: medicine at its best!
: “Child health and environmental health
: experts have pointed out that it is
: difficult to see how mobile use could affect
: an unborn baby. They say that the
: radiofrequency radiation that mobile phones
: emit is highly localised to the part of the
: head closest to the phone and there is no
: evidence to suggest that other parts of the
: body are affected”
: This is BBC-esque, somehow finding a medical
: professional to talk in isolation about
: “parts of the body” not being affected.
: Strong evidence exists that mobile radiation
: causes oxidative stress, affects melatonin
: levels, weakens the blood-brain barrier,
: affects nitric oxide release, calcium
: efflux, blood changes etc. And after all,
: the baby doesn’t dangle on the mothers back
: by a piece of string.""
: Walter

NB I only use a land-line and "ethernet" at home

Typically "Clean-Feed" from the Guys at Yale
..putting our institutions to shame..

"Bee Populations in U.S.
Have Declined Sharply, Study Shows
Populations of four of the eight common species of bumblebees in the United States are in steep decline, falling by up to 96 percent in recent decades, according to a study by researchers at the University of Illinois. The study, which compared present-day estimates of bee abundance with historical data Wikimediacollected by museums, also showed that the geographic ranges of the four species had contracted by 23 to 87 percent. The study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, said the likely causes of the steep drop in bumblebees were disease, increasing use of pesticides, and low genetic diversity among bee populations as farmers rely on a small number of species to pollinate their crops. The sharp drop in bee numbers could have profound implications for the pollination of wild and farmed plants, as bees pollinate 90 percent of the world’s commercial plants, including most fruits, vegetables, and nuts. The study said that the four severely affected bee populations had higher infection levels of a pathogen called Nosemba bombi, which has taken a heavy toll on bee populations in Europe and has now reached the U.S." From ( also follow @YaleE360)

My Comment? Do not discount the synergism which includes; mobile phones, "Blue-tooth", Wi-fi and over-head power cables.

Other Indicators of Change

"Super Soldiers"

"The Overpopulation Myth"; last refuge of The Social Darwinist?

"The Agmatine Cover-Up" How mad is that?

Psychoactive Weapons. What is the truth about their use in the Yugoslavian conflict? See "Frequency:", go to

"The E-Bomb"

"NANO" exposure

Both El_Climate (follow@El_Climate), and The Organic Consumers Association are now major suppliers to the Alliaceae enthusiast.

"The X-Files"

A Gentleman and a Scholar?
"THE SECRET CABAL" PART 5 By Dr. Stanley Monteith March 22, 2011 (go to )

Quote: "About one third of food produced for humans is lost or wasted"
Go to ("tweeted" by The United Nations follow@UN).

Quote: "Nano rules fall foul of data gap"
Go to

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