Monday 16 December 2013

"Earth Stars! Michael Poynder (R.I.P), as Promised in "What's that Coming Over The Hill?""

"Geo" - "Metry" = "Earth/(ground)" - "Measurement" The Pythagorean Brotherhood were it seems taught their "spacial-math" by the (for want of a better description), "Brythonic Hyperboreans", ..


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Nb. It is important to realise (re: "Ley Lines"), that these coincidences and serendipities came about as a result of the harmonic relationship between the various cultures concerned (and their vernacular environments), actual physical contact developed much more slowly and would have been "controlled" by the adminstration (the priestly class).


  1. Edit: "What's that Coming Over The Hill?" link now sound....

  2. The next to last image makes me think of cones of power...