Sunday 21 January 2018

Cio Cio San and her Tale of Woe: #Arafel #Incineration #Corbyn #Austerity

I'm "steaming" this morning!! #Incineration
This is much to say but nearly incoherent with rage......Now the tabloids are preaching to us about recycling labeling (as well as the broadsheets)! Twenty years ago when I was involved with Communities Against Toxins my brief was the clear disparity between what people believed would be recycled (as a result of the EU labeling system), and what actually was (and would be recycled should municipal waste incineration be rolled-out in Britain)! I went into detail on how people had been conned, The Man on the Clapham Omnibus simply thought; "I've bought something with a label on will be recycled", little did he know that the process of subversion of the European Parliament's initiative by those massive vested interests (esp. in America), would see to it that our waste collections would be reduced in order to fuel incinerators that would simply dispose of the packaging in the most dangerous way possible. The point did then and needs to be now driven home; incineration is not and re-manufacturing packaging to carry those labels (and all the administrative costs within the Union), were a waste of money, they may as-well have not bothered. How is it my oh so "liberal" friends that they can play the song back to me now as I sit here in poverty? No cognitive dissonance? No over concentration on our pleasure buttons hey? What rubbish..we create! We warned that leukemia rates would rise especially in the young..they have! So this work was worth nothing like everything else I've been involved with such as climate change research (years before such was "fashionable"), that has informed many new businesses and sustainable technologies and all the concomitant employment, these would never have happened without campaigners like me but I'm still pilloried even on the street..even by people who have have jobs in those industries..because I am a burden! Sorry to go-off but if "we" are not valued no-one ever will be.

"Jam today and jam tomorrow!"

Sir Tony Robinson; "Man of the People"
Given the caveat that "I bow to no one" (except those who bow to me also), Mr.Corbyn I will say this;

Robinson preaching from his position of privilege is revolting. Mr.Robinson I am no socialist and I have been a proper republican all my adult life (and vote Green), but if it means those who have become increasingly disenfranchised (although there is a compelling argument that states; "they were never properly franchised in the first place"), in Britain and are now suffering under a regime more sadistic (and more insouciant to the arguments for compassion and moderation), than any we have known in most of our lifetimes, will receive the succour from the State that they undoubtedly require I have no hesitation in supporting the election of Jeremy Corbyn to the second highest office in the land. Media figures like you especially those who have taken The Queen's Shilling (and as result belong in another party like say that of the Tories or -and very upsettingly for me-, that of the Tory loving Whigs), have no right whatsoever to indulge themselves in petty party politics when the vulnerable are being murdered (and don't accuse me of exaggeration you arrogant know-nothing Gauleitiers), this is just one story from my own personal and local experience;
"Recently our friend Jose (Bitterne Triangle Southampton), was on the phone to one of us saying how he had been complaining to The Job Centre concerning the amount of stress that the "Job-Search" commitments (forced on him when he lost his Disability Living Allowance and failed in his application for so called "Personal Independence Payment"), were causing him (he had a heart condition), when he stopped abruptly mid-conversation, my other friend (who is clearly still in considerable shock), went to Joses's house only to find him lying dead on the kitchen floor having suffered a fatal heart attack.
The Spaniard was a talented artist of the modernist school and a "known figure" around Portswood and Bitterne Southampton, where he had lived for years, walking his little dog (his only house companion), which has now lost its companion ("fascisti" old comrade "fascisti!"), Rest in Peace my friend." Go to:
  The absolute w***e-hole that has been made of my own life (and I'm talking from thirty years of experience of The British Welfare System), despite having worked in campaigns such as; Nuke Watch, The Anti-Roads Protests (esp. Twyford Down where I was personally responsible -with no means of transport of my own-, for getting local bands, good vegan fare and a marquee all donated free -incl. their artistry-, by the good folks of Southampton to "Festival-Up"), Communities Against Toxins Southampton (monitoring Rechem at night and going over their fence to take pictures of "low level" radio-active waste during a protest at Rechem when I addressed the assembled on the platform), The Legalise Cannabis Campaign (I wrote a consultative piece for parliament in the eighties concerning the experience of de-criminalisation in Amsterdam and the practicalities of legalisation here), currently against the terrible Tory policies of punishment and torture towards the most economically disenfranchised and (whilst campaigning wasn't the "core-work" although certainly an important aspect), I twice held the position of volunteer with special responsibility for the "growing-area" at a community farm in Millbrook Southampton (firstly on Southampton City Farm and secondly at "The Down to Earth Environment Centre" -go to:, which represents the merger of the old Millbrook School Farm and the City Farm), where I was partly instrumental in getting the farm to adopt organic growing practices and also represented the City Farm on the Southampton City Council "Environment Forum" (as was -although the Environment Forum did unfortunately prove to be a rubber-stamp for the major development of The West Quay site and was disbanded by the council after the laughable "consultations" had been entered into-), is exemplified by my recent post concerning incineration, (see above).

   Much of my work in these campaigns involved considerable effort on my part in the fields of; research, correspondence, "citizen journalism" and simple "meat on the street" all of which I received then (some would say "of-course"), and don't expect to now, no remuneration for. Despite this both my written work (key phrases and concepts), and the various occasions when I have addressed the mainstream media directly (FiveLive, South Today -BBC radio-, and The Guardian -in which I have even appeared twice-), have resulted in my own words and work being played back to me by the major media institutions such as the BBC (recently it seems; "the emergent paradigm" has gained traction), something this vampiric and sectarian culture takes as de rigueur!
  So please Mr.Robinson have the courage of your convictions and return your horrid bauble and when you do make utterance please let it be to rail against attacks on the most vulnerable (and may I suggest display an open mind to more enlightened notions of our ancient British culture eschewing your "feet of clay")! 

"Put it in your pantry with your cup-cakes"!

Posts to The Lifeboat News message board 20/01/18-23/01/18, with thanks.

I'm not usually one for personal attacks but an honour from a discredited and degenerate regime de-humanises us all, for some clarity on my viewpoint see:; "Politics is the art of the possible!"

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