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The #Epidemiology of Khaos or "The Problem with #CERN"

CERN's calculations of their "closeness" to the replication of the moment of creation are a facsimile* not a representation (in that the results are artifice in toto -which of-course requires a considerable degree of denial in those who produce these "wax" figures-), for "she" (the Large Hadron Collider), depends upon the possibility that a demographic can be established throughout the entire cosmos** that can be analysed to determine the likely-hood (are we "reading the tea-bags" here?), that one of the readings received might be what they are looking for (which is why they consistently say that they're not sure what they are looking for eg. "we found The Higgs"! O.K now what? "Aaah better do some more research"..Into what? If that was the "fundamental particle" shouldn't it be of use for something?), paraphr: ""If it's not the Higg's it might be something else, we shall see." (This from more than one member of the senior staff at CERN)....and... "There must be something coming out there!!" "It may be something different" "We would like to find something we haven't thought of."

 *Important linguistic niceties: facsimile: "A facsimile (from Latin fac simile ('make alike'), a spelling that remained in currency until the late 19th century) is a copy or reproduction of an old book, manuscript, map, art print, or other item of historical value that is as true to the original source as possible." 
Representation : "Representation (psychology), a hypothetical 'internal' cognitive symbol that represents external reality"...and..."Representation (mathematics), a very general relationship that expresses similarities between objects" The important words in the last definition being "relationship" and "expresses"! When you "re-present" something you reveal it again, you do not alter it ("general" relativity and "special" relativity? -linguistics is a science too-). "Relativity is a quality of the Universe" See: "Dark Matters.." Also on this blog.

**The Bose-Einsteinian halo (see italiscised re: Heisenberg -below-), demographic cannot be established (strange that that doesn't seem to have been), for this is where the Continuum Hypothesis and the Axiom of Choice meet (n'est ce pas?), .. (similar to Chandrasekhar), simply banging-the-rocks-together in frustration doesn't change the facts! Sigma..the "standard variation" is hardly that! It may pertain here to the "Standard" model but its variables are Khaos, the demographic cannot be a result the whole particle beam "theory" disappears.. ("if I bash this with a hammer it will break!" Good "theory"?)., look at it this way.."imagine you have two watches, you want to see how a watch works so you smash them together and examine what remains!" Examine what remains? It never occurred to anyone to invent a screwdriver?  (...or maybe it did?)

The notion of an "event horizon" was (apparently), de-popularised by Stephen Hawking, however I am not necessarily at variance with the good doctor here because as I think Prof. Hawking would point out we have been tending since inception, our current observations are simply that..what is not fully realised is that we are now "relatively" closer to the event concerned, go to:

Quote: "Perhaps the questions we need to ask Prof.Hawking are;"If we can observe multiple singularities does this tell us that there are multiple Universes or that there are multiple potential Universes, or quite the reverse (that there are not)?"
"Unsustainable Economy"; another way of expressing zero?
Newton: The point about "Deflation" is that it is an accelerative process (hence "Mobius"), our participation precludes observation (some might say, "obviously" ), if you take-this-on-board and then include "Emergence Theory" tensor calculus the results become extremely suggestive (go to: )" Go to:

Politically too the administration of CERN must surely be questioned with regard to its "closeness" to firms such as Lockheed Martin whose (not un-publicly disclosed), aim is to capitalise on its investment by building fusion reactors using fuel produced in L.H.Cs. Perpetual motion snake-oil salesmen (and women)! Only gravity can create a star...fusion reactions can be produced, fusion reactors are a juvenile fantasy (at least the Drake Equation was originally treated as a "bit of fun", funny how it has crept back into the standard text, however the sensitive nature of the initial conditions must not be overlooked -re: the creation of life-),.......

"What happened to him?"
"He said, "think outside the box"."
"To the cat!"

"It's a dark telescope that illuminates nothing!"

"Expanded from what into what?" Isn't a joke..there is a sensitive dependence on the initial conditions..mathematically you cannot proceed from this point (or as the Irishman said; "If you want to get to Rome I wouldn't start from here"), try it....

It is for these reasons (and many others), that we do not postulate that The Universe began at 3.42 pm on a wet Thursday afternoon sometime in April (in Guildford!), ...Time (the continuum), is relative you were not born when I was born, I will not die when you die  (as a general rule -those "others" we might define as "star-crossed"-), and our individual environments, bodily functions, actions etc. during the day all occur at? Different speeds......Time does indeed display both Alpha and Omega but these are relative for all who inhabit the continuum. When we do commune it is necessary to harmonise these energies (a riot is a good example of "disharmonious" energy).

Of-course we could simply continue to pour money............

Also see; "Decolonizing Humanity by Reconnecting with the Earth" Emergence Theory and Social Engineering (incl. full "Overpopulation Myth" lecture: Hans Rosling) Go to:


Quote: "Emergence theory is based upon the idea that non-linearity in the evolution of complex systems is as a direct result of the curvature of the surrounding phase-space of the system.

The state of the system at any point in time can be defined by a tensor at a point in the phase-space.* This tensor is arranged in the form of a field at all points in the phase-space where each point, and thus each value of the tensor, describes a possible state in which the system may exist.

The above diagram shows a simplified view of the phase-space. The space, itself, is curved by the existence of causal links between the various elements of the system. In other words, we may say that phase space is curved by the mutual interaction between the system`s respective subsystems.

The system`s evolution may thus be defined by a geodesic through this phase-space, a path which is bent by the curvature of the space. The dotted line shows an example of a geodesic.

Now, a state which a system may occupy can be defined not only at the most holistic level, but also at many other levels, which we shall call emergent levels. Thus, we have to extend our model of the phase-space to incorporate descriptions of all emergent levels of the system.

The physical concept of an emergent level may be best described by analogy. Consider a chair. At the lowest emergent level the chair is nothing but a collection of lignin and cellulose molecules. At a higher emergent level, at which it becomes clear that these molecules are joined in some sort of stable arrangement, we see that this collection makes up a solid object. It is not until we reach the highest emergent level that we can consider this collection of molecules to be a chair." Go to:

*Bold italics mine.

Simply incredible (I don't claim to "stand under" all of it yet myself -having gained only O level maths and physics-, my initial grasp of these questions stemming mainly from my environmental/ecological studies and my research into "vibrational medicine"- after the works of the good doctors; Edward Bach (RIP), Victor Schauberger (RIP) and Masaru Emoto
 However I did say this a few years back, quote; "May we say that; "The "principles of exchange" are not the same as the "potential for exchange" (unless resolved to each other in which case the potentiality is realised and changes state -or "Potenate"-)"?"...and.. "(Edit 29/06/10 My intended insistence on logical* progression was not borne out in my previous comments -I was in essence illogical-. Without expression there can be no dimension not the other way around as I had formerly stated**.)

* The original meaning of "Logos" (as not just "a" word but "The" word such as: "Ogham", "The Pranava" -or "Om"- and other such terms which either named or expressed the "primal creative sound" - got to - ) has been lost and as a result the term "logic" is now much abused.

** If it is not true to say that it is neccessary for "full expression" in order for one to be able to identify the existence of a dimension then I am (at least in my insistence that one preceed the other and that they are not simply inter-changeable terms -in other words both essentially the same but expressed differently-) wrong."....and...
"Problems arise when instead of trying to harmonise with nature man tries to replicate it.

The yogis and mystics of the world have always believed that there is, quote; "no such thing as solid matter" Muz Murray ( -see link given above- is Muz Murray's site -I especially refer readers to Muz's experiences with Dr. Hans Jenny in Switzerland and Dr.Jenny's work on: yantras and chaldni figures, go to - this work informs the notion of the existence of "pre-forms" in the ether a theory also supported by the "photographic" evidence produced by the utilisation of the "Kirlian" technique, go to ). Where the notions of "Eros" and "Thanatos" are helpful is in identifying the nature of the vibrations which inform these manifestations."
Go to:

Some thoughts on Bose-Einstein condensate (nature abhors a vacuum), ..
Quote: "Compared to more commonly encountered states of matter, Bose–Einstein condensates are extremely fragile. The slightest interaction with the external environment can be enough to warm them past the condensation threshold, eliminating their interesting properties and forming a normal gas.[citation needed]*
Nevertheless, they have proven useful in exploring a wide range of questions in fundamental physics, and the years since the initial discoveries by the JILA and MIT groups have seen an increase in experimental and theoretical activity. Examples include experiments that have demonstrated interference between condensates due to wave–particle duality,*[25] the study of superfluidity and quantized vortices
*, the creation of bright matter wave solitons from Bose condensates confined to one dimension, and the slowing of light pulses to very low speeds using electromagnetically induced transparency.[26] Vortices in Bose–Einstein condensates are also currently the subject of analogue gravity research, studying the possibility of modeling black holes and their related phenomena in such environments in the laboratory.*"..

"In the image accompanying this article, the velocity-distribution data indicates the formation of a Bose–Einstein condensate out of a gas of rubidium atoms. The false colors indicate the number of atoms at each velocity, with red being the fewest and white being the most. The areas appearing white and light blue are at the lowest velocities. The peak is not infinitely narrow because of the Heisenberg uncertainty principle: spatially confined atoms have a minimum width velocity distribution*"..

"To calculate the transition temperature at any density, integrate, over all momentum states, the expression for maximum number of excited particles, p/(1 − p):
 N = V \int {d^3k \over (2\pi)^3} {p(k)\over 1-p(k)} = V \int {d^3k \over (2\pi)^3} {1 \over e^{k^2\over 2mT}-1}

p(k)= e^{-k^2\over 2mT}.
         " Go to:
*Italics mine..
An "inversion" can often be very revealling..which is why as a physicist I am fascinated by the "Venus Capture" story of the Flood "Myth" (first postulated by Peter Warlow -at least during our current Romanised Christian/Enlightenment epoch-), that states that Earth originally rotated in the opposite direction (or had been rotating West-East for as long as anyone could remember at the time), and that the passage of Venus into the inner solar system induced opposite spin (gravitationally), such that The Earth then inverted itself about its axis (remaining in orbit but the other way up!).
 What are very revealling about this notion are the "approaches" of  Aphrodite herself..

..which describe a perfect pentagram, this suggests that the gravitational influence of Venus has been a vital stabilising factor in the continuing evolution of life on Earth..(any -apparent-, slight variances in the figure described are undoubtedly the result of the "Astrotometric"* relationship between observer and observed).

Also see; "The Ballet of the Planets: A Mathematician's Musings" Go to:

From "Black Physicists" @BlackPhysicists ;"The real orbits are not all in the same plane like that."
One is tempted to say "of-course not"! However I simply referred them to John Bryant's Astrotometry and...

* John Bryant's Astrotometric theory is brilliant, however I am afraid he has been hounded to breaking point recently;  I urge fellow members of the scientific community  to make themselves aware of  John's work on "Hypertime" and "The Astrotome" esp. re: sun-grazing comets and coronal mass ejections, all he has so far received from the established and institutionalised scientific community is hostility, go to:

Also see: "Forbidden History and "The Reich of the Black Sun" Go to:

It is both an interesting theoretical and experimental technique to study that which is "opposite" to the state or substance you wish to define (of-course Sigma is intended to determine "the happy medium")

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