Wednesday 30 September 2015

"Greens Will Fight for Reform of E.U, says Party Leader"

Quote: "GREEN leader Natalie Bennett vowed yesterday to send out a strong message on her party’s commitment to EU membership.
During a Q&A with party conference delegates, one participant quizzed her on the party’s arguments for Britain staying in the European Union.
Ms Bennett, who has been at the helm for over three years, likened the case for EU membership to the party’s approach to state structures.
She stated: “One thing I think it’s worth saying is that we do not like the complexion of the British government. We do not like the way the British government is elected.
“But that does not mean we want to get rid of the British government — we want to reform it. That’s the case with the British government and I think is also the case of the EU.”
The Q&A was her last face-to-face with members before the party’s autumn conference ended.
Explaining the party’s EU position to the Star, Ms Bennett was adamant: “Green Party policy, as made by the members, has always been very clear. we want to remain in the EU but we want a reformed EU.
“That’s a kind of shorthand — when I say reformed, I mean 180 degrees from what David Cameron means by reformed.
“That means we want a people’s EU, a democratic, a social EU, one that defends individuals and communities across Europe, one that doesn’t defend above those the interests of multinational companies and big business.”" Go to:,-says-party-leader#.Vgut3n3ooyF

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