Monday 25 August 2014

Does Anyone Remember Chechnya?

The Chechen Republic? Anyone? Myopic isn't it? "Oh Mr.Putin oh what a lovely War!" You can search the right wing press (obviously -?-), and the left (not so obviously), but neither seem to be able to recall (or recognise the ongoing), situation between The Russians and The Chechens. The Left will rant on about Palestine without having any real solution to the problem but Chechnya is simply forgotten. Clinton abandoned them (a man notionally of "The Left" -in terms of U.S politics-), and that appears to be that as far as any criticism of the mafia-like oligarchy that still has its hands around the throats of The Russian people is concerned. Where is Glasnost? Perestroika? Where is Michael Gorbachev? "Oh they're bashing American involvement in Europe, TTIP and the NATO-ised federal state The EU has become so that's o.k" What an abrogation of responsibility (I guess we shouldn't be surprised though The Left in Britain have been "going round and round in circles" with regard to Palestine for over half a century)!  Today however "the scales" were lifted (from my eyes at least), as I finally realised just why it is that opinions like mine concerning the state of OH SO MANY things in modern Britain  (esp. "Austerity" and the direct attack on democracy it represents), both now and historically are bullied and brow-beaten into quiescence; the Stalinist b***tards which infest our "intelligentsia" (for want of a better word), are NOT SERVED by resolution, they like their right wing opponents (who at least are bit more more "up front" about their motives), profit from the continuation of conflict.

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