Wednesday 5 September 2012

"A "Strange-Love" Indeed?"

Does it not seem both cruel and unusual that at a time when the rights of the disabled (and other-wise disadvantaged), in Britain and Europe are being challenged and eroded ,in ways which we have not seen being employed to accomplish the task since The Second World War, that the British can be seen (ostensibly), celebrating the degree of inclusion within their society and diversity of their culture? The "benefit scroungers" who claim Disability Living Allowance and Incapacity Benefit are being told "work will make you free" by a society that has received the gift of sight from the Olympic/Paralympic flame that has been burning so brightly above our capital city, it is surely no coincidence, however, that this Hitlerite symbol has obscured rather than illuminated the true nature of the regime that now attempts to control the thoughts and actions of the sheepish masses. "Tell a big lie and keep on telling it" was Goebbels's creed, a creed expounded in order that the wider beliefs of the eugenicist group of people of which he was a member should both come to ascendancy and achieve the dominance that was their raison d'etre. Should it come as a surprise that the (again ostensibly), polarised debate about the true nature of evolution that so characterised the wars and conflicts (both national and international), of the twentieth century has lost it's definition at the beginning of the twenty first? One feels that one should pose the question to our social science students (if they can find the time whilst avoiding the herds of pachyderms which now populate -through no fault of their own-, our academic institutions); "Did The Third Reich Continue or the Fourth Reich Commence? (discuss) . Is not the current "drive to inclusion" really nothing more than another expression of the eugenicist nature of our society? "It's o.k they're like us really, look there's one balancing a ball on it's nose!" is not the comment of one truly comfortable with their surroundings. It is surely only by reassuring ourselves by giving air-time to the patronising and condescending assertions of Dr. Goebbels that we can be "comfortable" with an economic system that allows an increasingly more privileged minority to continue to prosper at the expense of the most vulnerable. There are some that would claim that I am merely proselytising for a regime that would rather those with disabilities be kept "out of sight and out of mind", but such could not be further from the truth for I believe that instead of the myopic, self-congratulatory and conceited attitudes we currently see displayed as "inclusive" and promoting of "diversity" (I like to play ultimate Frisbee difficult in a wheel-chair but far from impossible on prosthetic legs -as long as you keep them a fair length! -), both the disabled and able-bodied in our society should be subject to greater scrutiny, should we do so we may become aware of the serendipity that identifies the coincidence of the pitiful "apology" offered to the victims of Thalidomide treatment occurring during the good doctor's Paralympic spectacle.
 The privileged elite are prepared to allow the disabled to look like them they are not so prepared that the disabled should be like them. Opportunity and independence are not rights to be earned but gifts to be protected, no-one should have the right to say; "you are not free until you work for me", that way leads to the gas-chambers and whilst the populace is distracted by this "bread" and these "circuses" one should perhaps recall just what it was that happened once Dr.Strangelove had declared; "mien Fuhrer I can walk!"


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