Saturday 16 June 2012

"What's that Coming Over The Hill?"

"The Environment Movement" is transparently suffering from one major problem, it allows itself to be marginalised.
Why, for instance, do we not have major off-shore wind-farm development scheduled around the British Coast? Because no one in the M.O.D or Government can be bothered to address the radar profile issue seriously enough and no one in The Environment Movement either knows enough about the subject or how to talk to the M.O.D or Government about it.*
Surely at a time when "socialising" the economy means theft from the public purse The Green Party should be pressing sensibly and loudly for the sequestration ( ), of (some of ?), certain banks funds, the expansion of government run publicly funded banking services and the construction of a publicly owned "eco-orientated" motor industry?
Don't even mention dioxins and furans the incinerator issue is too divisive.

* (Edit 09/01/10: following yesterday's announcement of a major expansion in the government's offshore windfarm development programme I have contacted The British Wind Energy Association and will also approach The Minister for the Environment in order to ask similar questions...
"Dear BWEA
As an environmentalist I have been concerned about the radar profile issue and it's implications for the siting of offshore windfarms around the British coast for sometime..
..Following yesterdays' announcement of a major expansion in the government's offshore windfarm development programme I would like to ask if you have any information on the kind of consultation that was entered into (within what could be considered reasonable parameters of disclosure of-course), by the government and perhaps ask if you can give us some idea of your assessment of the new proposals?
I have been in contact with the "Save Vesta's" campaign locally and would like to pass any non-sensitive information you might have on to them." See post following New Year message 2010 below.)

Ask yourselves how it has come to be acceptable for, for instance; The Russian and American presidents (ostensibly -and in reality- gnashing their teeth over Poland), to cabal themselves during the recent summit in Tokyo, get their heads together on how to
repair the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa reactor ( -Edited 11/12/10-), and keep the whole affair from the public?
How is it that the B.B.C can show wonderful pictures of Britain from the air, including aerial shots taken with isotopic-radiation sensitive cameras, but all that Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace can just about manage (with anything like an international profile), is to keep the blood-thirsty Japanese off the whales for another season and ignore all the other oceanic life out there dying of our ignorance.

"..and here we find a child's toy, a poignant reminder of the human cost of this...(insert: "conflict", "earthquake", "meteor-strike" etc.),.." "Drop the Dead Donkey."

You know I could give serious credence to someone who might tell me that "liberal" Western journalists have been paying both Palestinian and Israeli extremists in recent years in order to ensure the continuance of the conflict and the cash-cow that is their supply of pre-soiled-copy to the pious "liberal" masses.
Fashion not withstanding however a fully independent secular Palestinian/Gazan state (in which the nationalisation of foreign immigrants has been normalised and no one religious or ethnic group has an overall electoral majority), must surely be the way forward.

I touched on the Polish issue in the last post and it bears more than a mention. The Poles (bless 'em), to whom we owe a great deal, would surely have been better served (as would we), if the E.U's unconsidered expansion to the very borders of Mother Russia had not taken place. The Germans who -virtually- single handedly destroyed the fabric of The United Nations by recognising an independent Croatia (another example of the actions of that ubiquitous and seemingly innocuous European butterfly "Chaossisaboundsis"), having done so then colluded with America (again? go to -Edit 21/11/10-), to point missiles up Putin's nose*.
Who spoke for sanity in any effective way at the time? Maybe you guys can name some names but does the public care? Not until "Polski the human crane" moves in next door.
Meanwhile The Empire marches on.
I tracked down the email for Ukrainian President Victor Ushenko yesterday (I managed to translate enough Ukrainian online to just about send an email requesting an international relations and trade speech site in English -he's is already a "Twitterer" I believe-).
More on "The Kiev Connection" follow....

*Of-course this "European Expansionism" I mention was aided and abetted (some might say "enabled"), by the N.A.T.O bias to the spin on international affairs which was instigated by The German Right (and possibly also the U.S Foreign Office, see link given above).

Dear Victor Ushenko poisoned and Colin Powell*..out of a job...
Having cruised the Ukrainian President's website yesterday and finding online translation for Ukrainian nearly impossible (possible only for the very smallest bits of text), when I did manage to email I simply suggested an English version of his important speeches (especially those on trade and foreign policy). We should keep ourselves (and be kept), informed of developments in the Ukraine it is an international "key-log" in the fight against oppression.
Victor was poisoned by dioxins whilst pursuing a path of public service, I too suffered similar facial injuries (which subsequently became a chronic condition which has only recently come under my proper control after more than a decade), following an exposure at a commercial incinerator whilst taking pictures of the stack plume at night for Communities Against Toxins Southampton (pictures of same taken by "C.A,T.S" were subsequently published in The Southampton Echo as showing "the wrong kind of smoke").
Nothing has roused the dragon of sectarianism more in The Environment Movement in recent years than either the incinerator or nuclear power issues (we may have achieved parity).
I have been privileged to meet both Dr.Paul Connett, Professor of Chemistry at
St. Lawrence University in New York,
and Dr.Vyvyan Howard former Chief Lecturer in Fetal and Infant Pathology at The Royal Liverpool Children's Hospital (go to for his thoughts on water fluoridation). They are adamant, as am I, that burning plastic waste DOES NOT represent a sustainable solution to our waste problem and that it's by-products (dioxins and furans), represent almost as big a risk to human health as do the by-products of the nuclear industry.
Dioxins and furans are both carcinogenic and mutagenic and effective at any exposure level above zero, as is plutonium.

*The subtlety of whom when leaving the Bush administration, in his recognition of the then -very- imminent threats to Ukranian sovereignty, was not lost on this observer.

Why is it that our local councils can only afford to collect our recyclable and non-recycled goods separately on a fortnightly basis?
The answer is that the government invests half the waste management budget in municipal waste incineration.
Government investment in the incinerator option meant that the current Unitary Authority of Southampton was presented with a 'fait accompli', before the dissolution of the former Hampshire County Council and therefore before a Southampton area majority against the decision could become effective in council. A process in which certain media institutions in the city colluded.
Everywhere incinerators scrounge oil based wastes from the waste stream. In N.Ireland a member of The Environment Committee in the national government, who had made his name in the waste management business, was exposed as flogging non-sorted waste from his recycling plant to the municipal waste incinerator in Liverpool!
The national government invests half our money in recycling (really?), and half in incineration. Unfortunately one represents a sustainable technology the other does not (think about it; oil is consumed, it is never made reusable, by incineration).
No one has so far stood to account for the Liverpool Incinerator's actions, again why?
(Materials Reclamation Facility known as "Murph", never buy a used anything from this Irishman!)
The oxymoron that is "An Unsustainable Economy" will surely be understood as such by any generations we may be fortunate enough to be the antecedents of.
Also, I too was in favour of waste incineration when the idea was first mooted in the early '80s, however logical analysis shows (as it does with the Nuclear Power/CO2 production debate), that the philosophy which informs the idea is (unfortunately), redundant.

These Images show the delicate relationship between The Earth, The Moon and the Sun. Whilst viewing these images imagine many tons* of a very heavy highly radioactive metal being discharged and dispersed into a local environment in which it can particulate in the most efficient manner possible.
Then imagine this particulate dust being thrust into the Northern Jetstream by desert storms (I'm told such things occur).
Then as all this uranium and plutonium ("for it is I Great Plutocrat!"), is circling the Earth and as it does so (falling slowly back to Earth finally to be released over N.W Europe -ie. Britain, The North Sea and Norway for instance-), squeezing, contracting and distorting both The Earth's Magnetosphere (-Edit 15/03/11- "Astrotometric" correlation -see ref: to "Astrotometry" below- The Magnetoshphere is described as an "interactive" boundary ), and its geology.
Squeezing and contracting until..."Pop! Crunch!"...the pressure is released on the opposite side of the planet and WHAM a huge tsunamic event occurs in Sumatra!
Steven.J.Smith where are you now?
(apart from at )

*Regardless of the precise figures involved it is my belief that particulate D.U was responsible for the deaths of 250,000 people.

"At NATO headquarters in Brussels, Britain and the US joined forces to kill off an Italian proposal, backed by Germany, for the alliance's 19 member countries to stop using depleted uranium ammunition until further notice . . . Malcolm Hooper, emeritus professor of medicinal chemistry at Sunderland University, described the Ministry of Defence move as a "cynical betrayal" and "vicious injustice." The MoD, he said, was testing for high-level exposure to soluble material, rather than long-term, low-level, exposure to radiation inside the body. It was indulging in "Mickey Mouse science". GUARDIAN" From "Depleted Uranium; Stories From The Archives of The Progressive Review" (go to )
When I met David (a British corporal), then recently returned from Iraq ( who had been working in bomb disposal in Basra immediately following the taking of the city), he told me that apart from having to dispose of both bombs and body parts on a daily basis he had seen vehicles (against which D.U munitions had been used), which had been politely cordoned off with yellow "crime-scene" tape. We looked at each other and laughed...
..("..and if we knew why the bowl of petunias -did- that we would know a lot more about the Universe than we do at the moment.").
He told me, "I'll go anywhere else but I won't go back to Iraq, it's a mad- house!"

I am also aware that earlier readers (ie. prior to this edit), may have wondered whether I believe that depleted uranium alone was responsible for the Sumatran tsunami. The answer is no I don't, I see it more as the straw the broke the back of the poor camel that had little chance of passing through "The Eye of The Needle" in the first instance!
By which I mean that as a final component of the "unholy synergism" which also includes; nuclear testing, nuclear power, particle beam research, fusion power research (and if Steven.J.Smith is to be believed possibly also "Seismic Weapons" testing), d.u dispersal in the way I have described can be seen as providing the trigger event which caused the Sumatran disaster.

Osama Bin Laden

("No one expects The Spanish Inquisition.")...

"Conceptual Peace?"

In the centre of a large room stands a glass case in which there are two substances, sand and metal. The sand provides the base within the glass case on which a projectile sits pointing to the sky. The projectile is bright and shining, reflecting beams of light upon the walls.
The metal is platinum, the projectile is an armoured piercing tank shell.
The sign underneath reads...
.. "Sabo-tage".

"The Isfahan Conspiracy"

It has happened to me twice like this ..I have been "involved" in something not necessarily of my own volition. On this particular occasion because a friend of mine rents rooms in her house near to Southampton University and is pleased to accept some of the university's foreign students, many (if not all) of whom have been remarkable. However one Iranian stands out in both our memories. Hamid Azedeh is a remarkable man who was granted a remarkable grant by the Iranian authorities (remarkable because I am sure that a British national studying here might easily have a considerable amount of difficulty obtaining funds for same), to study energy medicine at Southampton University at doctorate level. This meant in practise that he was doing his own research. Hamid is also a qualified physician and physiotherapist, he spent some years two miles behind the Iranian frontline during The Iran/Iraq War as a military physician. His proficiency as a practitioner of "Energy Medicine" was demonstrated to me when he diagnosed the nature and extent of my (motorcycling related), spinal injuries remotely without any significant prior knowledge of them.
"Oh the driving! Oh god." Complained my friend, the wife of the local Unitarian Minister Emeritus, having spent some weeks with Hamid and his family in Iran (visiting Isfahan and Tehran). She won't go back she tells me (despite "the smile behind the veil").
Any Hoo..Hamid goes back to
Isfahan (yes the one with the nuclear reactor), and we keep in touch via letter, phone and email. Then the second Gulf conflict erupted, as a result of which...
(visit;*, and
..the depleted uranium issue reared it's head again.
At the time I knew that Hamid was relatively unaware of the depleted uranium threat I therefore informed him of same via email. Hamid however still thinks nuclear power is a good idea (he's a patriot).
"but..oh my God the driving..!"

* I provide a link to The Caduceus Magazine website here. Having used at least two articles from Caduceus as source material for my own anti-depleted uranium campaigning I have requested two back issues from the editors to repopulate my archives having lost the originals. I will let you know which these are.**

** One is an article by James Denver in "Caduceus" issue No:60.

N.B I won't "boost" -which I believe is current nomenclature for repeatedly posting to one's own thread- this thead but I will try to post -and edit when necessary- fairly regularly so please check in!

Funky Fungi

Picea Glehnii is a spruce tree, on it lives a fungus called Penicillium Damascenum; a seed-epiphytic fungi, between them (I believe), they produce a substance known as citrinin, this substance helps prevent "damping off" a fungal condition which affects the roots of the spruce.
Now as we know many of our native hardwood species are threatened by one or other of the Phytophthora genus fungi (primarily Ramorum). I have researched the efforts which are being made to deal with the Phytophora outbreak but so far conventional methods are not providing the answer, I therefore contacted "The Woodland Trust" and suggested that "thief for thief" research into epiphytic/symbiotic methods could provide one.
Thing is, I first saw mention of Penicillium Damascenum in the top left-hand corner of a page in "Gardener's World"!

(I met an Arkansas G.P at who prescribes home cultured; edible, medicinal and psychoactive fungi and mushrooms to his patients.)

Molly Coddling? I would be if I let you get away with it "Mothman".

"The Clarkson Lubricator"

Some say It's a myth..others that there is hanger on an abandoned airfield in Southern England from which inexplicable noises can be heard issuing at night and a figure in white can be glimpsed occasionally in the moonlight.
"An innovative design capable of 0-60 faster than you can say migration, the other interesting size of the cockpit."
Good job we'll only have to use it once...because we have a fuel crisis don't we? Don't we?...............

................maybe not (well at least not permanently). You see I met a man with a friend called "Alvin" one day whilst he was shovelling manure (he was shovelling the manure not Alvin). Any hoo..I says..
"You know that bio-fuels problem?"
"Yes" he says.
"Seems to me it's a volume issue, in that land-cultivated bio-fuels won't ever be able to produce enough for our needs as the volume of fuel/hectare we can obtain from the land is far too small" I says.
"Yes" he says.
"Infact wouldn't some type of marine flora provide far better volume/area?"
"Yes." He says. "Phytoplankton,* we are currently researching the uses of marine flora such as phytoplankton for bio-fuel production."

Other alternatives might be algal or seaweed based perhaps.

*Some of you may not know (I didn't much to my chagrin), that phyto-plankton is floral and zoo-plankton is faunal.

"If.."poverty is the worst form of violence," does it not follow that, "isolation is the worst form of torture"?"

Anyone Fancy a Round of Golf?

Tunnels can be dangerous, one imagines tunnels underwater especially so. Tunnels are not suitable as answers for transport management systems in "our" ("our" if you're "British" that is), areas of significant ancient religious use (Hey a new acronym! A.S.A.R.U -Hmmm ....areas of "SARU"-), which means in effect that in Britain, Brittany* (other parts of France and other N.W European countries), and Ireland, tunnelling (and quarrying), should be approached with the utmost care and with reference to authorities who understand the nature of the "S.A.R.U" of the area.

*"The History of Brittany
People probably lived in the region before 8000 BC. The first known, but unidentified peoples, built the great prehistoric megalithic monuments, known as menhirs and dolmens, that still stand. These were probably constructed between 3500 and 1800 BC, and are located near the town of Carnac and at other sites. When the Celts migrated here they, in all likelihood, intermingled with the prehistoric peoples, and built the region into a confederation of Cymric Celtic tribes." Go to

Twyford Down

Twyford Down was just such a place (actually although it was "such a place" nothing that happened there was "just").
Modern archaeologists (especially the social and agricultural historians amongst them), may have some understanding of what was lost at Twyford Down (and to be honest it still is a truly painful subject for me to talk about).
However... those who understand that the colonisation of the major landmass areas of these islands only ever took place once in humanity's history* , should also understand that this "Rosy Cross" is a unique tabula rasa for agricultural scientists (because of its "quartered" nature), and as a result it's history represents one of the most complete and easily assimilable works of applied "astrologomal"** science imaginable (or at least it did -never try and teach maths without also teaching spacial awareness-).
Why it now may not be is because of the rape of Twyford. You see, back when the ice sheets first began to retreat and people started to colonise these Islands on a large scale the south of Britain was ipso facto colonised first (given our current post "Flood" planetary orientation***). This meant that places such as The New Forest, Hengistbury Head, Twyford Down and others were the very first to be used as social, religious and agricultural centres. As such this of-course makes them our oldest archaeological "seed libraries", without which; climate data, ecological relationships, social interactions, religion, biology and "astrologomy" cannot be studied .

*(Edit 12/07/10 at least in a modern "agricultural" sense -and I may be accused of something of the same myself given the slightly "ham-fisted" nature of this edit- as I am advised by the recent discovery of one million year old (approx.) flint tools belonging to Homo Antecessor in Britain. Go to )

**("Astrologomy"= astrology/astronomy, I'm convinced S.A.M -"Stone Aged Man"- would have laughed at the idea of "splitting the sky in two" either that or considered the notion very bad medicine indeed!)

***Further Reading ? ; James Vogh (aka John Sladek), "The Thirteenth Sign", Peter Warlow "The Reversing Earth" also please visit Dr. Masaru Emoto at (water molecule cluster electron-microscopy the man is a genius).

The archaeology at Twyford was also unique for although not formal constructions "The Dongas" and other features at Twyford bore witness to thousands of years of agricutural use;*
The trackways, known as "dongas", were formed by the constant passage of humans, animals and carts over thousands of years.
The other more spectacular and well defined examples at Twyford are gone now forever.

* You will note that the historian refers to the dongas at Twyford as "Medieval" however this refers to the large scale usage of wheeled vehicles and horses on the site, infact the field systems and trackways far predated the medieval period.

Yes it is true that unmarked security staff were used to apply "passification" methods on the very brave "Dongas' Tribe" whose hearts (like those of many of us), were broken by this thoughtless, brutal, xenophobic and needless desecration of not only our land but our brave nascent community as-well. Yes it is true that construction staff were told to discard any ancient relics they might find and yes there still is a golf-course on the other-side of the fence atop what remains of our beautiful downland. I'm told the county surveyor and others were/are members of the golf club.

Yes look a golf-course another ancient monument we should be pleased to keep for the next ten thousand years!

"....The morning after the festival a disparate group of no more than 20 or so people sat atop one of the most unique pieces of downland anywhere. The previous night and all the preceeding day they had been engaged in music, dance and song, the sun had blazed back off the exposed chalk and flint sculptures, the wind and glare spanking their cheeks into an ancient blush.
Fire had blazed amid, the dance itself.....

..and that morning they sat.
At first unsure then..."We are upon the ocean surely?"
Islands in the sea of rolling white and vestigial grey, islands...
The heat grew first, I swear a hand upon my shoulder.."He comes, The Sun King comes!"
Arms outstretched to the stars, he comes.
Burning, heat a lick upon the face, the whisper to the heart, he comes.
Burning the moisture from the air, he comes.
"My blood, my Earth gone from me now, torn out!"
From The East....... from the east..."

The Titanic Mentality

(to the memory of "The Covenant Intervention and the Ship "Invidious"")

"Iceberg, iceberg!"
It's a nasty thought that we might be holed below the waterline but isn't that the point?
"The point?" I hear you cry, "what's the point?"
That is over there on the top of that!
What characterises our problem with icebergs? Answer: the real dangerous part is the stuff you can't see!
Lets make a list:
1.The Nuclear Industry's radioactive fallout (also when bio-accumulated).
2.Dioxins and furans (also when bio-accumulated).
3.Heavy metals (also when bio-accumulated).
4.Chemical industrial wastes (also when bio-accumulated).
5.Wireless broadband (yes).
6.Mobile phones (yes also when bio-accumulated!)
7.Agri-business; Pestcides, herbicides, chemical fertilisers, unconsidered stock treatments (esp when "factory farming").
8.Modern medicine; radiological treatments/techniques, magnetic resonance imaging, dental amalgams and vaccine stabilisers (go to.... ), and the "hidden" menace of/in many modern medicines.
9.Particle beam research.
10.The arms industry and wars in general (or nasty accidents involving or having been caused by same).
11.Genetically modified crop pollens and pollens from "bio-medical" research.
12.The hidden results of animal experimentation.
13. "Nano"-Technology misuse.
14..CO2 production.
"Putting on our life-jackets yet? Are there enough life-boats?"...

The "Global Warming" debate and the environmental campaigns surrounding it have been characterised by on the one hand touching naivete, on the other a rather worrying ill-informed liberal sanctimony, my impression is that what they are often not characterised by is any noticeable level of maturity.
We may believe "Chick'n Lick'n" now but should better profit ourselves to worry about the..............that's just behind us.
It is too easy to walk out one day and say "Oh look it's getting a bit hot, better do something about it!"

For examples of those who appear not to be "paid peanuts" go to: at "The Centre for Ecology and Hydrology" (radiological specialist), (fascinating new theories in temporal physics), the "Society for Interdisciplinary Studies" (Peter Warlow and "Catastrophe Theory" -which I prefer to call ""Erotic" Energy Theory"*-).

*"Thanotic" energy is banal and entropic.

Our friend from "Astrotometry" seems to be "revealling a card with an ancient face" with modern quantum physical theory. His notion of an intimate feedback relationship between life on Earth and the Sun resonates with Muz Murray's comment ( ), on the ancient sanskrit mantra "The Gayatri" when he states (to paraphrase), "You can feel the "Om Bhur Bhuvah Svaha".. the tidal-like interplay of gravitational -and other subtle forces- between you and the Earth and the Sun".
Infact "Astrotometry" implies that quantum applies on the microcosmic as-well as macrocosmic levels. He implies it but I would like to state that it is my belief that such is the case. If not what is all this dark matter doing passing through/within us? He states that because we enter into "photonic relationship" as observers of the solar disc we alter the nature of that which we observe (but as I have postulated it doesn't stop there does it?).
Also (and I state this because I have just noticed it myself), modern (esp.Western), physics has a "macrocosmic" prejudice doesn't it? We talk about the subtle but we don't recognise it!
Both negative and positive actions require precursors -for a physicist like "Astrotometry" our solar relationship does not equate without them-, I call these precursors "Erotic" and "Thanotic" energy.
The depleted uranium debacle is to me a prime example of the effects of "Thanotic" energy.

"Attack of the Sun"

(Also see thread "Particle Beam Physics/Weapons an Inteligence Black Hole?" on this site.)

The willingness of the electorate to accept the notion that the nature and extent of state weapons technology should remain a secret known only to a supposedly democratically determined elite cabal is perhaps also evidential of the effects of some of the occluded research to which I refer.
Although some "Cabals" are rejecting the host it seems, witness the debacle over the U.K Government's drug advisory committee.

The Day They Broke The Moon

Prior to "The Credit Crunch" voices were being raised (especially in America), about the possibility of exploiting any natural resources which may be present on The Moon, however to this observer it seemed more than serendipitous that during the same period research concerning the seismology of the moon became extant which detailed the kind of "Moonquakes" which one might expect.
Should one posses the hubris necessary to allow one to start drilling holes in the lunar surface one might discover that the effects of such activity are catastophic, not just for The Moon but for all life on Earth! For it would appear that "Moonquakes" of 20-30 minutes duration are not uncommon. Surely the notion of sticking a drill into that ought to give one nightmares!
Imagine the scenerio...
"Houston we have a problem."
"Go ahead Space Station what is the nature of your problem."
"I hate to say this but The Moon appears to be breaking!"
"Say Again."
"Are you listening?" (Aside: "not that it will make any difference"),.."I said breaking!"
"Bits of it are coming away..and they're.... oh my God!!!"......

..and from the same site.."Earlier this week, the most obvious scientific news in recent memory was reported: there's Uranium on the Moon. "

..oh that is good news!

I've just seen "Time Team's" excellent "The Secrets of Stonehenge". I believe that there is much that notions of "Erotic" and "Thanotic" energy can reveal about the true nature of all "A.S.A.R.U". If Channel4 publish my comments online I will post them here..
They haven't (or at least my comments though possibly considered worthy now reside in the vaults of the independent television network), so here goes anyway..
The Mesolithic/Neolithic eras of any of the regions on the planet which were habitable during these periods are a fascinating study but Britain (by which I also mean Brittany in N.W France), was a veritable "Cerridwen" ("cauldron" Brethonic/Modern Welsh), of activity at this time.
If we wish to understand the mindset of our ancestors in relation to the colonisation of Britain I believe that we must understand the geological events which preceeded the final retreat of Britain's ice-sheets. To this end I again refer the reader to Peter Warlow's genuinely mind-bending book "The Reversing Earth" ( let's put it this way static conceptions get us nowhere ), and to the work of Adrian Gilbert co-author of "The Orion Mystery" and author of "The Holy Kingdom"; when you then include Michael Poynder's "PI in The Sky" and James Vogh's "The Thirteenth Sign" you should come to one realisation (amongst the meriad), which is that; when "ancient" (careful), man wrote anything down he did so for a reason, materials were too precious and skills too rare to waste on trivialities.

Par exemple oblique..

"Ancient man clearly attempted to build accurate circles, he made many brave attempts (of which Stonehenge is perhaps the best example), but he never quite managed it!"
(in other words "brave try grunty could do better 4/10!")
"Come over here. and get hold of this."
(hands him pointed stick tied to length of rope or heavy twine)
"Right! Ron, you grab this."
(hands "Ron" the other end of the "rope" which is also tied to a pointed stick)
"Right, Ron you stick your end in the ground."
"O.K." Says Ron and does so.
"Harry, you walk away until the rope is taught and then walk around Ron's stick keeping the rope taught whilst scraping the pointed end of your stick in the ground as you do so!"
(after a few attempts they managed to draw a fairly accurate circle)*

*I mean Ron's stick was dislodged a few times before they got the knack and Harry's sobriety was always in question, but they persevered.

Y'up "truth is stranger", check this out...."From normal to oblique subduction: Tectonic relationships between Java and Sumatra" ..From...

Beautiful "Lunar Tree Calendars" are available (in my opinion the best being those of William Morris), as are online yearly moon phase calendars (one of the very best being provided by Woodlands Junior School in Kent). However the construction of true working ephemerides (Edit 30/11/10 ), based on the ancient Brethonic system has not yet been achieved to the best of my knowledge (although I know many more practitioners of astrology are now making the attempt).

I am looking for a way of uploading some pictures from Michael Poynder's book "PI in the Sky", however I can provide a current link to a Google site which details another one of his books "Lost Science of the Stoneage, Sacred Energy and I Ching". The pictures and diagrams from the book given on the page are very good and will give the reader some idea of the kind of "Earth Science" in which Mr.Poynder is engaged (got to:
His larger scale "Earth Star" maps in "PI in the Sky" make interesting and suggestive viewing, I would certainly like to hear the opinions of a siesmologist on Micheal's theories/findings (perhaps "Astrotometry" and Steven.J.Smith should make appraisals of his work?).

Should an archaeologist ever study Poynder's "Earth Stars" he will be left wondering (as I do), as to the apparent "lack of evidence" of the western avenue at Stonehenge. One thing is certain the notion that there was no second approach to Avebury was debunked some years ago (Eros/Thanatos, Birth/Death and Male/Female polarities were resolved at these sites -"What's that Megan?! Whad'ya mean the corn's not ground! What?! My seal skins need re-stitching too?!?! Bend over the hearth-stone and let me give you a damn good thrashing!!"-).*

* Sorry, a little archeaological humour there ("That's right my dear. You can dig it up later..")

You know I also have a sneaking suspicion that the "Cursus" at Stonehenge may well have truly been "dead-ground".

The Civilisation Conceit

Long story this one, gonna' take some time to tell and I don't believe there is anyway I can do it alone. I would like therefore to offer the hand of friendship to any of you fellow researchers out there who understand the the term "civilisation" (in major "non-specific" common usage), is the illigitimate offspring of what was basically a mysoginistic, slave-owning and authoritarian regime (where "civilised"), Ancient Greece.

Dragons and Fables

"Recently, an earthquake occurred along the English Channel
coast, with its epicentre at Folkestone in Kent, at
8.28 a.m. (local time) on 28 April 2007. The local earthquake
magnitude was estimated by the British Geological Survey
as 4.2ML (Walker and Musson, 2007) and no discernable
affect was reported on the sea. However, worryingly, a local
news outlet reported that coastal residents on feeling the
tremor “started rushing out from their houses and on to the
beach for safety” (Kent News, 2007)! This highlights the
need to assess the threat from tsunami and associated hazards
in Britain and, if appropriate, raise public awareness of
the potential hazards."


According to "The Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences Organisation" (go to.... ), siesmic events either in or on either side of The Channel are historically far from rare!

"I tell you naught for your comfort, Yea naught for your desire, Save that the sky grows darker yet, And the sea rises higher." - GK Chesterton

"..a 2005 BBC2 Timewatch documentary which was postponed and re-edited after the Asian tsunami due to its sudden topicality. It documented how, out of a clear blue sky on 30th January 1607, nearly 600 km of the Devon, Somerset and Welsh coast was inundated by a wave of up to 7.5m (25ft). The ‘largest and most destructive flood in British history’ , it may have been caused by a tsunami deriving from an undersea quake, the wave reaching up to 14 miles inland (to the foot of Glastonbury Tor), leaving a temporary inland sea of over 200 square miles for ten days, and drowning around 2,000. For the benefit of sceptics, the academic study the documentary was based on pointed out a 1755 seaquake off Portugal had sent out a 15m (49ft) high tsunami that killed nearly 50,000. There has also been a claim a tsunami hit Dorset in 1868 – luckily the relatively deserted stretch of shore west of Portland."


..I watched the "Timewatch" documentary when it was screened, the evidence for the tsunami it dealt with seemed very strong as too did that of their estimation for the event's source (the point where the European continental shelf ends some considerable miles S.W of Ireland in the N.Atlantic).

"The Great Flood
The great flood was seen by some at the time
as a judgement from God on his people. It is
generally considered to have been the result
of an exceptionally high tide coupled with a
storm surge, rather than the more modern
tsunami theory. Flood prevention from a Severn barrage in this
instance would be direct, in the manner of the Thames Barrier. The
conditions for such a storm surge to occur again
are possible though of low probability..........
...A barrage could hold water out of the upstream river systems at high
tide, meaning that if there were some hours warning of flash floods, as
was the case in summer 2007, generation would cease and the
barrage sealed at the first available low water. At Gloucester this
would make a 2 metre difference to water levels on a spring tide, on a
neap tide this would mean no reduction in water levels, though still a
four metre difference further downstream at Sharpness (Berkeley
Magnox nuclear facility), close to vulnerable areas of the A38 and M5.."

NB. Edit 17/05/2011 Berkley now described as "closed" by the U.K's Atomic Energy Authority.


(Underline mine; I had a pdf file map of Britain showing the various nuclear facilities which I have, unfortunately, been unable to find again having lost the file owing to a PC crash. There were two facilities detailed at the very mouth of The Severn itself on either side of the estuary. It struck me at the time that any tsunamic event which might hit the area would strike these sites with tremendous force and almost certainly distribute radioactive contaminant all over the already devasted region.)

..and this from WalesOnline ...

The delicate relationship between the coastal areas of Britain and the sea was known by our forebears.
The Holy Isle of Arianrhod "Lady of the Lake" (now known as Glastonbury Tor), was surrounded by.. a lake before the monks drained the marshes
(and as we know "Puff the Magic Dragon lived by the sea" too...).
I am convinced that "The Great Dragon of Uffington" 

 represents a serious attempt by our ancestors to reconcile these forces.

"The Year The Earth Went Wild"

It had escaped my notice that during the year in which the Sumatran tsunami occurred (and provided the introduction to), "all hell broke loose"* on Planet Earth, of which; Hurricane Catrina and Hurricane Rita, Himalayan earthquakes, further seismic activity in Indonesia and "The Birmingham Tornado" were only a part.
This of-course is consistent with a theory that states that it was the atmospheric and geological effects of pissing depleted uranium into The Earth's atmosphere which did indeed "break the back" of our unfortunate "beast of burden".

*Really, sure about that one?

N.B In the documentary "The Year The Earth Wild" a figure of 500,000 was given for the total number of fatalities caused by the Boxing Day event in The Indian Ocean.

Water Molecule Clustering

Some posts ago I referred (briefly), to the work of Dr.Masaru Emoto ( ), his electron-microscopy of frozen water molecule clusters and the pictures he produces have enabled researchers like myself to make quantum leaps in the fields of Vibrational Medicine and Earth Science.
Why for instance do people prefer mineral water to tap water? One glance at professor Emoto's pictures of London tap water will tell you that (although if you live in Osaka you are almost certainly wasting your money)*.

*Bottled water tends to "de-cohere" when it is transported too, however tap water which is pumped and not circulated (either in a clock-wise or anti-clockwise fashion as one would find in a mountain stream or river), has had any coherence it may have had blasted out of it under pressure. This is why organisations such as The Centre for Implosion Research advocate the use of charged metals such as copper to reinstate spiralic flow into mains water supplies prior to point of use.

The implications that Dr.Emoto's research has for the study of both seismology and vulcanism are astonishing, if for instance we, like the ancient shaman, were able to approach our mountains and determine what mood (and thanks to Dr.Emoto it may now only be neccessary to compare samples of vernacular water sources in order to do so), they were in (see link), perhaps we would be able to get along with them better!

A Happy New Year and a thank you for your interest to all my readers.
Unfortunately none of us can escape "The Spinning of The Weird", I myself am currently being forced to relocate so am unable to promise you the kind of regular updates you are accustomed to until my situation is resolved. By your leave site moderator I will "boost" the thread on my return should I be forced to a long absence.
To come....
The Theory of Thera
Rods and Cones (or "Rhod's" and "Koans"),
..and an edit on the study of mycologically bio-accumulated toxins and it's applications in the environmental sciences.

(Offshore Windfarms: I have had time to edit the opening paragraph of this thread following yesterday's -08/01/10- announcement of a major expansion in the government's offshore windfarm development programme, I will post The Environment Minister's response once received.
Follows part of email to The Secretary of State for the Environment/The Department for the Environment Food and Rural Affairs:...

..."I hope the minister will appreciate my chagrin at discovering that I had been unaware as to the nature and extent of the consultations between the department, the wind-turbine industry and The Ministry of Defence, I am aware however that I should perhaps temper my chagrin with the notion that I was probably not meant to know.
That said I would like to clear the fog of obfuscation on this issue and therefore request that the minister furnish me with some comment on the nature and extent of planned off-shore windfarm developments and perhaps, for the sake of record, give some idea of how the radar-profile issue has been tackled and the effects that any technical innovations in programming and radar sensitivity may have on future sustainability."
...and from DEFRA...
"If your email is part of an organised campaign you will not receive an individual response from us but may find the answer to your concerns on Defra Online:"...
Therefore from myself..."I thought I should make clear -given your comments-, that I am not currently involved in any campaign groups and that my medialens activity is strictly personal-interest "freelancing". Thank you." I await their response.)

"Eighteen Months!"

For eighteen months! (or more), I have been telling people the wonderful/amazing that the laws of aerodynamics are not as we had previously surmised and that infact this had been proven by the marvellous footage of Adelie Penguins apparently airbourne in Antartica. What had completely escaped my notice was that the date on which these images had been screened was April 1st 2008.........
I mean what would Auntie Beeb have done if as an avid "twitcher" I had rushed down to The Antartic to view the phenomena?!


The guys at AnimalX are involved with "The Marine Census of Life" which (if approached with true rigour), should not only give us a better idea of the nature and extent of life in the ocean's but also and more importantly some (prelimary), idea of the effects that human activity and it's current resulting pollutants are having on marine fauna and flora worldwide (and hence the effects that these "Sea Butterflies" are having on the rest of life on the planet -as a result of the atmospheric, geological and agricultural consequences of our influence on the oceanic food chain-).

"Astrotometry" appears ( "appears"!?) to be "on the nose" again.... ...

24/02/10 relocation established (although there are still a few "buoyancy" issues).
I have as yet heard nothing from The Minister for The Environment or D.E.F.R.A. I will keep you posted.

Seismic Update

"The powerful earthquake that killed hundreds of people in Chile on Saturday probably shifted the Earth's axis and made days slightly shorter, a Nasa scientist has said.

Richard Gross, a research scientist at Nasa's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California, calculated how much the axis may have changed in position following the the disaster.

More than 700 people died and two million are estimated to have been affected by the 8.8-magnitude tremor and subsequent tsunamis.

The quake, the most powerful to hit the nation in 50 years, sent shockwaves out from the epicentre 70 miles from Chile's second city, Concepcion.

Buildings and roads collapsed and 500,000 homes have been left severely damaged.

Six aid workers died when a plane carrying them to Concepcion crashed.

The team was on its way to help organise accommodation for those left homeless by the disaster.

Soldiers were sent to patrol Concepcion's streets after mobs set fire to shops and started looting them, hindering attempts to rescue survivors.

If the planet's axis did shift by 8cm during the quake, days would have shortened by 1.26 microseconds, Mr Gross calculated.

A microsecond is one-millionth of a second.

Earth days are 24 hours long because that is the amount of time it takes the planet to make one full rotation on its axis, so shifting the axis would affect rotation.

The quake shifted the Earth's axis by even more than the 9.1-magnitude tremor off Indonesia that started the deadly tsunami in Asia in 2004, according to Mr Gross." From Yahoo News.

I'm having trouble posting to this page now, however;..Fallujah, Chile.. what's next?
go to

10/04/10 Still not so much as a squark* from either DEFRA or The Minister ..not hiding something heh guys ?!

*Re:"Squark", quieter version of a "squawk".

Oh brother....Quote "To Whom it May Concern
The eruption in Eyjafjallajokull is a seismic event, in geological terms a local one (to the U.K). The Earth seems to be undergoing a period of substantial siesmic instability right now too and we are responding to the transport crisis by packing people on to the Eurostar! Let me ask ALL of you, honestly would you advise them to do so?

regards"... ("Williamtheb")
"P.S Yes of-course tell someone!" From "email-shot" from self.

I stand by the statement above; after all the information contained on this page, my other threads and their given links has been examined a serious researcher can only conclude that current mainstream seismologists do not know enough (and they admit this) about earthquakes and volcanic activity to accurately forecast the occurrence of such events. It seemed then and does now prudent to point this out instead of allowing the nation to pursue a course of action the consequences of which have not been thoroughly considered.

Changing the subject somewhat what about a name for a publicly owned British motor industry? How about "British Automotive Industry." B.A.I ?

(NB. There is no difference between power and efficiency, they are one and the same.)

The Chupacabra*

Clone, hybrid, "Set Animal"**, figment or some combination of the former? Fascinating.

*Support your YouTube favourites and subscribe.

Interestingly Set became the god of the of the formless desert wastes* for The Egyptians.

*The chaos in man's soul..........

(NB. I intend to update my links to "Astrotometry" regularly on all my threads as I believe that this information belongs to everyone and I encourage others to make their friends, family, collegues -and enemies?- aware of his work.... GO TO so for regular "Seismic Updates" please view thread

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