Friday 4 January 2013

"The Threat to Amphibians"

"Boiling Frogs"!?
"So here it is "Merry Christmas"! Everybody's buying guns!"
Does anyone believe the P.t.Bs ("Powers that Be")? A simple list of "open-secrets" (many of which appear to have degenerated into mere "Urban Legends" -like "The Pentagon Papers" ?-), may give some insight into the true condition of our "market place";
1. "9/11"; manufactured by design or a function of The American Administration's new "default" setting? Following globalisation is there really a difference? Go to;
2. Murder by Depleted Uranium? Fact. Kosova, Iraq (twice), Afghanistan (when necessary) and any possible future conflict with Iran, The Abrams, The Challenger and many other (so-called), "modern" weapons and munition systems would either simply not have been possible or (more importantly), economically viable to produce in large enough numbers without the use of depleted uranium.
3. Fukushima; the Japanese population (treated as "Unter-Menschen" by "Unclo Samo"), are "suffering in silence" (as far as the rest of The World is concerned), the consequences of having been stupid enough to attempt to alter the otherwise clearly Manifest Destiny of the dear old "U.S" of "A" (a nuclear research facility not on American soil? "What a convenience !").
4. The death of Osama Bin Laden? If we are to believe "Hillaryous Swankey" (give the girl an Oscar -"that is her isn't it?-),  he went to a watery grave in The Indian Ocean at the hand of The Obama Administration (which let's face it doesn't really "have-the-b**ls" for "face-to-face" combat but can easily dispose of some unsightly human remains -if you happen to leave them lying around-, go to: ).

Pots and Kettles ?

What about the U.K, America's creepy "yes man"?
1. The murder of Diana Spencer; there is far too much evidence that points to a major conspiracy involving both the British, French and other more global and far less accountable organisations/institutions to let the matter rest where it currently does.
2. Lockerbie, a conspiracy? One becomes even more convinced of the involvement of "The Home Powers" (Britain and America), when one witnesses the amount of what can only be described as "under-carpet sweeping" that has accompanied N.A.T.Os involvement in Libya ("N.A.T.O" = "Now Actively Treacherous Oligarchy"?).
3. The Mull of Kintyre? What did happen? I'm moved to quote both Holmes and Occam concerning this Gordian Knot, for having dismissed "the possible" ones' "improbable" conclusion is that the death of  many of Britain's top (at least in terms of "The Irish Campaign"), military and security service personnel was at the end of a very "long-knife" indeed, reaching (as it must have), all the way from the (again), dear old "U.S". of "A".
Quote: "the Mull houses a secretive military facility that is home to a unit of US Navy SEALS, a top-grade Commando force associated with "black operations," including assassination" Go to: "Deep Black Lies":

4. The Channel Tunnel? (go to;


America, Britain (and in all likelihood), Russia, France and China (an order suggested by the probable chronology of each state's development of the technology concerned and a list that might well have begun to include Germany -again-, in recent years), know the true story of American Admiral Richard.E.Byrd's expeditions to Antarctica post 1945 and the nature of the N.A.Z.I research that the cover-up surrounding these "visitations" has been designed to conceal (go to:  also see; )

"The Boys from Brazil" ?

With reference again to the consequences of "Project Paper-clip" (America's operation to gather unto itself all the useful researchers and viable technologies of The Third Reich before the fragmentation of Germany prior to and just following the end of World War Two in Europe), few have examined (apart perhaps from Lawrence Olivier and Gregory Peck), the evidence concerning the nature and tenor of the eugenics research that was absorbed by America during this process. Should one be in a position to "see-the-wood-for-the-trees" regarding the consequences of the aforementioned process of absorbtion one may feel moved to ask "Did The Third Reich Continue or The Fourth Reich Commence? : Discuss" (go to;  -esp. re; A.I.D.S-)

Health Effects?

The most "open" (and therefore dangerous), secrets of all are the day-today "realpolitik" consequences of these and many, many other of our current administrations policies ("smells worse than a pile of fish in the middle of Manhattan" -and in case you don't believe us they've just delivered one-), such as; A.I.D.S, the asbestosis of 9/11 survivors, the children of Fullujah, Fukushima, Bhopal, the spread of more dangerous viruses, bacteria and fungi and the real cost of mobile-phone and other "wire-less" technologies. However above and beyond all of these is the perversion of science that "modern" man choses to call "particle beam research"*, "imagine you have two watches and you want to find out how they work so you smash them together and examine what remains" (to paraphrase one noted physicist). "Examine what remains?!" it never occurred to anyone to invent a screwdriver !?" (also see; "Dark Matters" -above-).

*Very few realise that military research in the aforementioned countries (see "Collusion?"), into particle beam weapons has been going on for decades (far longer than the extant "civil" research that now makes starry-eyed the acolytes of quantum physicists in science faculties throughout The World -whose lack of understanding is infact belied by the economic consequences of their actions, both in theory and practice-).

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