Tuesday 25 June 2013

"Is "Mean" the New Average?"

The language of epidemiology should not be seen as existing in an exclusively rarefied atmosphere unfortunately however our "civilisation" ensures that such should be the case. Should we become "uncivilised"  we may begin to become cognisant of the necessity for balance in order that one may differentiate between "the lesser of two weevils". It is surely no coincidence that it is the United States which spawned the notion that statistical analysis should remain the provenance only of the charlatan (the "pursuit of public happiness" having been excised from The American body politic).
  "Capitalism must be saved" says Keiser Maxwell but from what itself?  Without society capital means nothing and without community society is an empty noise. It is neither society, capital or community that are culpable but the illegitimate "isms" they spawn which by their very nature exist only in isolation; balance within the market is essential in order that the equations which represent and inform an emerging sustainable economy may manifest.

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