Sunday 21 September 2014

"The Omerta's Blind Spot?"

Quote: "The lack of community values that infests "The Darwinistic Society" (an oxymoron that indicates the degree of thanotic inactivity occurring within the "body politic"), is endemic to cultures which have accepted that Capitalism's destiny is indeed manifest. It is this contagion to which America's Aunt Sally has been over exposed, for not only does the U.K display the symptoms of acute monetarism but these are aggravated by her underlying chronic condition (something that even the most cursory examination of the content of our mainstream political, economic and social media confirms immediately). Take for instance a recent "Daily Politics" hosted by Andrew Neil, when affairs of the realm regarding the succession or similar issues were being discussed no mention was made what-so-ever of the arbitrary exclusion of all but the most mild (and secretive), of religious dissenters from the highest office in the land. This process is duplicated by the refusal of The British Labour Party to address the need for significant electoral reform and the failure of the other major political parties to properly consider the consequences of Scottish independence.
 For those of us who were conscious during the process of the "Sophie's Choice" of a referendum on electoral reform that the post Yugoslavian Conflict British electorate were encouraged to accept as a true expression of their democratic freedoms the notion that a "transcendent" N.A.T.O does not control the economic, political and social direction of our country is ludicrous (is it not Mr.Ashdown?)." Go to: "The European Omerta"

The fact that this situation has now worsened (re: NATO involvement in the Ukraine and the State Dept's continuing presence/influence in Europe), should give the clue as to the causes of the U.K's current "State of Khaos". Those forces within the European Union which are pushing for the federally administrated fascism of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership ("TTIP"), and the "Nato-isation" of Eastern Europe have no interest in democracy such as that represented by the exercise of their rights of self-determination by the "European" Electorate (or anyone else come to that)! That any politician or any commentator should have considered that entering into a vote on independence for the Scottish People without first determining how Scotland (and the rest of the U.K), would cope economically and continue to trade with the rest of The World should the vote be "Yes" is clearly asinine. Or is it? Not if you depend for your power-base on anachronistic institutions which are anathema to the "modern" (community centred), democratic process it isn't! Perhaps Alex Salmond felt powerless against The Eurasian State but does this excuse his seeming lack of ability to go "toe to toe" with The Euro-fascists on the issue of currency union? Certainly the fire-breathing Euro-dragon has become a formidable and heavily armed opponent for any single postulant or squire.
 Politics does indeed make for strange bed-fellows but the indiscriminate leaping from boudoir to boudoir we now see from our European politicians belies the underlying corruption of the institutions. Furthermore the behaviour of the U.K's major party leaders at the end of the campaign must surely be a breach of international standards of behaviour with regard to electoral campaigning (I say that but -try to?-  forget... quote: ""I Say Again, you are no Parliament!"
or... "A Coalition of the Willing?"
 Quote: "Reassuringly the last time we got such (supposedly) ideologically opposed party leaders in to bed we went to war*! Strangely there was no democratically determined mandate in favour of the consummation that time either.
When the air in The Cabinet Offices turns blue...then yellow, then blue, then yellow again (ad nauseum, ad infinitum, reductio ad absurdum)... logic dictates the inevitability of Britain's government becoming.....Green
...and what one asks is the the nature and tenor of our electoral reform debate doing in the toilet? Of-course our Prime Minister remains in office until such time as there is a government capable of replacing them this is a constitutional monarchy sweethearts.
Also..polling predictions based on what? The torturous meanderings of the "first-past-the-post electorate"? Opinion poles taken of an electorate preparing to vote under the existing system cannot possibly reflect the voting intentions of that same electorate prior to an election based on proportional representation.

*Bush and Blair.

It is surely no coincidence that Pallas Athena herself has been under siege.

Quote..."The new coalition Government yesterday unveiled the outline of a shared five-year programme, which papered over the cracks of potential disagreement.
Mr Cameron promised 'very early legislation' to establish fixed-term Parliaments, effectively enshrining in law the Conservatives' five-year coalition deal with the Lib Dems."


Where the Hades' place has democracy gone?

N.B "Aficionados" may note -and others be informed of- my belief in the entirely spurious and specious nature of the notion that democracy depends for it's existence upon civilisation (and more often than not now-days also the notion that they are related in any way whatsoever).

The above would of-course be constitutional issues...if we had one!

Which leads us I'm afraid (why am I so afraid?) to the gates of Buckingham Palace themselves.
On my thread "Not so Extraordinary Rendition?" I say "The facilitator is all, n'est-ce pas?" and on another I say "not necessarily of my own volition" (and I believe many of us feel like this concerning our involvement in the perpetuation of the myth that there isn't an elephant in the room and it isn't about to sit on one of us)....

"Where's Sir Henry?"
"Fell in the elephant trap I'm afraid".
"Bad show!"
"...and Sir Henry?"
"Gone I'm afraid."
"Bad show!"
"Yes, of-course the elephants were delighted."
"Would be."
"Spot of gin?"

(Some might say that a constitutional monarchy is preferable to a bi-polar dictatorship -but not on Independence Day-)" Go to: 
)? Certainly if "by their works shall ye know them" the promises made and threats issued in the last few weeks of campaigning have resulted in the most hasty and ill-considered of compromised responses. "Constitutional Change" would be a great idea guys if we had one! Or does nobody listen to the monarchy anymore..........................?

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