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I suppose that it should come as no surprise that in our increasingly polarised world where, "divide and rule" has come to such an ascendancy that the process has spread into the heart of the body politic of the "Old" (via our market-driven concerns), from the bi-polar dictatorship of the "New", we should find that neither the left or right-wings in this country are able to offer any real solutions to the Brexit conundrum. We may observe the true nature of the affliction in most (if not all), of our major institutions, the antagonisms are apparent everywhere; the Democratic Unionist Party vs Sinn Fein, the Brexiteers vs the Remainers, the Labour Party vs the Conservatives (the Liberal "Whigs" having sold out to the Tories now being mostly an irrelevance),  and the "Alternative Vote" vs First Past the Post being fine examples. Are we so blinkered and subservient now that as a people we cannot voice our desire for more choice? Orwell's "double-think" (Orwell defined double-think as; "To know and to not know, to be conscious of complete truthfulness while telling carefully constructed lies, to hold simultaneously two opinions which cancelled out, knowing them to be contradictory and believing in both of them, to use logic against logic, to repudiate morality while laying claim to it," go to: https://study.com/academy/lesson/doublethink-in-1984-definition-examples.html)
, requires that the populace are presented with simple either/or options, any "third way" (with apologies to the rest of the populace for Mr.Blair who has never either presented the populace with or personally represented anything of the sort, instead -arguably having learned the lesson of history-, he masquerades as the liberal option whilst filling his pockets from the wallets of the vested interests of the status quo), would be too disruptive and might (God-forbid), encourage the electorate to think for themselves, certainly such polarisation presents organisations such as Cambridge Analytica with the kind of low-hanging-fruit the harvesting of which in no wise justifies their personal wealth, status or reputations. The media organisations too have been at-each-others-throats with Russia Today and the West's mainstream hurling abuse back and forth like teenagers in a refectory to the terrible detriment of both the truth and decent journalism. It seems that one either believes that Putin and Trump are the pilloried innocents of a Nazified media or that they are the arch manipulators of an equally fascist agenda, the truth of-course exists somewhere inbetween. It should come as no surprise then that neither of the leaders of the two major political parties in Britain can themselves offer any sensible solutions which might help prevent the rapidly approaching catastrophe.
 The situation we now find ourselves in has been developing over many decades and has it roots in an equally polarised conception of what the E.U should itself represent, there has always been conflict between those (in the ascendancy at the moment), who want the E.U to be pure and simply a "businessman's club" and those who see the union primarily as a way to repair past hurts and ensure that war never again breaks out between the member states. Much of this apparent dichotomy has been determined, exploited and manipulated by the outside-force of a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation that indeed is fully conversant with the principle of divide and rule, for surely the notion of the creation of a solely European military force has never previously been accepted (NATO having now extended its influence to the very borders of Mother Russia may indeed consider that its military objectives have been achieved and is therefore now prepared to accept even Britain's possible membership -post Brexit-, of a joint European defense force -go to: https://www.politico.eu/article/emmanuel-macron-angela-merkel-endorses-eu-military-plan/-, if such does not necessitate its own demobilization and disbandment), by the transatlantic military/industrial elite since they discovered what a useful tool the E.U could become in the post Cold War world, quote;

"the "omerta" concerning discussion of the true nature of The Yugoslavian conflict and the economic, social and political consequences of "The Wider European Union" that is so rigidly adhered to and enforced by The European Media applies to R.T and Al Jazeera as-well (whose collusion indicates both the true extent of the omerta's influence and it's source).  Russia's behaviour (and that of the westernised arab states), which is similar to that of America with regard to foreign and domestic policy dictates that such should be the case, for just as it is not in N.A.T.O's interest to encourage stability in the middle east it is not in Putin's to encourage the formation of an Eastern European economic and political community (whatever did happen to ours?), Russia's embrace of monetarist values and "laissez-faire" ensures that her foreign policy decisions are taken solely in order to maximise short term profits for a small group of people in just the same way as are those of the member states of N.A.T.O.
 The degree of influence our de-sublimated politicians now have on The Market deconstructs laissez-faire but adds both energy and mass to the fiscal momentum generated by the acceptance of capitalism's "Manifest Destiny" (which process can of-course only take place following embrace of the concept)."..   
.."In our current economic and political climate the market has almost generated sufficient power to silence dissent completely, untrammelled capitalism ("monetarism"), has facilitated the penetration of Socially Darwinistic surveillance into every aspect of our individual existences. What are "they" looking for? Do you keep it under your bed with your socialist sympathies or in the freezer with your "liberal" values?

 Silence of this kind is bred by egocentrism, guilt and denial, plenty of which are on display when it comes to the constitutional issues which concern (and boy don't they!), the "Now Actively Treacherous Oligarchy" ("The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation" -clues in the title-). Talk about "above the titles" though! For both in the microcosm of this argument and the macrocosm of geo-politics The United Nations (supposedly the most powerful of all international institutions), plays understudy to N.A.T.O's fading matinee idol. The old studios and their retinue of ageing film stars, directors and producers clearly feel that their audience will now swallow more-or-less anything".."Hitler described "the masses" as "sheep-like" and it seems that the Machiavellian "global" financial hegemony that manipulates institutions such as N.A.T.O believe this to be true of the electorates which provide the mandates for their facilitators. The lack of community values that infests The Darwinistic Society (an oxymoron that indicates the degree of thanotic inactivity occurring within the body politic), is endemic to cultures which have accepted that Capitalism's destiny is indeed "manifest". It is this contagion to which America's Aunt Sally has been over exposed, for not only does the U.K display the symptoms of acute monetarism but these are aggravated by her underlying chronic condition (something that even the most cursory examination of the content of our mainstream political, economic and social media confirms immediately). Take for instance a recent Daily Politics hosted by Andrew Neil, when affairs of the realm regarding the succession or similar issues were being discussed no mention was made what-so-ever of the arbitrary exclusion of all but the most mild (and secretive), of religious dissenters from the highest office in the land. This process is duplicated by the refusal of The British Labour Party to address the need for significant electoral reform and the failure of the other major political parties to properly consider the consequences of Scottish independence.

 For those of us who were conscious during the process of the "Sophie's Choice" of a referendum on electoral reform that the post Yugoslavian Conflict British electorate were encouraged to accept as a true expression of their democratic freedoms the notion that a transcendent N.A.T.O does not control the economic, political and social direction of our country is ludicrous (is it not Mr.Ashdown?).".."whilst the anti-European lobby postures pro-Europeans (and this is true throughout Europe and beyond), simply refuse to accept the idea that "The European Adventure" has been hijacked by imperialist brigands whose ridiculous notion of a Wider Europe is as".."disturbing as was Hitler's of Germania"..

.."Silence (quite apart from being "golden" -"Maam"-), speaks volumes, in this case about the mafiosi who are attempting to achieve dominance over the global market place. The poisonous hypocrisy of journalists, politicians, commentators and institutions with regard to these "constitutional difficulties" is somehow however a worse betrayal than is that of those who instigated or perpetuate them, those neo-conservatives and free-market liberals who have always worn their hearts on their sleeves seeming far less dangerous than those who claim impartiality or to have "no interests" whilst colluding in these conspiracies (or "conspiracy" the appearance of separateness being purely illusory).

 It has become far too easy in Britain to simply enage in crass sectarianism whenever one wishes to demonise dissent. The entropic slough that is the B.B.C has been indulging it's thanotic predilections with regard to these "constitutional issues" for years"..

  ""The Wider European Implosion" is now inevitable, it is however (as our transatlantic friends would have it), "time to wake up and smell the coffee" (before there ain't no croissants left)!" From; ""The European "Omerta.""" Arafel, 5 February 2013 go to: http://www.arafel.co.uk/2013/02/the-european-ometa.html
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Also, quote;
"The IRA may turn away and mumble into their hands whenever the subject of the deaths at The Mull of  Kintyre are mentioned but that merely exemplifies the maxim that "all terrorism is treason" ("yesterday's terrorist" may indeed be "tomorrow's freedom fighter" but not without an evolution in the consciousness of both State and Self). Is it such a strange irony that the republican movement in Ireland should be supported by U.S Democrats and the Loyalists by the Republican Party? What this also means is that the Labour Party perforce must perpetuate (and even proselytise for -quietly but whilst never doing "the other"-), the First Past the Post electoral system (so one can't blame it all on Mr.Patrick Ashdown). Clearly they do this because they feel that they must enforce the Balmoralisation of the British public in order to maintain (even the possibility now of), power, why they think this is the case is interesting for they obviously have no faith in the British public to come to similar conclusions concerning their own welfare on a significant enough basis to enable the Labour Party to come to power in England under a proportionately representative electoral system. "One" could perhaps ignore this (not "correctly" but at least such an oversight might at least be possible),  if such a posture did not also have rather more obvious deleterious consequences.
 David Cameron perpetrated on the British people one of the nastiest and cheapest bits of political slight-of-hand we've seen in these fair Islands for a while, something he could not have attempted without the support of? The Liberals, who (conveniently stuffing 200 years of "Liberalism" down the plug-hole), abandoned their principles to shake the hand of every neo-con nonentity in the Tory Party, their "respect" for our electoral and political system even extending to The House of Lords ("I had no idea so many Liberals were Papists Maam!"), where they are being encouraged and enabled (and funded too? Not officially of-course), to remove any lingering vestiges of democratic process from the patient."..

""Maam with these European turds you are spoiling us!" Undoubtedly cher cousin...and she's been doing it for a while now..but do you know the real reason both "we" and her majesty have been clinging on so long? We don't want to end up like you....! It's true for the British people are well aware that if we are to salvage anything from the wreck of the anachronism ("whose?"), it will be 60 years of work trying to maintain the welfare of her people, for if ;"by their works shall ye know them" the great experiment that is American Independence has resulted only in social unrest, inequality and death.
 "Phishing" in the European pond by the U.S State Dept. does highlight the problem though for it has thrown into sharp relief the 21st century's antagonisms between the Wider Europe and the self-determination of its peoples and it is these obvious contradictions which identify the effects of the British Labour Party's reliance on the creaking constitution of the realm. The fact is that the British Labour Movement does not now (neither ever has been able to), properly represent the electorate's interest's in Europe, the truth is that they fear European democracy for her eyes are lead straight to the dichotomy between Labourite power and self-governance. Unfortunately Mr.Corbyn (who I otherwise support wholeheartedly in much of his campaigning), suffers from a touch of the Jehovah Complex to which Tony Blair succumbed so successfully (and many such well-intended social reformers do), that engenders in the sufferer a penchant for self-martyrdom far more painful to the witness than the patient, as Yoda might say; "realise that they are not the ones that suffer they must!"" From; "A Place to Talk" Arafel, 25 December 2016, go to: http://www.arafel.co.uk/2016/12/a-place-to-talk.html
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It is difficult to see-the-wood-for-the-trees especially through the tangled web of U.S and European politics (both foreign and domestic), now-a-days which is why I must amend my comments concerning David Cameron's own particular contribution to the debacle from the same post (quote; "Cameron's terrible blunder over Europe exemplifies same. It seems clear that the vested interests in Britain and America thought it was worth gambling on the predilections of the European electorate but as with America's interventions elsewhere our global-flatfoot made a rookie's mistake, "never bet on money over land" or "the dollar over blood"!"), for it seems that the balance might have been TTIP-ed by the increasing intransigence (at least as far as the U.S is concerned), shown by of most of (esp. mainland), Europe by its policy of the non-acceptance of less regulated produce such as genetically modified foods and chemically and/or pharmaceutically "enhanced" produce from America finding their way on to the shelves, such opposition to the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership may well have been the issue that weighed the scales in favour of electoral intervention by the Trump/Farage/Mercer/Johnson/Putin alliance and the machinations of the "home-grown" talents of Cambridge Analytica.

These people simply exploited an already unstable Europe though as, "The Wider European Adventure" had already stretched the tolerance of both the former E.U's member states' domestic populations and economies further than either was comfortably able to tolerate" (also see; ""Sophie's Choice" (again) #Brexit #EUReferendum #VoteYes #VoteNo Montage" go to: http://www.arafel.co.uk/2016/06/sophies-choice-again-brexit.html Quote; ".... Why should not The Poles (who "don't like" the Germans and consistently produce the lowest turn out of any E.U nation in European elections), the Western Ukrainians (bye bye Crimea!), and the other recently assimilated Eastern European States* attend to their own affairs? Such would surely be both socially and financially better for all of us.
Take the debacle over the Shengen agreement. Really Mr.Major? Your country's citizens got nothing out of that, is Europe only for the businessmen then? It seems so (quote; "The free movement of persons was a core part of the original Treaty of Rome" go to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schengen_Agreement ). One would think that it would be the job of our country's "liberal-left" to point out the "diminishment of persons" that not becoming signatories to the Shengen Agreement represented but noooo as so often where European politics is concerned there was a terrible silence in the "oppositional barn"."

 So how to resolve the impasse? The simply expedient of a third choice (as should also have been presented to the British people with regard to our recent referendum on electoral reform by including the option of proportional representation on the ballot papers), whereby Britain would choose not to rejoin unless a process that would reform the current structure by fostering the creation of an Eastern European Union (consequently addressing the issues of the wider union and the influence of  NATO), was entered into by all member states, might well give a truer representation of the electorate's wishes and concerns and encourage real debate on the nature of the union that people wish to see, such would surely better serve the interests of democracy.

Quote; "Among those who first called for a “United States of Europe” was Sir Winston Churchill, in a 1946 speech, and the impetus for him and for Jean Monnet, “the father of Europe,” was primarily peace and security." Go to: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/06/20/opinion/rip-jo-cox-may-britain-remember-your-wisdom.html?_r=0
For full article." Go to: http://www.arafel.co.uk/2016/07/the-nuremberg-defence-jo-cox-rip.html
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