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Nb. Thought I'd use up my initial 14 day "free trial" re; community forum, apologies for closure out-stayed forum will be up and running again asap, thank you.. 31/12/2016 "Happy New Year!"

Jazz it up...!
Throw us a fiver...You might have to now..look what you've made me do...

The mystics and seekers (whether you agree with them or not), have been pondering the eternal verities since the dawn of man..but these guys..they know it..they know how something expanded from nothing into something AND how it is going to return to its original condition..that's all they know and all you need to know kids...I don't buy it guys..I just see money, people and hope going down the drain....."all back of the bus" like..Anyhoo looks like I've, "opened a bar at All-Costs" if it's not wanted here..we can talk at my place..Fine guys horses-for-courses I understand some (not all), of your reservations..many of you do very necessary work dealing with some of the minutiae of taking down the blood-sucking hacks and broader discussion can disrupt that..The Lifeboat News and the Media Lens Message Board before it have been vital resources (and I hope "TLN" will remain so), but I'm champing at the bit some-days 'coz certain subjects just haven't been in many of your pantheons and find no purchase please join up... just remember

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WiFi, EMP Weapons, particle beam physics, psychology, environment will be some of the themes and subjects I hope will provide an alternative and adjunct to The Lifeboat News..
Own posts to The Lifeboat News message board edited at Admin's discretion..all others redacted or spell-checked only (Ed.)

..certain subjects were taboo in The Lifeboat ("TLN" The Lifeboat News),............... One of the problems was that as the off-spring of The Media Lens those concerned often like to restrict themselves to critiques of mainstream media ("MSM"), output which perforce limits what may or may not be discussed. The most common criticism of my posts was that they were "not relevant" or "brought discredit on the board" (which likes to ensure it maintains its "serious" reputation), because they often dealt with stories which hardly ever appear in the MSM at all. I have always maintained that media criticism requires both (quitting "belly-aching"), I've started the "Arafel" community, some of the themes and issues which weren't discussed are as follows;
1. The dangers of WiFi and "wireless" technologies generally.
2. The medical media;
a) Psychology.
b) Psychotherapy.
c) Psychiatry.

...incl. Near Death Experience research.
d) Energy medicine (acupressure, homeopathy, "essences", meridian energy assessment et. al).
e) Integrating conventional and complimentary medicine techniques and philosophy.

3. The scientific/academic media generally (no really, for example; a piece about anthropology/paleontology in the scientific media concerning Carbnon14 dating and the continuing -"lack of"-, Solutrean DNA controversy was deleted by the board moderator because one of the articles came from a "Creationist" research group -however the actual text and content re: Carbon14 dating did highlight a current problem-, the discriminatory faculty isn't lacking it's wrongly applied).
4. Particle beam physics/weapons ("Star Wars" & CERN 
5. Electro-magnetic pulse weapons.
7. Depleted uranium's use as ordnance.
7. Vicktor Schauberger and "The Forbidden History" of NAZI physics.
8. The dangers of merchant and municipal waste incineration.
9. Cannabis legalisation.
10. The Bio-fuels debate and its concomitant science re: Ocean Based vs Land Based cultivation etc.
11. Organic bioremediation.
12. The seismological profile/effects of nuclear power.
13. The death -or possible assassination of-, Diana Spencer.
14. "Super-soldiers" and MKUltra etc.
These are just a few examples to give you an idea of what the Arafel Community is for...Also to give context by discussing art, music and literature both contemporary and otherwise, politics too but I hope that won't be the only thing we will be discussing! 

To their credit both on the MLMB and in The Lifeboat "we" have often discussed the dangers of climate change (and -occasionally*- ecology/wildlife/animal rights issues etc.), that will continue both here and I hope in the Arafel community....

*..not so occasionally. 

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