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"More Archaeological Obfuscation"

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Quote: "I'm a DLA claimant how can I afford £42/year (they are going to throw the travellers off Dale Farm you know)? Neil Oliver's blog is now closed for comment too. Surely freedom of interaction and communication is what history should be about?
I ask why it is that pendulums are being ignored as archaeological evidence? What were they, expensive surveying equipment? Primitive jewelry? Jewelry which consists of sacred spirals engraved on one single piece? Jewelry made from sacred crystals and stones*? According to "modern" theory "Grunty's" animistic religion is only of interest to historians and DOES NOT COMPARE to the "Christian" era imposed on these isles by Rome!

*For images see link to Michael Poynder's work given below.

Quote: "I've just seen "Time Team's" excellent "The Secrets of Stonehenge". I believe that there is much that notions of "Erotic" and "Thanotic" energy can reveal about the true nature of all "A.S.A.R.U""..."The Mesolithic/Neolithic eras of any of the regions on the planet which were habitable during these periods are a fascinating study but Britain (by which I also mean Brittany in N.W France), was a veritable "Cerridwen" ("cauldron" Brythonic/Modern Welsh), of activity at this time.
If we wish to understand the mindset of our ancestors in relation to the colonisation of Britain I believe that we must understand the geological events which preceeded the final retreat of Britain's ice-sheets. To this end I again refer the reader to Peter Warlow's genuinely mind-bending book "The Reversing Earth" ( let's put it this way static conceptions get us nowhere ), and to the work of Adrian Gilbert co-author of "The Orion Mystery" and author of "The Holy Kingdom"; when you then include Michael Poynder's "PI in The Sky" and James Vogh's "The Thirteenth Sign" you should come to one realisation (amongst the meriad), which is that; when "ancient" (careful), man wrote anything down he did so for a reason, materials were too precious and skills too rare to waste on trivialities.

Par exemple oblique..

"Ancient man clearly attempted to build accurate circles, he made many brave attempts (of which Stonehenge is perhaps the best example), but he never quite managed it!"
(in other words "brave try grunty could do better 4/10!")
"Come over here. and get hold of this."
(hands him pointed stick tied to length of rope or heavy twine)
"Right! Ron, you grab this."
(hands "Ron" the other end of the "rope" which is also tied to a pointed stick)
"Right, Ron you stick your end in the ground."
"O.K." Says Ron and does so.
"Harry, you walk away until the rope is taught and then walk around Ron's stick keeping the rope taught whilst scraping the pointed end of your stick in the ground as you do so!"
(after a few attempts they managed to draw a fairly accurate circle)*

*I mean Ron's stick was dislodged a few times before they got the knack and Harry's sobriety was always in question, but they persevered. " From "What's that Coming Over The Hill?" by Williamtheb, go to

Furthermore Oliver suggests that Carnac was "the-final-throw-of-the-dice" of the hunter-gatherer community in N.W Europe, what does The Sacred Brythonic Architecture that followed on The British Isles therefore represent?
He does this at the same time as identifying the existence of, quote: "The largest tsunami the world has ever known" in the N.Sea basin (the consequence of a land-slide), yet he makes no connection between the sacred architecture and the "environmental experience" of the culture."

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All of the above display the geometry seen in this rendering of The Ross Lunula..
There is a dearth of pictures of Brethonic Pendulums online, to me this "lack-of-provision" demonstrates the truly devisive and blinkered attitude of most mainstream archaelogists towards the cultures that they (ostensibly), celebrate. I refer the reader again to the pictures and illustrations in Michael Poynder's (R.I.P), book "Pi in the Sky".

NB. Note the smooth curves of the lunula.

Michael Poynder's work is still the most accessible on the subject of pendulums. He reproduces images from The National Museum of Ireland in his books "Pi in the Sky" and "Lost Science of The Stone Age: Sacred Energy and The I Ching"", however the images are not accessible online, I therefore refer the reader again to Michael's work, the following link (see chapter three "Dowsing for Water"), will take you to pictures of, "Stone Age pendulums from the Irish temple cairns" from Michael Herity's book "Irish Passage Graves" which appear in both of Poynder's books...

That "Fool" Von Daniken.
The History Channel's new "Ancient Aliens" series (also available from BT Vision), seems well researched and funded. There would appear to be much that bears upon the work of; Michael Poynder, Adrian Gilbert, Graham Phillips and James Vogh (aka. John Sladek), and others which is dealt with by examining many "divine myths" as if they were statements of historical fact concerned with actual alien visitations*. Go to

Nb. I do not find such a conception necessary, in-fact I think it detracts from the incredible accomplishments of our ancestors, nevertheless it is "thinking outside the box" and oft concerns itself with much that is ignored by conventional research.

*Esp. in the episodes "Alien's Contacts" and "Gods & Aliens".

(Go to: for pendulums and Michael Poynders' "Earth stars" -now uploaded- )

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