Monday 19 December 2016

The Undiscovered Science of Myco-Magic #Mycology #Bioremediation

Elsewhere on this blog you will find mention of mushrooms and fungi for bio-remediation,"Mycology and Bio-Remediation" go to: and some of the organisations and communities doing research into the mycological bio-accumulation of environmental toxins and their subsequent disposal or recovery, however what has not so far been so fashionable is the concomitant science of the monitoring of environmental toxins ("Enviro-Toxins" Dr.Vyvyan Howard). There is surely a lot of wasted funding going to many Bio-Chemistry Depts. in science "faculties" throughout the world for it is not rocket science and I would have thought that the identification and categorisation of all the moulds, fungi and mushrooms by environment and proclivity (re: toxin accumulation), would have been a perfect excuse for a good old financial (and otherwise), knees-up (but they're probably channeling all the funding into seeing how mushrooms can inform robotics - as just about every other science is doing at the moment-), after all "cleaning-up" don't pay (especially when one doesn't admit to one's problems in the first place)! Mushrooms offer more elegant solutions surely? Why bother with expensive equipment when you can whip a few specimens into the lab and know immediately how much is where following some simple analysis (and being informed as to what you're looking for before you see it!)?

All photos by G.K.Hales.

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