Wednesday 2 April 2014

"The Cold Bolt."

“Warm moist lupine huffs burst upon the ear,
Against a smoky velvet drape suddenly clear and frosted,
A hypodermic to the jugular whilst still under the thrall of the mutilated, shattered, statuesque grotesque seemingly able to dance without feet,
Without feet and without a head,
Belongs to no-one,
The miasma crawls and swirls again ignition sparking rockets which fly into the night;
“Aren't they bright against the sky?” Assaulting the nostrils,
“Blast!” Blood and deceit,
Salty, insulting, more damp on top,
Filthy, corrupted digits crawl, encrusted flesh stretches,
Stiffened, quivering, sticky starry crystals shake, warn flesh that much not catch the cold bolt.”



  1. Is this a tribute to HP Lovecraft?

    1. Truth be told "Lovecraft" wasn't really in my "Pantheon" (past tense indicates this was before the invention of the internet and the necessity for action sabotaged my literacy!), is there a specific reason why you might make such an observation?

    2. D my friend I know it's you......I cannot access Facebook and have lost your email (still on old 'puter)..can you contact me by email or other?

  2. No "The War Poets" (I kinda get the reference given the lupine presence though)....

  3. "Conceptual Peace?"

    In the centre of a large room stands a glass case in which there are two substances, sand and metal. The sand provides the base within the glass case on which a projectile sits pointing to the sky. The projectile is bright and shining, reflecting beams of light upon the walls.
    The metal is platinum, the projectile is an armoured piercing tank shell.
    The sign underneath reads...
    .. "Sabo-tage".

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