Wednesday 20 November 2013

"Why You Cannot Trust the BBC or Those Who Critisise "Her"!" (re: now defunct "links")

Readers may have noticed that some of my links are now defunct especially those to the "Medialens" and "Countryfile" forums (esp. re: "Mycological Environmentalism" etc. - it seems that I am no-longer considered a "fun-gi"-). The reasons given for this are that the former forum is undergoing "maintenance" and the latter is quote; "Now Closed" (what the "Countryfile" forum of all BBC forums is now doing closed is "anybody's guess"). As I sometimes do write "straight to page" this is inconvenient (to say the least), for both myself and my readers (even the editing software on this blog is temperamental -to say the very least!-).
 I can only apologise for this and attempt to ensure that missing pieces are replaced here (the first of these -which I do still have on my hard-drive at home-, "Hawking, Susskind and Cohen, Sets and Axioms" will follow this post).

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