Sunday 25 September 2022

"The Fall"


Divided by common language we flutter by alone,

Lie together,

Taken or given,

Fearing the passage into darkness,

Sharing the night,

Emerging from the Sipapu ours is theirs,

So silence lives,

Near or far,

Fruit and seed nourished by the dying light.

What might dwell in or out of sight?

Belief we flame against encroaching evil extinguished by the void that searches deep within,

Blessed rain the tumbling weight of which roars its presence over; sand, gravel, stone, rock and boulder,

Leaping high,

Daring execution.

Will we rise again?



Everywhere upon the wind love let us be named!

Is it pride?

Prompts release.


Relinquish so much to gain the chance of future?

In an instant the incandescence imprints,

Of the diadem's disturbance of the waters of Mimir insensate,

Ubiquitous propaganda,


United indeed.


Nb. Of the existence of a recent drama series of the same name I was unaware until today.

"Your love will be the death of me":

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