Monday 12 December 2022

"Viscous Snitch" #WobblinTommies Pt. 3 #Astrology #Astronomy #OccultationofMars #DeadMenTellnoTales

Whilst I have been visiting the Royal Victoria Military Hospital this autumn/winter I have been utilising my knowledge of the ancient Brythonic lunar calendar (the "Beth Luis Nion" go to: &, to inform the timing. I was, therefore, aware that my explorations of the site were contemporaneous with celestial events, I was not, however, aware just how true this was until I discovered that, quote; "(This) week offers multiple opportunities to get a great look at the Red Planet.

On Wednesday (Dec. 7), the full moon will be in close proximity to a bright Mars during an event known as a lunar occultation. And on Thursday (Dec. 8), Mars will be at opposition, meaning that in Earth's skies, it will be found directly opposite the sun. These events also happen to coincide with Mars being close to perigee (its closest point to Earth), which occurred on Nov. 30

The perfect storm of astronomical events means that this is a wonderful week to watch Mars in the night sky, appearing larger and brighter than usual and making itself easy to spot next to a full Cold Moon. And even if you have cloudy skies or can't make it outside, you're still in luck: There are plenty of opportunities to see Mars at its best this week thanks to several free online livestreams.".."When the Red Planet is in opposition, it is much brighter than usual and therefore much easier to see in the night sky. This event only happens every 26 months, and the planet's elliptical orbit means during some oppositions Mars is closer to Earth than others."

During this week's opposition, Mars will be closer to Earth than it will be until 2033. The Royal Astronomical Society has put together a great explainer (opens in new tab) on the event":

 I observed unusual planetary activity in the vicinity of the Moon on the full moon of "Beth" (Birch), though and surmised that the planet involved in the rather spectacular show was (indeed), Mars (discovering the article from the following day). The astrological significance of this is interesting esp. as Mars is considered (by many cultures), to hold influence over man's warlike tendencies and the Moon to foster the more more caring, compassionate and nurturing aspects of our nature. Thus Mars was "occulted" by the Moon and the "opposition" meant it could clearly be seen (even by amateurs like me), both prior to and following the event. I wonder what Venus was doing, quote; "later generations have simply either ignored or misinterpreted the record because the implications of literal interpretation are too disturbing" (go to:

 Viscous Snitch

"He's a glitch (not a witch), he's a viscous, viscous, viscous snitch!

He's an oily bitch where it gives you the itch he's a viscous, viscous, viscous snitch! 

Just one twitch and you'll end up in a ditch with a viscous, viscous, viscous snitch! 

There's always a hitch and you'll never get rich he's a viscous, viscous, viscous snitch!"

Slippy where he should be sticky and visa versa!


"This is it

Breaking up or breaking throughBreaking something's all we ever doShoot straight, travel farStone crazy's all we ever areBut I don't care for liesAnd I won't tell you twiceBecause when all else failsDead men tell no tales......."

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