Sunday, 19 October 2014

"Troll Wars"

The following are posts to the MediaLens message board on the subject of so-called "trolling" on behalf of industry, specifically in this case the nuclear industry...

Quote: "

The Thorium guys are trying to "Hammer" me again ("Troll Wars" continues)! "Loving THIS place!"? Quote: "Climate change is now a fact of life & will get far worse, we need as much energy as possible to prevail, be brave, adapt and enjoy the coming thorium age"
With a picture of....

(Edit 13/09/16 All images and avatars have now been changed -avatar was Marble's Thor!-) 

I told them "If I were you I would consider my actions very carefully before attempting to wield "Mjolnir""! 

They were trying to flog the "we need thorium reactors because of methane release" idea by stoking the fires of hysteria  (which to me smacks of a certain amount of desperation on the part of the industry).

"internet trolls will face up to two years in prison" ("Troll Wars" cont.)
in reply to "The Thorium guys are trying to "Hammer" me again ("Troll Wars" continues)! "
It also looked very much like one of these guys had actually "used their industry packs" to change their profile after I blocked one (they're given a game plan -suggested avatars user names etc.-, a basic psychology and a number of followers; they are then tasked to "troll" a user/avatar or hash-tag etc. -of-course to facilitate all this their employers (or are they technically "self-employed" like a Multi-Level Marketing* distributor?), have oversight-). They were nasty, pejorative, abusive and juvenile (even infantile), it was a genuinely unpleasant experience dealing with them.
What pray tell do we think is suitable punishment for this kind of "trolling"? Perhaps in this case the greater censure should be applied to the instigators rather than the perpetrators.

*I blame Pharaoh
("Multi Level Marketing" totally legal, self-employed, control your own work hours but "Business Ability" wouldn't let me do it.....-long story....-).

Nb. Of-course a record of these tweets does exist somewhere (although I have never attempted to extract that much info. from my Twitter account archives & don't know the procedure -but if advised will gladly produce!-).

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  2. Thank you...I'm not always au fait!