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"We've got you surrounded!" (The threats to our bodies' bio-magnetic fields)

Quote: "A student has produced a series of vivid photographs that reveal what the networks that keep us connected to the web look like.
The images, created by Luis Hernan from Newcastle University, show spectres of Wi-Fi sweeping and swirling around in bright beams.
They were produced as part of Hernan's Digital Ethereal project, which aims to bring the invisible world around us to life.

 Luis, who is studying for a PhD in Architecture and Interaction Design, said he is fascinated with the idea of being able to see the hidden wireless networks which surround us.
  I call the images "spectres" because wireless networks remind me of ghosts,' he said.
'They are there but you can't see them with the human eye.
'The fact we are becoming increasingly reliant on something that we can't see intrigues me. I wanted to find a way to show the wireless which is around us and also to show how it changes.
'It is an impossibly fragile and volatile infrastructure that holds our digital technologies together, and shapes the way in which we interact with the digital world.
'Something as seemingly inconsequential as walking around the house will interfere with and reshape their propagation and strength field.
'Close the wrong door, and the bedroom becomes a dead spot for wireless.'

Hernan created the photographs using a custom-made instrument designed to reveal them.
It scans continuously for wireless networks, and transforms the signal strength to colour LEDs.
The results are multi-coloured streaks of light which twirl and wrap in spaces, showing how they surround objects and people. " Go to:

Quote: "Keith Philips, brain tumor survivor: I would hold my cell phone here and the tumor was right there.
Stuart Cobb, brain tumor survivor: I always held it on my right side, right here. The industry should have put these warnings on these phones a long time ago.
RT: Professor Dariusz Leszczynski is one of the world's leading radiation biologists, and brave. He knew phone manufacturers would try to end his career for printing groundbreaking research, proving cell phones do cause biological damage.
Professor Leszczynski joins us, great to see you. How did the industry react?
Prof. Dariusz Leszczynski, Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, Finland: So far I think I didn’t experience any smear campaign. But in my case it was just that the industry used their influence to prevent funding of my research projects.
RT: But studies like Professor Leszczynski’s now allow top neurosurgeons to issue a stark cell phone warning.
Dr. Keith Black, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center neurosurgeon: It's essentially cooking the brain.
RT: Ellie Marks' husband Alan suffered serious memory loss after years of using a mobile.
At 2am one night he had a massive seizure. Surgeons found a tumor the size of a golf ball right where he held the phone.
Ellie, thank you so much for joining us. Why are you and so many others suing the industry?
Ellie Marks, wife of brain tumor victim: There’s many many many others that are already deceased from this and are dying from this, younger than my husband. Some as young as 28 who are deceased and their neurosurgeons actually told them that it was probably their cell phone use.
We had about 20 cities and states that wanted to legislate as San Francisco had and they were all threatened with lawsuits by this industry.
RT: This is a photo of Bret Bocook's brain. The top quarter responsible for body balance has had to be removed after surgeons found this vast tumor right where he held the phone.
A US national rowing champion, now he can barely move.
Bret, great to speak to you, tell us about the class action lawsuit against the phone industry.
Bret Bocook, brain tumor victim: The only way you can educate the public against big business is through lawsuits" Go to:

Quote: "The wireless radiation poisoning of human beings is now a global epidemic. The truth is simple...holding a cell phone to your head is a slow form of suicide. According to the Bioinitiative 2012 Report (, biological effects from radio frequency radiation (also known as microwave radiation) start at about 3.4 microwatts per square meter (average power density). Watch the Acoustimeter RF Meter move to the top of its measuring capacity the moment the cell phone connects the call! This RF radiation measurement coming from the cell phone is over 29,000 times where biological effects are known to start according to clinical data from independent researchers.
Learn more at: 
" Go to: For video.

Quote: "Scientists and Physicians call Health Canada to protect the public from radiofrequency radiation exposure

July 12, 2014.  On July 9th, C4ST (Canadians for Safe Technology) held a news conference in Ottawa asking for Health Canada to provide adequate Safety Code 6 guidelines to protect the public against radiofrequency radiation exposure.  C4ST is not alone.Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 8.40.21 PM
This past week two declarations, one from Physicians (22 Canadian doctors) and one from Research Scientists (53 international scientists)  were presented to Health Canada.  These two declarations are
provided below and have also been added to the July 11, 2011 post of international appeals/resolutions/declarations calling for similar protection.
It is unconscionable that the primary health authority in Canada, Health Canada, has failed to provide protection against radiofrequency radiation as levels continue to increase in homes, schools, hospitals, offices, airports and airplanes, city streets, and residential neighbourhoods.
People are becoming ill and so far the medical profession in Canada, apart from a few enlightened individuals, is largely ignorant of the health risks of continuous exposure to wireless technology.  As long as levels fall below Safety Code 6 (SC6), an obsolete guideline based on a heating of tissue,  we are told this technology is safe.  Since levels seldom exceed SC6 the public, school officials, parents, teachers, doctors and nurses are under the false impression that they are all safe.  Even when levels exceed SC6, Health Canada officials tell us there is nothing to worry about!   Yet a growing number of people are becoming ill once a smart meter is attached to their home or Wi-Fi routers are installed in schools.
How much suffering are individuals expected to endure before Health Canada will admit that their guideline is inadequate and that levels need to be hundreds of times lower to protect the public and thousands of
times lower to protect those who have already become sensitive to this radiation?
When will Health Canada recommend there be white zones in public places (areas without radiation) similar to “smoke-free” environments?
Why is it not OK for children under the age of 18 to use cell phones but OK for these same children to be exposed to Wi-Fi microwave radiation all day in school?
Who is Health Canada protecting as they are definitely not protecting the health of Canadians!
Scientists and physicians tend to be conservative in their desire to become involved in political issues.  They seldom speak out and would prefer to provide information behind the scene and only when asked to do so.  This private communication with Health Canada has been fruitless and now a growing number of them are willing to make their concerns public.  Hence these two declarations.
Since 1997 more than 22 appeals, resolutions and declarations have been signed by scientists and medical doctors . . . but governments are not listening. The few exceptions where stricter guidelines are used include Russia, China, Italy, Switzerland and several other European countries.  While Canada is rushing to install powerful Wi-Fi routers in schools, countries like France are converting to fibre optics and banning Wi-Fi in the classroom!
Let’s hope that these  two declarations will provide a turning point in Canada. We need to educate doctors on how to diagnose electrohypersensitivity and how to help their patients recover.
We also need better guidelines and warnings from Health Canada to protect the health of all Canadian
s and especially children so that we can divert the health tsunami that is just around the corner.
Health Canada . . . time to come clean and live up to your responsibility to protect the Health of Canadians." Go to:

Quote: "The BabySafe Project
 A new public awareness initiative designed to inform women about the links between pregnancy and wireless radiation.
 If you missed the June 3rd press conference, you can watch the replay below." For video go to:

 Quote: "Why children absorb more microwave radiation than adults"

Computer simulation using MRI scans of children is the only possible way to determine the microwave radiation (MWR) absorbed in specific tissues in children. Children absorb more MWR than adults because their brain tissues are more absorbent, their skulls are thinner and their relative size is smaller. MWR from wireless devices has been declared a possible human carcinogen. Children are at greater risk than adults when exposed to any carcinogen. Because the average latency time between first exposure and diagnosis of a tumor can be decades, tumors induced in children may not be diagnosed until well into adulthood. The fetus is particularly vulnerable to MWR. MWR exposure can result in degeneration of the protective myelin sheath that surrounds brain neurons. MWR-emitting toys are being sold for use by young infants and toddlers. Digital dementia has been reported in school age children. A case study has shown when cellphones are placed in teenage girls’ bras multiple primary breast cancer develop beneath where the phones are placed. MWR exposure limits have remained unchanged for 19 years. All manufacturers of smartphones have warnings which describe the minimum distance at which phone must be kept away from users in order to not exceed the present legal limits for exposure to MWR. The exposure limit for laptop computers and tablets is set when devices are tested 20 cm away from the body. Belgium, France, India and other technologically sophisticated governments are passing laws and/or issuing warnings about children's use of wireless devices." For full article go to:

Quote: "Could we lose the ability to disseminate vital information about the planet's welfare because certain so-called "Whistle Blowers" have poisoned the well of public confidence in the quest for ever more "sensational" revelations about the major powers?
Where is the information on Kashiwazaki-Kariwa (go to -Edited 11/12/10-)? What really happened to Vesta's off-shore wind-farm contracts? Where did A.I.D.S come from? What is the real cost of depleted uranium usage? How do you make a cow "mad"? Is fluoride really dangerous? Does genetic modification represent a "Frankenstein's Monster"? Will your mobile phone, "Bluetooth" or "Wifi" rot your brain? What is the truth about the incineration industry or the CO2 profile of the nuclear industry? These are the vital questions.
Whilst "Wikileaks" and Mr.Assange attract all the attention to themselves do not their actions also serve to further obscure the already occluded reality of our planetary environment's current state? Will it be necessary for more campaigning environmentalists to be murdered before their work is taken seriously, whilst others congratulate themselves about "what clever boys and girls they are" for pulling one more soft fruit from the already over-stuffed international pie?"...
"Having said all this of-course the prospect of being forced to observe the beast he has roused then consumming poor Mr.Assange is extremely unedifying." Go to:

Quote: "Is a Viktor Schauberger vortex-engine the physics and research (and mode of operation for the primary power source), the SS were guarding? 

Quote: "The Repulsin models operated in the following way:

When the main electric engine is started, the Coanda effect begins to create a differential aerodynamic pressure between the outer and inner surface of the primary hull. At a higher speed, the vortex chamber becomes a type of high electrostatic generator due to the air particles, in high speed motion, acting as an electrical charge transporter. The Repulsin A will begin to glow due to strong ionization effect of the air. Now we have all the ingredients for a continuous and strong Aether flow along the main axis from the top to the bottom of the craft. The radial air pressure required for lifting 1 kg with the Coanda Effect is roughly 1.4 kg/cm2.

Internal suction screw impellers of the Schauberger Repulsin-B model

In the Repulsin B the vortex turbine has been improved for increasing the “Implosion Effect” and thus the lifting force. In the Repulsin B the upper membrane is fixed and the lower rotates at high speed. On the edge rim there are special shaped blades of boomerang configuration. There are 120 blades that are 3 degrees spaced around the rim. The enhanced vortex turbine increases significantly the “implosion” effect in the vortex chamber. This contributes to it being able to generate a stronger thrust than the centrifugal turbine used in the Repulsin A. By means of suction screw-impeller (which revolved from the outside towards the inside along a cycloid, spiral space curve) the same type of force is generated which creates twisters, cyclones, and typhoons through the effect of either suction or implosion.

Repulsin B inner workings

Work on the Repulsin B continued in 1944 at the Technical College of Engineering at Rosenhügel in Vienna. Schauberger was finally released back to Leonstein, Austria that same year. It appears that the SS had discarded the idea of applying the Schauberger motor to a submarine when the benefits would greatly improve their work on the secret Flugkreisel which was taken from Rudolf Schriever back in 1941. By 1943 the machine had flown but proved to be unstable. The leader of the SS replacement team was Dr. Richard Miethe who proposed several Flugkreisel replacements with varied power plants, most of which relied on jets or rocket power, until it was learned that Schauberger had engineered a type of turbine machine that would create an up-current of axially-spinning air so powerful that the up-current’s drag force would speed the whole machine higher and higher into the air with a thrust equal to 10,000 hp simply by moving “air”. The turbine was considered a priority for flight development into a manned machine by the SS. It is speculated that Miethe’s final design built in Breslau that flew in 1944 was an enlarged manned Repulsin-type craft." Go to:

Many questions suggest themselves;

Was a Schauberger magnetised liquid-metal the "energised medium" for an ion-migrating engine? How much of a part did (non-ballistic), nuclear physics play in the research? Are there fields of atomic physics into which the NAZIs were researching which have been deliberately occluded by the major powers since the war? How much of a role did superconductors play?" Go to:

Quote: "Some thoughts on Bose-Einstein condensate (nature abhors a vacuum), ..
Quote: "Compared to more commonly encountered states of matter, Bose–Einstein condensates are extremely fragile. The slightest interaction with the external environment can be enough to warm them past the condensation threshold, eliminating their interesting properties and forming a normal gas.[citation needed]*
Nevertheless, they have proven useful in exploring a wide range of questions in fundamental physics, and the years since the initial discoveries by the JILA and MIT groups have seen an increase in experimental and theoretical activity. Examples include experiments that have demonstrated interference between condensates due to wave–particle duality,*[25] the study of superfluidity and quantized vortices
*, the creation of bright matter wave solitons from Bose condensates confined to one dimension, and the slowing of light pulses to very low speeds using electromagnetically induced transparency.[26] Vortices in Bose–Einstein condensates are also currently the subject of analogue gravity research, studying the possibility of modeling black holes and their related phenomena in such environments in the laboratory.*"..

"In the image accompanying this article, the velocity-distribution data indicates the formation of a Bose–Einstein condensate out of a gas of rubidium atoms. The false colors indicate the number of atoms at each velocity, with red being the fewest and white being the most. The areas appearing white and light blue are at the lowest velocities. The peak is not infinitely narrow because of the Heisenberg uncertainty principle: spatially confined atoms have a minimum width velocity distribution*"..

"To calculate the transition temperature at any density, integrate, over all momentum states, the expression for maximum number of excited particles, p/(1 − p):
 N = V \int {d^3k \over (2\pi)^3} {p(k)\over 1-p(k)} = V \int {d^3k \over (2\pi)^3} {1 \over e^{k^2\over 2mT}-1}

p(k)= e^{-k^2\over 2mT}.
         " Go to:

*Italics mine..
An "inversion" can often be very revealling..which is why as a physicist I am fascinated by the "Venus Capture" story of the Flood "Myth" (first postulated by Peter Warlow -at least during our current Romanised Christian/Enlightenment epoch-), that states that Earth originally rotated in the opposite direction (or had been rotating West-East for as long as anyone could remember at the time), and that the passage of Venus into the inner solar system induced opposite spin (gravitationally), such that The Earth then inverted itself about its axis (remaining in orbit but the other way up!).
 What are very revealling about this notion are the "approaches" of  Aphrodite herself..

..which describe a perfect pentagram, this suggests that the gravitational influence of Venus has been a vital stabilising factor in the continuing evolution of life on Earth..(any -apparent-, slight variances in the figure described are undoubtedly the result of the "Astrotometric"* relationship between observer and observed).

* John Bryant's Astrotometric theory is brilliant, however I am afraid he has been hounded to breaking point recently;  I urge fellow members of the scientific community  to make themselves aware of  John's work on "Hypertime" and "The Astrotome" esp. re: sun-grazing comets and coronal mass ejections, all he has so far received from the established and institutionalised scientific community is hostility, go to: 
" Go to:

"What has this to do with our environmental concerns?"
I believe that the integrity of the body's biomagnetic field is compromised by the use of such devices.

Also go to..

Both our individual bodies' biomagnetic fields and the planet's are under attack in many ways, go to Save Thornborough Henges Petition:

Dental amalgams can also have a direct effect on the body's biomagnetic field, go to

More Dangerous Dentistry?

"Dental composites are complex mixtures of materials that generally consist of an organic resin matrix, reinforcing inorganic filler and a silane-coupling agent, which connects the filler and the resin matrix. Sometimes known as "white filling" or "synthetic porcelain", composites are commonly used as a tooth-colored restorative material, for example in the fabrication of fillings and veneers, and the cementation of crowns. Composites without the filler and coupling agent are commonly used as sealants, which effectively isolate pits and fissures to help prevent caries in adults and children.

Composite resins are formulated from a mixture of monomers and are most commonly based on bisphenol A glycidyl methacrylate, usually abbreviated as bis-GMA and sometimes known as Bowen's monomer after it's inventor. Because of the new treatment options made available, bis-GMA based composites are considered to be one of the most significant innovations of modern dentistry.

In addition to bis-GMA, composite resins generally include other monomers to modify the properties of the resin, for example bisphenol A dimethacrylate (bis-DMA), ethylene glycol dimethacrylate (EGDMA) and triethylene glycol dimethacrylate (TEGDMA). Although several key components of composite resins are derived from BPA, there is no known use of BPA itself in composite resins.

Composites and sealants are provided and applied in the form of a paste or viscous liquid, which is then cured or hardened after application by polymerization of the resin with a UV or visible light treatment. In addition to monomers and fillers, composites also may contain initiators, to promote polymerization from light treatment, and stabilizers, to maximize storage of the uncured resin and stability of the cured resin. (Soderholm and Mariotti, 1999; Guertsen, 1998)." From


"Tooth-coloured fillings
Tooth-coloured filling materials don't contain mercury. However, there have been concerns that they release a chemical called bisphenol A. This chemical is also used in the manufacture of some food packaging and water pipes.

Bisphenol A appears to copy the action of human oestrogen hormones and has been linked to breast cancer, prostate cancer and male infertility. The British Dental Association has looked into this and found that most filling materials don't release bisphenol A. There is no evidence of harm from this type of filling. However, this chemical is being used less in newer filling products*." From

*Italics mine.

BPA Hazard with Dental Fillings, Sealants Studied UNC Health Care,P10068

"Americans are exposed to the hormone-disrupting chemical, BPA, at levels eight times higher than those recommended by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, according to a new study. Researchers from the University of Missouri and Washington State University reached that conclusion after tests showed that the effects on animals of the chemical bisphenol A, or BPA — a potentially harmful compound found in thousands of everyday plastics, including bottles — is more relevant to human health than previously thought." From

BPA Increases Cadmium Toxicity

"Typically, the best way to treat cadmium poisoning is to remove the contaminated object and treat the individual symptoms. For instance, your child may have to take medications to relax the airways so that wheezing is decreased.

Sadly, if the exposure is prolonged, it can result in serious and permanent health complications, such as damage to your liver and kidneys. Additionally, it can cause brain damage if the child absorbs the chemical at a young age. To protect your child from this, you should avoid cheaply made jewelry and metal items that your child may put in and around his or her mouth."

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