Friday 29 June 2012

"Could "Wikileaks" Sink the Ship?"

"Squeak!" one might squeal...However Mr. Assange seems ("Rushdie-like"), to have attracted a "Waspish Fatwa" and one suspects that he may also have suffered from being "Vanunued"..( ).
One senses that Mr.Assange's "hunt for the truth" would have benefited from a wider demographic. Like Rushdie he seems to think that one achieves more by dramatic martyrdom than considered action, again there is a sense that he is "preaching to the choir".
Could we lose the ability to disseminate vital information about the planet's welfare because certain so-called "Whistle Blowers" have poisoned the well of public confidence in the quest for ever more "sensational" revelations about the major powers?
Where is the information on Kashiwazaki-Kariwa (go to -Edited 11/12/10-)? What really happened to Vesta's off-shore wind-farm contracts? Where did A.I.D.S come from? What is the real cost of depleted uranium usage? How do you make a cow "mad"? Is fluoride really dangerous? Does genetic modification represent a "Frankenstein's Monster"? Will your mobile phone, "Bluetooth" or "Wifi" rot your brain? What is the truth about the incineration industry or the CO2 profile of the nuclear industry? These are the vital questions.
Whilst "Wikileaks" and Mr.Assange attract all the attention to themselves do not their actions also serve to further obscure the already occluded reality of our planetary environment's current state? Will it be necessary for more campaigning environmentalists to be murdered before their work is taken seriously, whilst others congratulate themselves about "what clever boys and girls they are" for pulling one more soft fruit from the already over-stuffed international pie?

"I would rather burn Capitalism over a slow fire than make a "St.Bartholemew's Night" of it's perpetrators." Pierre-Joseph Proudhon

Having said all this of-course the prospect of being forced to observe the beast he has roused then consumming poor Mr.Assange is extremely unedifying.
Clearly the true extent of corruption within our national governments, international corporations and organisations has reached crisis level (but we knew that didn't we?), however over-concentration on the political and military aspects of this infection will surely prove counter-productive and may result simply in a strengthening of the security posture of all national administrations.
One hesitates to fully support Assange because knowing "The Game" of international espionage assures one that one requires more than revolutionary zeal to justify one's actions lest disclosure of state security secrets (esp. military), by such "revolutionaries" to foreign powers, attracts the ire of the original states population and hardens their opinion against other "Whistle Blowers" who are "tarred-with-the-same-brush". One must be able to demonstrate that is in the public's interest that such revelations be made or (as I have said), one risks a "tightening-of-the-grip" by the security services of the state (or international financial cabal), concerned which now feels that that it is mandated to persue such a course.

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Credit where credit is due however....

Regardless of whether we support Mr. Assange in all his ways or not where freedom of speech and information are genuinely compromised we must respond, currently of primary concern to all those "hacks" making copy out of the deluge must be the welfare of Pfc (Private First Class) Bradley Manning, who is currently paying the price for "Wikileaks'" success..... Letter to Commanding Officer, US MCB Quantico Brig:

This is a thought provoking piece... I ask why it is that two women who claim to have been raped have been exposed to such attention?

Other "Voices of Dissent"

Although I ask would not legislation passed barring internet companies from breaching a recognised and internationally sanctioned code of data protection better achieve Morozov's aims than the; "Encryption and security protocols"..which (according to "The Independent"),..."are high on his list"?

"Democracy Now!" Also see "Former Banker Hands Offshore Account Data to WikiLeaks"


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