Thursday 25 April 2013

Perfidious Albion

This "nation of shopkeepers" seldom fails to disappoint, take for instance the current headline making stories, the deportation of Abu Qatada and the threat of a measles epidemic. Virtually all the information we are currently being fed on either subject is false. 
 If Europe doesn't approve of the deportation of a terrorist in order to stand trial in his own country following a breach of British law surely it is not beyond the wit of someone from the foreign office to suggest that maybe one of the other European states might like to look after him for a while (or at least long enough for the Jordanian authorities to acquire some international credibility concerning their treatment of political prisoners)? The British Government however (and Theresa May and David Cameron in particular), are displaying real (and what would be comic if the issue were not so serious), desperation in their efforts to ensure that their "dirty linen" is not aired in public. They have now created an extraordinary public relations problem for their own administration whilst Abu Qatada is undoubtedly cackling in his beard with delight at the transparent posturing and abject failure of a ridiculous regime that will undoubtedly collude in the demonisation of two young wayward Chechens (whose acts will be decontextualised with no mention made of the back-stabbing behaviour of the Democrat administration that helped to create them -Mr.Clinton-).
 The possible measles epidemic and the toxicity of the M.M.R jab are far worse problems however as they deal with the lives of innocents. If I were a parent today I would probably allow my child to be vaccinated and then institute a mercury detoxification protocol (knowledge is power after all), and although this is clearly not an ideal solution until such time as the medical and dental practitioners in Britain and America (the principle offenders in this regard), take their heads out of their a***holes concerning mercury toxicity (and shoving nasty chemical compounds into people generally), this deeply unsavoury and unsatisfactory state of affairs will continue (go to "Wicked Leeks" on this blog).

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