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"Floating the Boat": Arafel GoFundMe Campaign.. #JudicialReview

"I have thirty years of experience of the medical authorities and the welfare state here in the U.K that has informed many of my posts on my blog "Arafel" (, and I am currently using (or have been and intend to do so again), four separate advocacy services myself. In the November of last year (2016), I lost an Upper Tribunal Appeal for my Personal Independence Payment by six points to eight, this despite the fact that Mitie on behalf of Southampton City Council (and following occupational therapy assessments by council employed medical/welfare professionals), have spent £1000s on re-appointing my kitchen and bathroom. I have the photographs of both the work completed and the stripped flat sans any carpet, proper curtains, soft furnishing or decor at the developers as I write (I have not been able to complete the decorating), I will publish them here (one of the author..the other pictures appear on the GoFundMe site, link given below -edited 16/01/18-);

the pictures will also inform my submission to my M.P.  The next step may then be Judicial Review, however I will not be able to undertake this process without funding for also, following my loss of PIP, I was then "assessed" for Employment Support Allowance but received zero points out of fifteen!
 I inherited some money from my mother (Eileen Young -RIP-),  a few years ago but this has been "absorbed" (I had already been without my PIP for nearly a year when I lost my Upper Tribunal Appeal),  during this period. In fact I have had to re-sell two items I did manage to buy with my inheritance taking a nearly 2/3 loss on both. 
 I rely on an electric bike for my mobility esp. as I live literally on the Southampton/Eastleigh boundary a long way from many vital services, the bike needs a thorough service and a new battery but these are £500 each following industry safety upgrades to the fittings (having been £400-450 already). 
 The computer I use at home runs straight from the Ethernet "hard-line" and I must secure my service provision if I am to continue my blog, "Arafel" has been going nearly six years now as a "free blog" but even the domain name is threatened if I can't renew it. My computer was purchased from Jamie's a local charity that reconditions and repairs computers, unfortunately the CD drive is malfunctioning and I cannot upload any disc programmes (this is why I have had to send my photographs to a developers), the P.C will need to go back to Jamie’s for (at least), a service and I will need to employ a more "computer savvy" professional to help me finish integrating my social media and blog (I have been running it solo so far), this obviously threatens my blog as I cannot afford to do either of these at present either. 
 I am currently in fuel poverty which is of-course both affecting my health and my ability to write (my readers may well have noticed the comparative paucity of my posts to the blog this year -although I try to keep the content standard high-), and have an approx. £800 rent debt with Southampton Council (and rising), I do not want to be evicted (which would be even colder).
 I am a member of Cannabis Law Reform Campaign U.K, having already been a "senior" member of the Legalise Cannabis Campaign in the 1980s when I wrote a consultative piece for parliament (I was also at one time President of The Essex University Friends of Amsterdam Society), and am campaigning at the moment for recognition for parasthesiacs like me with serious spinal chord injury problems who wish to use a safe and proven form of long-term medication such as cannabis (also a subject I will cover more thoroughly on my blog if I get the opportunity to do so).
 I hold a distributorship for a (very reputable and well-known), multi-level marketing company that offers me the opportunity for self-employment (something that the state under the auspices of The Universal Credit system are prepared to help me with) , however I will require "start-up" capital to make this possible (and again will require some "computer help" when floating the venture).
 I ruptured my brachial artery as a fifteen year old provoking a Near Death Experience ("NDE" I have posted on the subject on my blog but will  go into more depth given the opportunity), and requiring the micro-surgical intervention (a new technique at the time), of a very competent consultant surgeon to save both my life and my arm, eighteen months later I nearly broke my back in a very serious motorbike accident that left my right foot pointing backwards and resting on my left shoulder (I have only just started to receive proper orthotics advice but have missed two appointments whilst also trying to deal with my benefits and secure the help of the local Community Mental Health Team for my other problems more related to my first experience -I was a minor on both occasions-)!
 I have campaigned (one way or the other), for the recognition of so-called "hidden" conditions like mine all my adult life.
 I proselytise for a class-action to be undertaken by the victims of dental clinical fluoride treatment (I was pre-pubescent when I received mine), especially as I believe this was a massive contributory factor in both my accidents.
 Living under such conditions takes its toll and one develops secondary and tertiary problems as a result (I haven't -for instance-, left this country for thirty years and cannot currently afford a passport). It is for this and other reasons (all of which I hope to be able to at least "touch-on" on my blog), that I am requesting funding. If successful with my campaign I intend to donate 10% to the advocacy (and other local charitable), services* I use and I will photographically both document any financial exchanges of and any issues resolved by the money from the campaign.

regards Gerard Hales

*here are the four advocacy services I use,,,"
Go to:
and a run through of this year's best (and worst), "Moments" on Arafel:

If free independent journalism is the "alternative" Zeitgeist ("listing where it wills"), I hope the "cognoscente" will feel able to support my work, it is my independent choice to try and enlarge on the comparative success (over the last nearly six years), of a free blog I've been running from my own resources..The "Yemen Bomb Sign" picture whilst not being an "exclusive" has not (as far as I have seen), featured in any other media be it mainstream or alternative and it was sent to me (unsolicited), via-twitter by a lawyer in Sanaa (I hope -esp. during this season-, that he and his family are o.k, at one time we were receiving nightly posts concerning the bombing of the city). I hope to be able to reveal painful truths on "Arafel" but my voice will be silenced if I don't receive some funding soon.

"Arafel" Highlights: The Best of the Rest Six Years of "Arafel":

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