Wednesday 20 November 2013

"Hawking, Susskind and Cohen, Sets and Axioms."

Quote: "For two decades, Stanford University physicist Leonard Susskind battled cosmologist Stephen Hawking over the behavior of black holes. Hawking said that when black holes eat their fill, they disappear, taking with them everything they consumed over their billions of years of existence. Susskind found this idea so disturbing that he publicly declared war -- a conflict he describes in his new book, "The Black Hole War." In a conversation before a recent appearance at the Los Angeles Public Library, Susskind recounted his long struggle to "make the world safe for quantum mechanics."" Go to
..surely though...

Paul J. Cohen. Quote: "Set Theory and the Continuum Hypothesis""
"He is best known for his solution of the first of the 23 problems that the German mathematician David Hilbert posed in his very influential address to the International Mathematical Union in 1900," Sarnak said. "By the 1950s, after the work of Gödel, this problem, known as the 'Continuum Hypothesis,' had become the central one in the set theory."

In the late 1870s, German mathematician Georg Cantor put forth a hypothesis that said any infinite subset of the set of all real numbers can be put into one-to-one correspondence either with the set of integers or with the set of all real numbers. All attempts to prove or disprove this conjecture failed until 1938, when Kurt Gödel showed it was impossible to disprove the continuum hypothesis.

Despite having never worked in set theory, Cohen proved the extremely surprising result that both the Continuum Hypothesis and the Axiom of Choice—two of the most basic ideas in mathematics—were actually undecidable using the axioms of set theory. This result, which meant that conventional mathematics could neither prove nor disprove concrete and well known mathematical assertions, caused healthy turbulence among philosophers, logicians and mathematicians concerned with the concept of truth." Go to

The Prisoner

  Quote: "Perhaps the questions we need to ask Prof.Hawking are;"If we can observe mulitiple singularities does this tell us that there are multiple Universes or that there are multiple potential Universes, or quite the reverse (that there are not)?"

"Unsustainable Economy"; another way of expressing zero?

The point about "Deflation" is that it is an accelerative process (hence "Mobius" -see above-), our participation precludes observation (some might say, "obviously" ), if you "take this on board" and then include Sam Fosters' "emergence theory" tensor calculus the results become extremely suggestive (go to: )


"With reference to universal microwave background radiation theory it is clearly asinine to refer to "tiny" variations in background radiation when the parameters of the "playing field" are infinite. If I understand Dr.Kashlinksky the fact that (according to our notions of time where radiation is the chronometer), there is any variation at all must be suggestive of the true profoundity of his observations. The existence of Prof.Hawkings' "singularities" would seem to be confirmed by Dr.Kashlinksy's findings for they suggest that the continuum (or "Astrotome"), is variable at these "network-hubs" (in other words time is not necessarily a constant)." From "Dark Matters (also re: Channel Tunnel)" on this blog.

Latest Update from John ("Astrotometry")

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